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  1. Servers are back online!

    Glad to see the website and server back up! Tanks for doing all the hard work keeping this thing going...It is very much appreciated!
  2. Any updates on when the server will be back online? It's been down about a day now (since 21 July 2018).
  3. The Last Post Wins Game

    So now that I've posted after you, does that mean I win too? I don't really care, but since you didn't close the thread... ;p
  4. Yes Or No Game

    No, but I have never played Rust before so... Is there any limit as to the questions we can ask?
  5. Zgate travel

    Thanks for the advice. After you un-banned me I tested the commands and I now have use of the /home and /sethome commands. Still cannot use the Zgate commands, but it's an improvement! I will try the other fix, and see what happens. Thanks Piranha!
  6. Zgate travel

    I know that the Zgate travel commands work for others, but I have not been able to get them to work for me. I wonder if anyone has any thoughts as to how to fix this? Background: I joined the server back in 14.5 and the travel command (or the /sethome command) never worked for me. I can set a Zgate, toggle it private and public and delete them, but I cannot use them to travel with. When I tried to use the travel command, it would tell me it is transporting me and to wait up to 10 seconds and it would deduct the Zcoins. So, any ideas? P.S. Even If this can't be fixed I like this community and plan on sticking around. See you in game!
  7. Thanks for all the work you put into this, it is greatly appreciated! I've already donated for the new hard drive, and I hope that the rest of the community comes through so you can get the hardware you want.
  8. Rented vs. Dedicated Hosting

    Dedicated all the way. The occasional disconnect does not bother me and I'd rather avoid the lag if possible.
  9. To /shop or not to /shop

    I would do away with the /shop. However, as I tend not to use it, I do not have a strong opinion on it so one way or another.
  10. Piranha's Base

    I am all for bumping the difficulty up a notch.
  11. Hi, I'm Steel

    That's a damn good name there Steel. Welcome!
  12. Returning to 7D2D...

    Greetings! I have been away from gaming for a while and decided to jump back into 7 Days. Found your server and spent a few hours on it in the past few days and I liked what I saw so I decided to sign up and try it out for real. See you in game soon! - Steel