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  1. New arena built

    Was lots of fun... Lots of fire.... Rage and Agent J laid down a wall of lead and I lit everything I could see on fire. >>> Lots of fun. A+++ will Slaughter Again.
  2. Was it something we said?

    so not saying get rid of gates etc... just asking, is having us listed on the modded section making it harder for us to reach the mainstream audience?
  3. 7 Days To Die - Alpha 16.1 Server Update

    are you upgrading to 16.2?
  4. If the server is not caught up to A16 113 then you can't get in until rage updates it
  5. fried computer

    Hey Guys.. blew out my computer (I suspect evil cats) a few weeks back.. finally getting back up and running.. sorry for the unplanned break.
  6. Reclamation project...

    Had a computer fry out on my. So been offline but still very passionate about the project. Can't wait to be back at it
  7. Reclamation project...

    Awesome idea. Try and keep it as close to the original look as possible use the first couple blocks as inspiration.. although have fun with the inside and with the project as a whole it doesn't have to be cookie cutter but it's not about making each property the ultimate Uber zombie resistant Fortress. We're trying to make it look like the city was before the disaster. no Spikes no trenches etc. Feel free to share ideas and exchange possible build themes on this board
  8. Reclamation project...

    Then come on down. It's a group community project.
  9. Reclamation project...

    Awesome guys... Thanks for aspiring this project. It's going to be so tight when done. In other news, still in New Orleans. Vacation is rocking, will be back Wednesday. We'll have to have a super zombie hunt to celebrate. Now... Off to dinner
  10. Reclamation project...

    Rock on. Everything helps. 24 city blocks...but... Many hands make light work.
  11. Reclamation project...

    Got a good start last night. The more helping the better. There are 24 blocks, we got one done. Added a park, some reflecting pools and restored 2 large buildings. If players are looking to help when we stark and I aren't on, they can continue where we left off removing destroyed stone and debris. For the buildings, damaged blocks and boarded Windows need to come out before we can begin refurbishment. Thanks RHG community for coming together on this. You guys rock.
  12. Reclamation project...

    Sweet... Over time, we can terraform the city back to a happy place. Thinking of starting in the sw corner and radiating out from there.
  13. Reclamation project...

    So I was talking to a couple of the red hat Gamers about taking on a new project that would require a team effort... reclaiming Hub City Rebuild the buildings plant new grass new Gardens and make it a real city again. It will take a lot of time, but could be a cool project when done. Anyone interested?
  14. New Player Base

    The base now includes an emergency tunnel that serves as an escape route that comes up in a local church... Also creating barrier Zone Within the complex so that if the walls are breached the zombies are contained to one area instead of having free run of the base. This will allow us to deal with threats in an organized fashion and push back against a total base loss/ foothold situation.
  15. New Player Base

    Planning to not have them soon. Just have to finish the floor to prevent spawning