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New Random Gen, No More Server Wipes

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We have updated our server to a Random Gen and since this game is starting to be more like a complete game, we aren't planning on doing anymore full server wipes. We have decided to delete regions that are buggy or out of date until the server is updated for the latest release such as alpha15, alpha16. Hopefully this will work as planned and if so, we wont have to do a complete server wipe anymore and force players to start over from scratch. Furthermore to keep loot fresh we will delete regions near the center of the map to keep those locations fresh. We haven't decided how far from center we will be deleting but we will try to delete it regularly so remember to build your base far out from the center of the map. Best Regards.

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Thank you Admin,doing so much for us :)

In my opinion, wipe isn't meaning frustration...

and the most fun or interesting part of the game is the beginning time...

Scavenge item, climbing up to the roof of house before night coming and wait to next dawn

So wipe the map frequently every month or a half and a month is ok to me...

According to my H1Z1 gameplay experience

the official server wipe every month and after the server wipe

There will be a huge people rush into the server and occupy the good location to found a new base and AFK for a long time until next wipe...

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