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  1. Trader Locations

    Are the store hours different on your server? I thought it usually opened at 6:05 a.m., but it was well after 7 when I tried. The "Open" sign was lit, and I was able to open the door and walk inside, but I kept getting teleported out every time. =(
  2. Minibikes vs. /zgate

    I vote zgates, personally. Not just because of minibike bugs, but even with those, traveling could take a lot of time, especially with so many mountains and lakes to cross. Zgates are far more efficient in many ways.
  3. Trader Locations

    The same thing happened to me. Is it at the same location?
  4. Alpha15 - Stable vs. Experimental

    I've been playing on a few Random Gen servers with A15. I haven't had any serious issues with crashes or anything, but they still say to expect a lot of wipes as patches are released and such.
  5. Alpha 15 Experimental is out!

    I posted a youtube video with some various clips showing some of the highlights for A15. Graphics, new zombies, vending machines, inventory sorting, weather, traders, maybe a few other things. Enjoy!
  6. Alpha 15 Experimental is out!

    Sweet! I'll try it tomorrow then!
  7. Alpha 15 Experimental is out!

    I'd like to check it out, but is it possible to opt back out of A15 after opting in?
  8. Server Fun And Secret Locations

    Ah. I take pictures sometimes as well. Mostly of the coolest bases I come across. I like to record videos from time to time as well, usually of hordes.
  9. Server Fun And Secret Locations

    When did this happen? Was it on the old server? Or an old map?
  10. Alpha 15 is coming soon.

    Yeah, I wish I was better at the building aspect. That's probably what keeps players engaged more than anything.
  11. Dedicated Game Servers

    I'm looking forward to it. I'm just at the point where I don't even know what to do on the current servers anymore, so a fresh start would make things fun again. =)
  12. PVE 2 Strange occurrance

    I don't play on here a whole lot, but I log in every other day or so to keep my land claim valid. My base is all the way down at the bedrock at approximately 1411 S, 2241 E. One day I had noticed that all of my storage chests were "insecure." I didn't think much of it, since all my supplies were still in the containers. However, logging in this morning, I saw that all of my storage containers are empty. I hadn't granted anyone access to my base. The vault hatch leading down into my bedrock sanctuary was still locked. I tried the "/who" command, and nothing came up. So I have no idea what happened.
  13. Zombie Kill Event

    Oh hey, I see me! Anyway, here is all the video footage from the event that I recorded. Just be warned that it's an hour and twenty minutes long... Horde Event on Youtube.
  14. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    That is an interesting idea. Hopefully people will be fair about the items and prices.
  15. Yeah, at least it was only done in PVE2. There was a forum discussion about this, too. I agree on the ammo prices being too steep now. I honestly don't see why it had to be changed. If people thought it was too cheap, or if they'd rather grind and craft their ammo, no one was forcing them to use the shop. Let the people who preferred the convenience enjoy it. That's just my opinion...