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  1. im new :D

    Welcome! Please feel free to refer to the 7 Days To Die section of the forums for general updates on the server as well as a place to ask questions if you need to. Enjoy your time playing!
  2. 17.2 Server Info + Suggestions

    More info on the server: /spawn has been heavily updated by Piranha. It is a much more secure location for hiding out nights if you need to, as well as having a nice little vending machine! Piranha, the trader addition was a nice touch! However, I stuck around past the "refresh" date for the trader to see what would happen, and the trader disappeared. I'll see if anyone else has managed to figure out how to keep spawned in traders via admin can stay.
  3. 17.2 Server Info + Suggestions

    reporting in on feedback for 150% loot really helps even things out mid/late game since levels are coming so much faster now. Definitely incentivizing me to go exploring/take risks now that loot feels more meaningful. I think the 150% loot + 250% exp might lure in more players to try it out, given how it'll be easier to get started (btw did you add 150% loot to the server name?)
  4. Possible registration error?

    Thanks Piranha, appreciate it! I'll be sure to remind people to try again for registration.
  5. Hey Piranha and forum mods, Been hearing from folks on the server that they haven't been able to register on the forums, keep running into some kind of security error. I don't have specifics, but worth possibly dbl checking if there are any errors on the backend? Thanks.
  6. 17.2 Server Info + Suggestions

    Oop, never mind. looks like I can't edit old posts of mine. Here is the updated server information as of 3/7/2019 for patch 17.2 Exp - 250% Loot - 150% LCB max - 10 (might be reduced to 2-3, still not clarified quite yet.) /spawn is a command again! It will take you to a safe cage to hide out the night (NOT viable for horde nights. I have an idea for one in the future though.) zcoin shop list soon-to-be updated w/ zcoins for dukes. /gimme will be updated to possibly rotate in more food/water options for starving noobs. There are currently 3 known traders found: Trader Jen - 993 S, 380 E Trader Hugh - 1401 N, 467 W Trader Rekt - 3168 S, 521 W
  7. 17.2 Server Info + Suggestions

    Thanks Piranha! I'll report back on what it plays out like. I'll also update my main post with updated information. Did you end up reducing the LCB number below 10? I know I have 2 down currently.
  8. 17.2 Server Info + Suggestions

    250% xp is fine, i think it's more that loot isn't quite able to keep up without some extreme luck to get a lot of dukes fast to constantly buy ammo. Even then, that only supplies whoever bought them. I'm thinking 150% might be enough of a boost without it breaking the game's balance. As for zcoin shop, the zcoins for dukes wasn't a bad idea that you had in 17.1 1k zcoins for 1k dukes isn't a bad tradeoff at all. Open to other items as well, possibly basic food/water might be nice for noobs.
  9. 17.2 Server Info + Suggestions

    To add more info regarding looting: with the 250% xp, it is surprisingly difficult to keep up with horde nights. I'm gaining levels (and gamestages) faster than I can keep up with either building/crafting or looting. I did gain like 10 levels in 1 horde night, but i ran out of ammo super fast and my lines were breached super fast as my levels caused rads to spawn in the middle of the horde wave. I'll have to see if i'll have to adjust my play bc of how rapidly i'm leveling, but as it is, I'm not sure i'll survive horde nights soon. Also: with the server reset, there isn't anything in the /shop to buy w/ coins. I'm fine w/ no major items being purchased, but it'd be nice to things be purchasable via zcoin use. Might need to sort out pricing though.
  10. 17.2 Server Info + Suggestions

    Holy Moly 10 is a LOT! Hopefully people don't start dropping them everywhere. Perhaps a lower limit of 2-3 would be ideal? And the loot% was just an idea. I know I've done perfectly fine w/ the standard 100%, just curious on whether a slightly higher loot% might be worthwhile to test out. Nothing outlandish ofc.
  11. Hi everyone, Just wanted to make a base thread for things that are currently in the works on the server as of 17.2 Piranha started a /spawn for an eventual noob friendly starter warp spot. Additional admin help to build a basic base (nothing complicated, though I think it's still unclear if it'll be a place we want people to be able to build on unless they are admins via claim block.) Until then, /spawn works as a teleport location.) Also, as a note to Piranha, the /spawn message you put is too long, and it cuts off. Just an FYI. The server is 250% xp currently, so levels are flying fast and hard. This has been useful to really get established quickly, and it seems mid/end game will definitely come faster, especially since these patches from TFP seem to be coming faster as well. Also, were the # of claim blocks adjusted in the xml or is it baseline of 1? Personal Suggestion(s), assuming these settings can be adjusted WHILE the game is already going, if not, disregard: 1) Given the bigger xp multiplier, might be worth adjusting either loot abundance OR loot respawn. If it is loot abundance, I'd suggest no more than 150%, otherwise things get hyperinflated, very quickly. 2) Assuming claim blocks are limited to 1 in the xml, is it possible to adjust the size of claim block size? 41 blocks is standard, but can feel a tad confining. Perhaps a small increase? I'll update this with relevant info as it comes along.
  12. Checking in with everyone

    It's good to note that Discord won't require you to do any dedicated hosting. It isn't too hard to set up, and i help manage/setup a few servers as it is. Feel free to reach out about it if you're still new to it. A teleport location might be nifty, if admins are available/willing to construct a basic safezone of sorts for noobs to hide in. It doesn't necessarily have to be somewhere for people to build in, though I do recommend that it not be in any city/poi area. If anything, a basic design, using concrete, barbed wire fences (zombies will go around barbed wire fences if possible, can be used to guide zombies to a set area) to have a defensive choke for noobs to last a few nights in, in case zombies spawn etc. Doesn't have to be too complicated, and it would be relatively easy to maintain w/ creative menu blocks.
  13. Hey folks, It's been a while! I recently came back to give 7dtd a whirl again, recently hopping back on the server during the a17 update. It's nice to see that the server is still going, and it is especially nice to see that the game itself is finally getting more consistent updates ( as well as major game changes, for better or worse). I realize the server forums have been largely dormant (we all get a bit busy, i know things have changed a lot on my end since I've last played/posted.) Given that we're going to be getting more consistent updates for the game, I thought it'd be good to start checking in on the forums. I know a few more folks that haven't been on the forums or server before have started thinking about checking in here, so it might be good to get the ball rolling. A suggestion I had in mind: Would something like a Discord server, or steam group, be a good alternate method of getting updates/letting others know about updates should the site go down for any reason? Might be a good idea to possibly set up some alternate channels in case anything goes awry. As for the coming update of 17.2: Biggest change coming (besides bug fixes) seems to be more AI changes, particularly regarding if/when they go into area destruction mode (or attempt to dig). However, it's been fun figuring out how effective barbed wire and barbed wire fences are in regards to manipulating their pathing. Food seems to be harder to get in terms of buying it (traders will have less, and vending machines will only have canned food), so something to consider for everyone's new builds. Something I know that a few of us discussed on the server from time to time, but would a noob safe base be something people are interested in again? I know that the major issue was spending the time to construct it (admins had fastest and easiest methods of doing so, but basically take the challenge out for yourselves bc you end up leveling, assuming you dig/mine to establish the foundation), and upkeep can be a pain. Just curious to see if others are interested in that again, as I know that's something that has come up from my time on the server recently, particularly with various new players who join, hoping to have a safe spot to hide out a few nights as they get on their feet.
  14. Bees, Bees, And More Bees!

    the hilarious part is Necropolis is filled with normal bee spawn LOL. I'm running for my life every time i decide to check and loot there. the buzzing scares me more than the sounds of zombie dogs