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  1. Monthly Server Wipes Anyone?

    Once the server hits day 1000 less people will join, which is a problem. Of course, lots of people have just gotten to a point where they can sustain their base on horde night and are getting leveled, so I can understand why they don't want to wipe so soon.
  2. Monthly Server Wipes Anyone?

    What about every 6 weeks?
  3. Was it something we said?

    Lets make RHG Servers great again! lol Really? had to g there ;P I haven't been active lately but, as I warned, we are finishing our basement so not much time to play. Will be back!
  4. Attn Dtau: Proposed arena design

    Looks really interesting - well thought out. good work! I know I'm repeating myself, but I just want it not to be a nightmare to repair, since I am the one usually doing it
  5. Should we wipe our PVE Server?

    I've been "under the weather" the last few days and quite often when I log on, am the only one on. Makes for a boring game when everyone leaves to start over somewhere else. Not agreeing with a monthly wipe, but certainly it does call for one now when people stop playing.
  6. Reclamation project...

    I was actually enjoying this project until I logged in today and saw someone had come in and added their own little "touches" to my build. It was my understanding that we were to claim our own blocks?
  7. Sooo... Was there an intentional wipe? Naked and alone in a burnt out city (dogs!!!) was not how I wanted to start out today
  8. It's nice having an admin team that shows it cares and is responsive to problems and concerns. Since you probably don't hear it a lot, thanks for that!
  9. Thanks for the upgrade. Keeping fingers crossed it will work! Would you be kind enough to restart CBSM? Thank you, again.
  10. Was wondering if anyone was looking into the crippling lag that was happening last night and again this afternoon. The game is virtually unplayable.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has told you that the bot has been down since the restart. Maybe everyone is assuming you know?
  12. This is weird. The server (and the server map) are both showing as down for me yet my husband, Gooddawggy, just logged in fine (though the bot is down) . Anyone else able to get in?