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New Player Limit

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Since the server has been crashing recently, we have decided to lower the player limit to 16 slots until further notice. This will allow the server to utilize more ram during major events such as mines collapsing and TNT usage. The server is able to run smooth at 26 players or so, however there is very little ram left over during peak times which results in frequent crashes. By lowering this limit it will create a more smoother game play and will help to eliminate lag. This new setting will be applied during the next server restart.

We will plan to upgrade the servers ram within the next month or two from 8gb to at least 16gb, so that we will be able to raise this new player limit that has been set. Best Regards.

Also, we currently offer VIP Reserved Slots which will grant you priority access to our server at anytime when it is full. To purchase your Reserved Slot so you don't have to wait to connect, Click HERE. Donations of $5 or more will also get you a reserved slot added to your account, Click HERE.

Have any comments or questions? Reply below.

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