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  1. Spawn repairs and additions

    A favorite place to come together and fight the zombie hordes is usually Spawn...or Zooters, but we don't seem to have that this time. However Spawn is starting to look like a warzone (A kick ass warzone I might add ) Anyway, it could use some repairs. Also it could use a few things too. It is almost always snowing or raining at Spawn, thus causing cold issues, can we get a few strategically placed campfires placed so we can huddle around them inbetween waves of zombies? Thank you McCragge
  2. Bugs took my home away...

    Thank you for this post as I have spent many hours grinding materials and what not to make my reinforced concrete trench which completely collapsed all the way around for no reason! I lost nearly 400 rebar frames and 4000 wood to upgrade them. Some concrete was lost, but I am not to worried about that. Sorry for the outburst on chat. I was having a rough day at work and was daydreaming all day about coming home and working on my project, only to log in and have it collapse for no appearant reason...I sorta lost my temper a bit McCragge
  3. Broken Physics on new server

    Ok, thank you, and as for upgrading that didn't work as the collapsing blocks were reinforced concrete. But hopefully this issues, like you said, will get fixed up in A15 Thank you for restarting the server. By the way, as an aside, is there a way to setup an automated server restart every 24 hours or something like that? Might save a lot of hassle and frustration
  4. Broken Physics on new server

    Just letting you know that blocks aren't holding weight, and gravity doesn't seem to work to well either. If you stack two or wooden frames and then remove the bottom one, the other frames will "float" and not fall. I don't know if the server needs a reboot or whatever, but it makes building nearly impossible
  5. LCB ++NOT++ 100% protection

    Ok awesome, it was just that a lot of player where complaining of break ins earlier and then I discovered that LCB's where giving the same protection as the other servers. Thank you for fixing this. Also, just out of curiosity, what does the red square mean for an LCB area on the server map? Did they get banned or something?
  6. LCB ++NOT++ 100% protection

    So it would seem that the LCB's are not granting 100% protection as you can still do damage to a protected LCB building. Is this intentional? If it is ignore this message, if not, players aren't very protected at the moment. McCragge
  7. I tried to put this in the proper forum (Bug reports) I am only allowed to comment or make posts in this sub category. In any case, the new servers Land Claim Blocks are only 6x6 instead of 30x30. I am not sure if this is intentional or not, but I thought I would bring it to your guys attention. Thanks McCragge
  8. This is a link to a video from the Fun Pimps showing some of the new features of Alpha 15 including new Zombies, and beer will make you resistant to being stunned by zombies! Finally some drunken combat with the walkers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SdkRj4bPx8
  9. Personally speaking, I wouldn't mind if this happened before A15 either. I mean, it took them a LOONG time to go from A12.5 to A13, almost to the point that people thought it wasn't going to happen. Besides starting over can be fun too
  10. Is this a one time donation, a monthly recurring donation, and where do we send the cash?
  11. Building Stability Issues

    Well to be fair the floating base on PvE2 isn't an actual base, but rather an test of the server bugs and isn't used as a base by the player. But please, before bans are issued warnings should be given I would think. Especially since there is little to no Admins on PvE2. It would be a bit harsh to show up and start laying down the ban hammer with no warning.
  12. Building Stability Issues

    Hello, So it would seem that on both servers, well I don't play on PvE1, but rumors suggest they are having the same problem of blocks not having the proper structural integrity anymore. Blocks aren't sticking where they should, or they are collapsing where they shouldn't. Even with proper support structures aren't holding up anymore. All new construction isn't working properly. In fact it has gotten hard for several players to even buld basic bases now because of it. Not sure if this is a server glitch, or a game glitch or what. But it is starting to make building part of the game frustratingly unplayable. McCragge
  13. PVE1 Oldspawn wall is crumbling!

    Actually, after having some issues and talking to other players on PvE2, we are having structure issues too. For no reason at all, blocks aren't stable when they should be, collapsing when they shouldn't. It is really rather strange, and frustrating. We aren't sure if it is a game glitch, or a server glitch or what is going on.
  14. PVE1 Oldspawn wall is crumbling!

    That is most likely caused by tunneling and not having a good foundation. Probably need to build supports down to bedrock underneath. Last time I was there, it looked like a termite infestation underneath Oldspawn and surrounding area. Give that a try and see if it helps.