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  1. Stuck on loading screen?

    this happened to me last night where it just stayed on "starting game" but never started and i alt f4ed out, and right as it was closing i popped up in my house. next time i logged in and it got stuck on there i just hit tab once and it started.
  2. Trader Locations

    the store i was at is about 2300N 300W. i could try different times of day, but it was in the middle of the day (maybe a lunch break?),the open sign was lit up, and i could walk in a few steps as well.
  3. Trader Locations

    so what's the deal with trader joes? every time i try to walk in one i'm instantly teleported outside of it. 10 times in a row. no idea why.
  4. To /shop or not to /shop

    it could be nice in a pinch to be able to get ammo or food, but there's also an element of survival to the game that having an easy button kind of takes away from. with the new traders system i think players can manage. i vote nay on shop commands. but don't take away my /gimme. it's like xmas for me. except instead of socks i get water and bears!
  5. A15 IS OUT!

    awwwww yeaaaaaah. FP just dropped a15 stable. i'll miss my newly formed base, sure, but i can't wait until you all update the server and we can play this for real!
  6. Slash Commands wont work

    but some of those still work sometimes. i've been able to set a home and teleport to it, check my wallet and day7, but they only don't work sometimes... like when i really need em to.
  7. Server Needs a Restart ASAP

    yeah, i just fell through the ground while walking in r 0.1.7rg looked similar, but there was no bottom. just kept falling.
  8. A few items not in shop

    could we get a padlock for the mini bike put in the store?
  9. Server problems, Possible world wipe?

    if cypher's idea is doable i'd prefer that. i'd be fine losing my base(s) and keeping exp and inventory. i'll admist i've been careless with landclaims in the past. having the option to pick them up could help prevent future clutter. if you do the reset, could you put in the lotto? whatever you guys need to do i'll deal with. this is still by far my favorite server. as always, you guys rock. thanks.
  10. Finished Rendering the Map

    this is golden. thank you.
  11. Difficulty level up?

    I'm with dsaber. 4 or 5 would be ok. i still like 18 hours of day and the 31 claim size. maybe increase max zombies to 80? i appreciate this thread.
  12. Land claim borders?

    i'd like the increase for sure.
  13. Server Offline due to bugs

    possible wipe? but i finally started getting somewhere with my bunker...
  14. what up my glip glops?

    Been playing with my buddy warpanda for a couple weeks. We've really been enjoying it. thought i'd drop in and say hello.