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Found 16 results

  1. In an effort to reduce player lag/ping and to improve performance even more on 7 Days To Die, we have decided to discontinue using an external server manager for player commands and we may or may not enable it again in the future. Regards.
  2. We have recently updated our server rules for our 7 days to die game servers.
  3. Our 7 days to die game servers are currently undergoing updates to alpha 16.4 and will be offline until it is completed. This shouldn’t take much longer and I will post when it has completed. Regards.
  4. I have updated the admin guidelines and the server rules to remove anything that is unnecessary and unneeded for our servers. The admin list has also been updated and those inactive admins that haven't played for a long time will be missed. Any inactive admins as well as any new admin that would like help run our server/s, please let us know by submitting a staff application. Thank you.
  5. Our 7 Days To Die game server has been updated to version 16.1 (b1).
  6. Server Updates

    Hi, our 7 days to die server is currently offline for updates to the latest experimental version. This process shouldn't take long. Regards.
  7. Here is a list of the new game servers that have been added recently for Red Hat Gamers Community, with connection info: Ark: Survival Evolved, IP Address: Port: 7777. Rust, IP Address: Port: 28015.
  8. Our 7 days to die dedicated server called "Red Hat Gamers - PVE", is going to be offline momentarily for maintenance. This will involve reinstalling a new operating system to allow for more usable ram. This shouldn't take long and I will post when I have finished. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Best regards.
  9. Our site went down earlier today while we were in the process of transferring our forums over to a new host. We have purchased a license for our forum software and will be able to offer additional features from our site. Furthermore, we are looking forward to having continued growth and improvements for our community within the next few weeks. Check back regularly to learn more about those future updates and improvements. Purchasing this forum software that our community was built on, was made possible by members like you. Thank you, for being part of our community.
  10. New store coming soon as an alternative source to help fund our community. It will feature many different products that will be available for purchase from 3rd party sites. Be sure to check back often to know exactly when it becomes available.
  11. Site Updated

    Due to some recent incidents, we are changing the way how we operate our servers. We have added many new rules and added several new changes and additions that will help to provide the best possible gaming experience for our community. Best Regards.
  12. Server Update

    Server has been updated to the latest version of alpha 15 experimental.
  13. A15 Distant Terrain

    Distant Terrain is one of my favorite updates for 7 days to die that will be available in alpha 15.
  14. Site Updated

    We updated the forums to be more geared towards a gaming discussion site, on top of our existing game server community. You are now able to talk about and share game play of your favorite games with the community.
  15. We have decided to remove our minecraft server from our network and it is now unavailable. We may or may not add it to our community again in the future. Sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused.