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Horde night survival challenge

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All right for those of you that have participated in the Horde night challenge, what changes would you like to see made?  What prizes are the best motivators? 


For those that don't know the horde night challenge is a survival challenge we do. 

No Uber base that can never be penetrated, we select a random location. The idea is that you are a group of survivors out exploring when The Horde comes you only have a little bit of time to find an abandoned building and get it ready. We select the location and depending on the level of difficulty based on the level of players that are on give a few hours in game time to get the building ready to repel an invasion.   The more players in a location the bigger than the Horde that attacks. 


We give out bonuses and prizes for teamwork, kill count, creativity, and rhg spirit etc.

We also hold themed nights .... where are we might say no machine guns or archery only ect.

We are planning to hold one Friday night for those that want to log on and put themselves to the test. 


Let us know what you would like to see in the next challenge

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