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  1. I'm Alive!!!!

    Welcome back. I've taken a step back, a bit of a hiatus. Will probably get back into playing regularly again soon.
  2. SushiViking! Lalalalala!~

  3. Donated a bit more than usual this month since it's my birthday month and I'm willing to give others gifts. Hoping we can build up a community that's willing to dedicate time to playing and contributing.
  4. Was it something we said?

    I'd be game to take on the Facebook page. Some help would be appreciated. I'm not really fond of Twitter.
  5. Was it something we said?

    Hey all, just wondering what everyone's been up to. Low numbers of players on the server lately, but I know a number of folks are still playing the game... so what's up? Is there anything we can do to get some people back, or possibly get some newcomers?
  6. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

    It's finally here! We just need the update on the good 'ol server side.
  7. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

    I can understand. Experimental isn't for everyone, and there's always the possibility of losing what you worked so hard for. Hopefully soon! In the meantime, it's still fun. I like the added challenges they've put in.
  8. Server appears to be having problems this morning, got kicked and can't reconnect, world was bugging out.
  9. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

    Definitely looks fun so far. Just running around without a base right now. This version will really keep you on your toes.
  10. I noticed that too. A16 server is easily searchable though, for what it's worth.
  11. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

  12. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

  13. A16 - It Cometh! (soon)

    So I'm sure a number of you have been seeing the news that A16 experimental is out -- at least, to streamers and Youtubers (cringe). Which means it won't be long until it arrives here at RHG. Anyone got ideas on what kind of build projects they'll do? Are we going to try for another City Reclamation, or arena?
  14. Dedicated/Static IP

    The server doesn't show up on the server lists. Is this something that can be fixed? Can't bookmark it and it might be hard for new players to find us... just sayin'.