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Found 27 results

  1. Lets have a moment of silence in remembrance of the Bees from 7 Days To Die... Wait a minute... they are not gone just yet... Therefore, since The Fun Pimps are planning on replacing the Bee with a Vulture, and since Bees are still part of the game, admins are now allowed to spawn in hordes of these bees in the game if they want to by using console commands. This event is entirely optional for admins to contribute to and this may last for the remainder of this week but should end that following week. If it gets too out of hand or if people oppose of this event we can use our consoles to remove any and all bees if necessary. Bees use a very small amount of server resources so this shouldn't cause any problems with the server or effect game play. This will help keep the Bee alive in our memories by enjoying them while they are still part of the game. So why not go and kill yourself a Bee Horde today in 7 Days To Die... lol. Fast forward to 23:16 to learn more about this upcoming change in the game. Here are a few screenshots of this event... lol
  2. This game is early access and as such, within 2 hours after a restart the game will start to have physics problems and have blocks float in the air and not fall. Then if you were to walk on these blocks they would just fall on their own and basically just break apart and not hold together. The only ways to fix this is to wipe the server or simply restart the game server program every few hours or so. Having that said, should we wipe the server again to improve game play for the short term or have regular wipes or do nothing and leave it as is? We could also create a new style of pve game-play, such as faster loot times and what not with regular wipes for our dedicated server.
  3. If you are ever stuck at the loading screen and it doesn't ever seem to let you connect to our server, try pressing the "T" button or the "Esc" key a few times. This sometimes seems to work when you are stuck on the loading screen and hopefully it will work for you also.
  4. Spawned a bunch of zombies for the 7th day horde. Good times
  5. When playing early access games, you got to expect the un-expected.
  6. Region Purge

    A bug located at r.3.6.7rg will need be purged during the next server restart to fix a ground loading issue. The ground became unstable and everything would just fall into the void. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused and best regards.
  7. Since the server has been crashing recently, we have decided to lower the player limit to 16 slots until further notice. This will allow the server to utilize more ram during major events such as mines collapsing and TNT usage. The server is able to run smooth at 26 players or so, however there is very little ram left over during peak times which results in frequent crashes. By lowering this limit it will create a more smoother game play and will help to eliminate lag. This new setting will be applied during the next server restart. We will plan to upgrade the servers ram within the next month or two from 8gb to at least 16gb, so that we will be able to raise this new player limit that has been set. Best Regards. Also, we currently offer VIP Reserved Slots which will grant you priority access to our server at anytime when it is full. To purchase your Reserved Slot so you don't have to wait to connect, Click HERE. Donations of $5 or more will also get you a reserved slot added to your account, Click HERE. Have any comments or questions? Reply below.
  8. Server down for routine maintenance and will be back online shortly. Best Regards.
  9. Recently the server had crashed again due to a known memory leak with 7 Days To Die and a simple restart was needed to fix this. Furthermore, if anybody is curious to know more about this memory leak problem, then here are some chat logs from a discussion I had with a gameservers.com representative when our server kept crashing. I am also currently in the process of setting up something on our new dedicated server to help prevent this from happening again. Also you may be able to learn more about this at 7daystodie.com. Posted 05/07/16 5:36am - Jake Are you sure that no changes or additions have been made to the server prior to the start of the crashes? I am currently seeing a number of crashing instances as a result of a memory limit enforced on the server. The 7daystodie server software has a history of memory leaks that would cause the instance to utilize all of the available memory on the machine. We have enforced a memory limit for the 7daystodie subscriptions to avoid such incidents. With indication that this is occurring for your subscription there may be conflicts or events in the server that are causing an abnormally high memory load, or triggering a memory leak. Posted 05/24/16 1:18pm - Zachary Hello, The issue at this time is due to a memory leak in the Unity game engine, used to make 7 days to die. We have increased the memory limit on your subscription by 50%, however, we will not be able to increase this further. Crashes will still occur when this limit is reached, and there is no way around this unfortunately. The Unity engine development team will need to address the memory leak issue in order to permanently resolve this problem. Thanks,
  10. Today the server had crashed due to a known memory leak with the unity 3d game engine that 7 days to die is being developed on. I'm not sure if this has been fixed or not but this had resulted in a forced server restart and was unable to save the world at that time due to this bug (if it did save, it would most likely have also saved the bug). This game is early access and is still under development so bugs, glitches and wipes are just the nature of the beast. If this ever happens and someones base that they have been working on for such a long time has some sort of problem like with stability, let an admin know or post in the forums. An admin or I, will rebuild or give to you what was lost due to bugs that have occurred, such as buildings collapsing or items disappearing, etc. Best regards and thank you for choosing us for all your zombie killing needs.
  11. I am currently rendering the map on the new server to help speed up the loading times for the server. This shouldn't take very long to complete and as usual I will post when it has finished. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Best Regards.
  12. A player most likely had recently started to blow up building and structures for fun which resulted in the server locking up. This resulted in players not being able to connect to the server since it had froze up so TNT + Dynamite will be temporarily banned until further notice. Server needed to be restarted to fix. Best regards.
  13. I am currently in the process of upgrading the server to a dedicated hosting solution. I will back up the world and upload it to the new server so you can continue where you left off. The current server will be offline during this process and will finish the moment I am able to backup and upload these files. I will post when I have finished this transition. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.
  14. What do you think would be best for our 7 Days To Die game server, vanilla or modified?
  15. Would you rather play on a rented server that is slow but available 24/7 or a dedicated server that occasionally disconnects from the internet a few times a day?
  16. Trader Locations

    so what's the deal with trader joes? every time i try to walk in one i'm instantly teleported outside of it. 10 times in a row. no idea why.
  17. I'm not planning on having a /shop anymore since their are now traders and player made shops with the vending machines. However, its open for discussion if we should have one or not, but if so it will most likely have a limited inventory. I'm open for any suggestions and thoughts about the /shop command.
  18. 7 Days To Die has been released from its experimental version and is now in a more stable version. Therefore, the server has been updated to the latest stable build. Also since we don't have a budget to pay this months server rental bill, we are going to move the server to our servers until further notice. I will wait a few hours before the transfer if anybody would like to help support us and pay for this months bill, otherwise our in-house server will be ready to go at a moments notice. Thank you for choosing us for all your zombie killing needs.
  19. Assuming minibikes worked flawlessly with zero bugs, what would your preferred method of travel be? Please take our poll questionnaire.
  20. We have updated our server to a Random Gen and since this game is starting to be more like a complete game, we aren't planning on doing anymore full server wipes. We have decided to delete regions that are buggy or out of date until the server is updated for the latest release such as alpha15, alpha16. Hopefully this will work as planned and if so, we wont have to do a complete server wipe anymore and force players to start over from scratch. Furthermore to keep loot fresh we will delete regions near the center of the map to keep those locations fresh. We haven't decided how far from center we will be deleting but we will try to delete it regularly so remember to build your base far out from the center of the map. Best Regards.
  21. I have decided to upgrade the server to alpha 15 experimental version tomorrow. If things go as planned I will do this sometime in the afternoon, hopefully. This also may result in a few server wipes within a short amount of time between now and the official release of alpha 15. If there aren't any server wipes then hopefully we wont have to wipe the server again until alpha 16. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Best Regards.
  22. Alpha 15 Experimental is out!

    source https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?50192-Alpha-15-Experimental-is-out! yaaaaaaaaaaaa
  23. Since Alpha 15 may or may not be released anytime soon (The joys of an early access games I guess), I am going to wipe the world and start over fresh, since most players are already settled and maxed out with their stats (Trillions of Zcoins... haha). If you would like to keep the old server up and running let me know. Also im gonna shutdown the other servers to tighten up the budget.
  24. Distant Terrain is one of my favorite updates for 7 days to die that will be available in alpha 15.