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  1. I play as Arwen in-game

  2. Yes Or No Game

    Yes. Id rather play on PVP multi servers. Only got on RHG since I randomly picked a server and happened to be day 1 When you guys reset to Random GEN Will minibikes be legal if: They are only allowed at bedrock? EG: Minibike course races for prizes!!!
  3. Yes Or No Game

    Yes, Its terrible like rust.. Are you afraid to host CS:GO servers?
  4. Rust Server Coming Soon

    eww rust. gl on that server -bla
  5. Pure CS:S CS 1.6 CSGO guy here - never cared for battlefield or CoD - but anyways. Spare time I work, University, Summer time : Skateboard Winter time: Snowboard Junkie - GO UTAH UTES! #1
  6. Money Money Money

    since last post- Working on second chest- Thanks again! #pawnshoprules
  7. Money Money Money

    I am greedy. Sorry.
  8. To /shop or not to /shop

    Will stock Pawnshop up again today- Can buy all your LCB and Ammo needs!
  9. RHG needs more games to host.

    I can customize the ILLEGAL shop to be only legal - remove all !ws !knife etc and add custom prices to each (You can the prices its easy, just cfg file) - Just saying super familiar with any css csgo config and could get all that running in no time. (Had servers in top 500 for css and csgo)
  10. RHG needs more games to host.

    Okay Okay - Rust eh -- If you do CSGO - I have ran many many successful servers for years- I know sourcepawn like the back of my hand and customize any and all mods (Even have my own custom made ones) from alliedmodders.com If you go with csgo - I myself like just the vanilla comp servers (depending on if you want illegal plugins like !ws etc - I can give you the website that has a program that bypasses it - Ive used it and many servers still do today) If not - for a growing community Id suggest Jailbreak or MG
  11. LoL I would be the boost - LEM is my alt account I dont use cheats. Legit gaming 101. VAC STATUS and has been for over 10 years CLEAN/UNBANNED