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  1. Why the server get smaller?

    ah yes player cap server lag, gee that was annoying back then
  2. Killjoys Casino and Hotels

    :') the 2nd generation has arrived
  3. What is this

    alright im gettin on at this very second, im gonna put them in a chest in zooters, it'll be near the hotel Joshey made
  4. What is this

    i could probably spawn in 1000000000000 for you, since you seem to like them that much. (probably will be 10000 tbh)
  5. Active Admins

    Fill this application out, if any of the top dudes in charge think your right for the job you'll get an email stating that you have it or you don't have it, you'll get an email none the less Age? (You must at least 16 to apply) What server are you applying for? What position or positions are you wanting to apply for? (admin, moderator, etc.) Are you multilingual (Speak more than one language)? Have you ever been banned or temporarily banned from any server? What is your previous experience with moderation? How many hours can you contribute each day? Are you able to record? How many Red Hat Gamers staff applications have you submitted before? What server was the last application for? What is the date of the last application made? Anything else we should know?
  6. Hey guys, i made a new blog on the server come and check it out, its all about the new arena!

  7. 7D2D The_Azn_Persuasion: Hello!

    i was typing on my phone at the time, hence the spelling errors
  8. Active Admins

    How many active admins do we have, i count 4 but i'm sure theres more.. right?
  9. 7D2D The_Azn_Persuasion: Hello!

    hey dude if ou play on PVE1, (the server i regulary play on) we can help you out with supplies, game advice and a safe place to stay (fort zooters) welcome to ther server