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  1. Dedicated Game Servers

    Sounds like a solid idea. The population across both servers has grown in the past 4 months. There should be enough players to support this move, especially if the population growth continues.
  2. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    I agree Zig, allowing anyone to change the shop could create more problems than it's worth. Since I've been with Red Hat Gamers the number of players has increased quite a bit and the shop prices have remained pretty stable, yes there has been items added but prices have stayed 'low'. I think there is an obvious correlation here. It seems to me the majority of players appreciates the zcoin set up and the prices as they have been. Sure you can tweek them a bit and even raise them slightly but I think many players like the ability to use the shop to make their game less of a hassle and cut corners in some aspects. As many times as the pimps force us to start over, IMO, this is a necessity. That's why I've stayed with Red Hat Gamers thus far: the shop and it's 'low' and reasonable prices. That's what defines your servers. You can not and will not please everyone and there is a fairly large group of 7 Days players who like the punishing aspects of the game and want to make everyone play their way or hit the highway. I think you should decide what your servers position is and stand firm on it. Decide on a 'low' priced shop or a 'high' priced shop and then keep the prices in that general range. As far as player owned shops go, I don't have an opinion. It's not something I'm interested in at this time. tks, the only weight I was referring to was when players are polled by the admin for possible changes to the server (in an actual poll). That's all. You assume something is broken because it does not fit with how you see and play the game. To me it's great and I like it because I can play more casually and on my own terms. I don't appreciate it when someone comes in and turns that system up side down. That's why I'm suggesting the admins decide exactly what kind of server they want to host and stick with it. It has gained them a lot more people over 3-4 months, i see no reason to abandon it now... Once they figure out and commit to a server plan either you or I can get busy looking for a new server home.
  3. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    That sounds great Zig. If that's what it takes to be able to buy the 762 ammo at a price close to what it use to be I'm for it! tks, I don't have a clue who you are quoting. I did not use the term 'last resort' anywhere. And as to your theorizing about ammo price and zombie kills, etc --I'm not impressed. The shop prices have been the same for the whole 4 months I've been here until the most recent price change that seems to have been at the request of just two players. Why? Ultimately because they want everyone else to assume their theory of how to play the game and that's BS. The prices being really low allowed the players who wanted to rely on zcoins and shop purchases --to make the game much easer-- to do so as they saw fit. And players who did not want to rely on zcoins could abstain and only buy from the shop in a pinch. Win/ win. Now because of two or three buffoons that very relaxed and easy going system is crap. I purpose that in the future any changes to how the server's systems works should be polled on the forums and have at minimum of 6-8 players responding before any actual changes are made. Also, the admin might want to consider giving more weight to those who actually support the server and less to the yahoos who may just be passing through. Say 1 to 2. So in the case above the two yahoos vote to change prices and my vote to not change them would cancel each other out and no changes would be made... on top of that there is only 3 total people responding to the proposal to change prices and that would mean there's not enough interest to warrant a change at all.
  4. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    I happen to feel that you should use the shop any way you choose within the rules and not moralize as to how you use it better than anyone else. My take is it was fine as it was but if raised it should not be any where near as much. My take: 50x 10mm bullets - 100 coins. 50x 44mag bullets - 150 coins. 50x 762mm bullets - 300 coins. 50x 9mm bullets - 100 coins. 50x shotgun bullets - 250 coins. Or roughly these ammounts.
  5. To wipe it or not to wipe it

    No. What he said.
  6. Shop Pricing Overhaul Suggestion

    To go from what ammo prices were to what they are now is ridiculous. If a MAJORITY of players want prices increased then a vote should be taken on what the new prices should be set at for each item changed. I've been here going on 4 months and have had no problem with the prices sure they could be raised but not by a factor of 100 with only 2 people asking for them to be raised..? Wow.
  7. I could have sworn I had 12-14k in z coins last week and then I find that it's 2.5k. I log on tonight and buy two 50 stacks of ammo and I have no z coins left? WFT? Raising ammo price is fine but the prices its at now is way too steep! Basically all I buy with z coins is ammo just so I don't have to make it and now 50 shots is the most expensive thing in the store! Someone over did it, I'm not happy...but if it was a consensus, fine.
  8. LOL, and I try to log in tonight, it works. Go figure.
  9. Ok, thx Grey, I have a post at the 7 days forums and someone has posted a few things to try but I'm thinking I may just take a break and let the pimps and/or EAC fix the problem they created with this new patch. Cheers!
  10. Since the 14.7 patch I can not connect to either PvE or PvE 2. Could someone just make sure I'm not banned by the server for some reason? I have tried flushing my dns and reinstalling EAC --still can not connect. I'm getting the message "Kicked by EAC." "Please check to see that you started the game with EAC enabled."
  11. PVE 2 Live Map?

  12. Not much can be done apparently, a combination of the problems still present in the pimp's codes for the game (not very optimized yet) and the company that's hosting PVE 1. But I think mainly the former.
  13. Ok, thx P. I guess I'll make a start there. I've been putting up with the drops without much problem but when you loose that much at once it makes me ready to try the other server.
  14. Jeeeeeeezzz, server went down again for 20 mins or so, log back in to find the 1000 cement I had in the mixer with 2000 stone and 1000 sand...GONE. I'm assuming it was lost in the reset. Now I'm seriously considering moving to PVE 2. Is that server remaining stable?