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  1. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving piranha!!!!
  2. New here

    Welcome to the community!!
  3. SushiViking! Lalalalala!~

  4. Trader Jimmy's is now open!

    lol well whats behind the counter
  5. Was it something we said?

    I was thinking the same thing kapt! maybe promote the server on social media or go under the reviews of 7d2d and leave one promoting the server? not sure if it would work just a quick idea I'm wondering if its the popularity of 7d2d not our server that caused not as many players to be on A16 was a big update I was surprised when not that many people were playing after the update
  6. Community Server Poll

    Anything that would help make our community bigger and by adding more game servers for different games would be great for the community there are a few other games that I play and i think it would be awesome if i were to be able to play them on an RHG hosted server!
  7. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

    I would love to try for another city reclamation! i had a lot of fun working on that project!
  8. help me!!! Motobike lost

    minibikes are not allowed on this server they cause massive server lag
  9. Reclamation project...

    ive still been going strong on the project I just started doing another building today its coming along nicely!
  10. Reclamation project...

    player zenorain has claimed and started buiding a base on top of the funeral home in HUB city in one of the buildings we restored I think it would be fine if players claimed a finished building if they wanted but were trying to make the buildings look as original as possible
  11. Reclamation project...

    the project is coming along nicely block by block we will get there its good to see such a great team effort keep up the good work everyone!
  12. Salutations I hope

    welcome to the community! I hope to see you out there
  13. Hi! PvE server here.

    welcome! I hope to see you out there!
  14. Reclamation project...

    I've been working there the past few days things are coming along nicely I'm not looking forward to planting all of that grass haha
  15. Reclamation project...

    we now have a location set up inside the first building that we have rebuilt and already started working on the second block one by one we will get it done! the location command is /resto