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  1. Yes Or No Game

    yes, Ever play Wurm Online or the new version Wurm Unlimited?
  2. I'm back :D

    Welcome back!
  3. Yes Or No Game

    No, Do you use a female avatar in 7 days to die?
  4. ok, just found out, the issue on this is the internet to the server keeps going down, and is currently being looked into, and will hopefully be resolved as soon as possible. sorry for the inconvenience.
  5. Bees, Bees, And More Bees!

    or we could just spawn a bunch of dogs into necropolis.... j/k
  6. server keeps restarting done it three times since you left piranha. not sure if your aware or know whats going on
  7. Recent Explosives Ban

    Likely, even player killing accidents we over look as long as its an accident! And I miss mah xplosive xbow bolts, Loved watching zombies group up, and then watching them fly into the air like... zombies being blown up in a group! Couldn't think of a better metaphor.
  8. Yes Or No Game

    no. Ever play "rock n roll racing" on the SNES?
  9. The Last Post Wins Game

    well, welcome to the game, you were winning for about 2 mins,
  10. Piranha posted a few min ago, that server is down due to server upgrade. Sounds like hes upgrading OS so we can use the higher RAM we have for server already. This should drop lag dramatically, I'm hoping. And yes, the RHG team is always working on making the server as playable and enjoyable as possible. Sorry, for the inconvenience (<--- had to have my wife the teacher, tell me how to properly spell this word, lol, kept mis-spelling it.)
  11. sweet, is this our christmas present early, !
  12. Server is hung up. Don't believe anyone is on actually atm. I was on when it hung up. EAC ban is how it kicks you during a hang up for some reason. Hopefully this helps, sorry for the inconveinance. Hopefully, it will be reset soon, and we can log back in.
  13. So, I think when you build during physics being broken, and then continue after it comes back up this happens. They were walls that went straight up and down made of concrete, with parapets 3 blocks out 2 blocks thick. The blocks started falling through the ones below them from top to bottom, and went around both walls like dominoes. It was crazy to watch. This happened while physics was working correctly. So I think building when physics is broken may be a bad idea, but further checking into it may be a good idea. There was a ditch in front of it, for spiikes but not below it. Land straight below wall was solid all the way to bedrock.
  14. Can't find PVE server 1, and server list says offline. Found PVE server 2, , but we play in server 1, .