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  1. We (at least I did) lagged completely out during a horde @ ~3:50. I ran around waiting for it to bounce back like it usually does after a few mins. So far I can only see this when trying to re-log... it's cold out here. Lemme in.
  2. EDIT: Hey guys, late to the convo I think but it's 12:00PM Central Time, server is down. was unable to direct connect, found us in the server selector. Pirhanna, is this a situation where we can pool together to get some upgrades for the dedicated? We're rapidly approaching Black Friday
  3. Are we down again? How can we ping the IP or something so I don't have to post annoying posts to ask? haha
  4. I'm actually having a hard time finding the server as well, getting an error when trying to connect about finding server information - is anyone doing work on it at the moment and I chose a bad time to login?
  5. Party Hard!

    Dang that didn't work. The actual image this time!
  6. Party Hard!

    Party time!
  7. Trader Locations

    That sounds fair - mostly I'm trying to get a furnace going again, etc. Thank you
  8. Trader Locations

    So.... I has a sad I'm not sure if you noticed but my home was right there. It's been fully reverted along with all of my things I logged in on the roof of my home which had been fully restored and upgraded, and it was completely random-gen again. What do?
  9. A15 final preview video,omg a trade maching!!!

    I don't know if a lot of these things exist and are just getting retuned but man I'm excited !
  10. What is this

    I wouldn't mind that
  11. What is this

    These are the naturally spawning fences/railings/somethingjasdfljasfjdlkadsf on houses in the world. They get wrecked by zombies but are cool as heck looking. You can also see their health with a hammer/nailgun, but I can't seem to upgrade it. It also seems like the natural progression from wooden rails. Does anyone know if these are related / how to upgrade / maintain them?