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  1. 7 Days to Die - Miss You All!

    Hey there everyone! It has been a good... year since I think we all have actually played together in a 7 Days to Die. I am getting a new computer soon, a gaming computer and will be able to start playing it again hopefully Hope you all have been well who still frequent these forums and games together
  2. New arena built

    That looks epic oh boi
  3. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

    I started looking at the experimental with slacks and some others and so far seems cool but haven't experienced it all yet lol
  4. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

    I'm honestly just waiting for A16 to come out before I come back to 7 Days... really want it .-.
  5. beep boop server crashed again about two minutes or so ago
  6. Should we wipe our PVE Server?

    Deff will try to check it out then tomorrow (PST - Nevada for me). But I don't know aside from the buggy terrain at times near slacks' place every so often I don't think so... the zgates sometimes like to take a real long while. Sure though that has nothing to do with the server being at whatever day its at now. I know there was a kid back like a week ago who came on and picked up a motorbike some other person left on the server and freaked cause it disappeared so seems some people have used the minibikes maybe... idk... I just need Alpha 16 by this point honestly.
  7. Should we wipe our PVE Server?

    So maybe we should just stay what y'all have been doing? Just wiping it after like 5000 days or whatever? I like to build too but came around to this server say... around day 100 or so of it and been hanging out since, this was after you guys wiped... so been here since February I believe? Sooner or later a wipe has to happen for the sake of the server and stuff left from people who didn't read the rules and rode about on motorbikes or whatever. So maybe just set a far off date like 3000 or something cause this server is currently at least a few months in and a few months of good solid gameplay is great! Either way whether you ever wipe or not imma keep coming back xp
  8. Should we wipe our PVE Server?

    Man I don't know... monthly wipes sounds a little too much but maybe a wipe every 1000 or so in-game days? I do think reoccurring wipes would help server stability with some people showing up and not knowing rules and doing stuff that might bug the server (or not idk how the server stuff works) but that's just my suggestion. I think maybe a wipe even soon for this pve server might be a good call.
  9. Steam Group?

    Hey guys! I've been hanging about on the forms lately on Steam and have been noticing a lot of people still saying they're looking for good servers to play on 7 Days to Die in particular with helpful communities. How funny I know of one (hint: us) and well... it's kinda odd sometimes just telling them what the server is but rather, and correct me if I am wrong here if we already have one, we should have a Steam group! The admins and such here would run it of course but it would be a more collective grouping I think so say, we can add one another and make it easier to find and get into the server? Also allows for new players to the server to see the rules if they go through the group and do come to this site too! I don't know, just a thought but hope to see you all around on the 7 Days to Die server! Haven't been around too much myself but starting to play it again
  10. Reclamation project...

    Lowkey wanna get in on this
  11. Horde night survival challenge

    This sounds wild... and fun