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Found 46 results

  1. We have recently updated our server rules for our 7 days to die game servers.
  2. Trader Jimmy's is now open at the /vault. Just so you know, don't go behind the counter. Your probably gonna go behind the counter now...
  3. I would like to present our new arena that I have built on our PVE server today for players to be able to fight zombies for various prizes and coins. If anybody is interested in having fun and games at the new arena, first make sure an admin is online to be able to spawn zombies for you, then just enter the /arena command in the chat to teleport there. Its built to withstand the most intense zombie hordes that we can throw at it for you. Lets make RHG servers fun again!
  4. The Annihilator

    I present to you The Annihilator. This is most useful for mowing down zombies on warm summer days while drinking a can of Mega Crush or for yard decoration to let your guests know your serious about annihilating zombies. Further uses include a place to hide your secret stash as well as a minor defense location. Join our 7 Days To Die game server today at IP Address: and Port: 26900.
  5. Our 7 Days To Die game server has been updated to version 16.1 (b1).
  6. Our 7 Days To Die game server has been recently updated to the latest build of alpha 16. This PVE server can be found in the modded section with a connection of, ip: port: 26900. Furthermore, the map/world is still the same as before since there wasn't any forced wipes this time.
  7. 7 Days To Die - alpha 16 - experimental. To prevent zombies from spawning in an area, such as in prefab buildings, simply place down a bedroll and by doing so zombies wont spawn within the default bedroll dead zone size of 15 blocks by 15 blocks.
  8. Should we wipe our 7 days to die server called PVE, or start having monthly wipes on the first day of every month?
  9. Steam Group?

    Hey guys! I've been hanging about on the forms lately on Steam and have been noticing a lot of people still saying they're looking for good servers to play on 7 Days to Die in particular with helpful communities. How funny I know of one (hint: us) and well... it's kinda odd sometimes just telling them what the server is but rather, and correct me if I am wrong here if we already have one, we should have a Steam group! The admins and such here would run it of course but it would be a more collective grouping I think so say, we can add one another and make it easier to find and get into the server? Also allows for new players to the server to see the rules if they go through the group and do come to this site too! I don't know, just a thought but hope to see you all around on the 7 Days to Die server! Haven't been around too much myself but starting to play it again
  10. On our PVE server before the wipe, we had teleport commands for traders that could teleport players directly to trader locations by using, /trader1, trader2, etc. I wasn't planning on re-adding that custom feature to the server this time around but since it seemed to be a useful feature, should we re-add them to our PVE server for 7 days to die?
  11. Hey all. Just wanted to throw my name out there so when folks see me they know they have a "friendly" face nearby. I may rant and rave quite a bit when it comes to gaming, but never fear. I tend to take it out by killing zeds and other poor, hapless creatures. I don't get on much, I am a truck driver and my hours tend to vary depending on the weather and how much extra work I want to put in on any particular day. My times tend to be AM weekdays and most of the day Saturday through Monday morning. 7DTD is my current fix and I'm willing to play other games with folks. Feel free to add me to Steam and check out my game list to see if you are interested in anything else that I play. Always glad to get rid of the frustration of the job. Thanks for reading and I hope to see yall in-game.
  12. We have recently added the /shop command again just for the sole purpose to exchange your earned Zcoins into Duke Casino Coins. Zcoins are used for teleportation and are earned by killing zombies, 10 Zcoins per zombie. To exchange Zcoins to Duke Casino Coins, simply use the /shop command and then use /buy 49727. The current exchange rate is 100 Zcoins for 1k Duke Casino Coins. New members that sign up to the forums will receive a 25% Zcoin bonus for every zombie kill. Current members that haven't received a bonus and would still like to, please let me know by replying below.
  13. The recently wiped world that was on our dedicated server was backed up and as a courtesy to our players we would be willing to upload it to our blood moon server instead, if players would still like to play on that old world. All settings and the entire world would still be the same as before and the only difference would be the IP Address as well as the Server Name only. The current blood moon server is also a rental so performance will decrease and there will be block stability bugs present that we will attempt to fix but there is no guarantee. Furthermore, would you like to have the recently wiped world become available to play on again?
  14. All explosives are now banned items, until further notice. These items include: TNT, Dynamite, Pipe Bombs, Explosives Arrows, and Rockets. This has been decided based on our recent topic regarding block stability problems. Punishment for usage of these banned items should be no more than a 24 hour ban or a kick. Best Regards.
  15. This game is early access and as such, within 2 hours after a restart the game will start to have physics problems and have blocks float in the air and not fall. Then if you were to walk on these blocks they would just fall on their own and basically just break apart and not hold together. The only ways to fix this is to wipe the server or simply restart the game server program every few hours or so. Having that said, should we wipe the server again to improve game play for the short term or have regular wipes or do nothing and leave it as is? We could also create a new style of pve game-play, such as faster loot times and what not with regular wipes for our dedicated server.
  16. Should we have a server wipe every x amount of days or continue to build without a wipe in 7 Days To Die?
  17. What are your most favorite zombies in 7 Days To Die and why? Also what are your least favorite zombies?
  18. If you are ever stuck at the loading screen and it doesn't ever seem to let you connect to our server, try pressing the "T" button or the "Esc" key a few times. This sometimes seems to work when you are stuck on the loading screen and hopefully it will work for you also.
  19. When playing early access games, you got to expect the un-expected.
  20. Today the server had crashed due to a known memory leak with the unity 3d game engine that 7 days to die is being developed on. I'm not sure if this has been fixed or not but this had resulted in a forced server restart and was unable to save the world at that time due to this bug (if it did save, it would most likely have also saved the bug). This game is early access and is still under development so bugs, glitches and wipes are just the nature of the beast. If this ever happens and someones base that they have been working on for such a long time has some sort of problem like with stability, let an admin know or post in the forums. An admin or I, will rebuild or give to you what was lost due to bugs that have occurred, such as buildings collapsing or items disappearing, etc. Best regards and thank you for choosing us for all your zombie killing needs.
  21. If you are curious as to why commands that you are used to using in alpha 14.7 are down and not working, then this post is for you! This question seems to get asked a lot and the reason for this is the server mod that we use that enables those commands such as /sethome, is currently out of date. This server mod wont be updated by its developer until alpha 15 is officially released and is out of its experimental stage. The most commonly used commands that aren't available at this time is: /sethome /home /zgate /zgate create someplace /zgate visit someplace /zgate delete someplace /zgate list /wallet /money /spawn /day7 /zombies /grablcb /location /who /gimme /gimmie /cure research /cure release /shop Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused and thank you for your continued support.
  22. Are you interested in viewing the server chat logs for 7 Days To Die?
  23. Assuming minibikes worked flawlessly with zero bugs, what would your preferred method of travel be? Please take our poll questionnaire.
  24. New Player on 7 Days to Die Sever

    Hey everyone, Joined your RedHatGamers server for 7 Days to Die yesterday. Lot of friendly folks and having a good time so far - even if I keep dying. Steam name and forum name are the same: I Am Fighting Spirit Feel free to add or message. Look forward to playing together~!
  25. New 7 Days To Die Game Server is now online (Red Hat Gamers - PVE) and can be found at ip: , port: 25000. We have also removed our other 7 Days To Die game servers from our old providers and they are no longer available. We did this to help tighten up our monthly budget. This new game server provider seems to be very promising for this early access game right now, complete with a stable service, automated restarts, sub accounts for start/stop/restarting the server, and more. Click HERE to learn more about this game server provider. Sorry for any inconvenience that this new transition may have caused.