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7 Day To Die - Command List

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Last updated: 6/4/2018

7 Day To Die - Command List

These are the commands for our servers with commands enabled.


General Commands:

/gimme --- Randomly chooses configured number of rewards from any items that are not grouped.

/day7 --- Lets you know how many zombies there are in the world.
/zombies command does the same thing.

/grab lcb --- This will retrieve your land blocks that are near you and it will appear at your feet. Press E to pick it up.

/location --- Displays your current location, in coordinates.

/cure research --- Starts researching your own cure.

/cure release --- Releases your researched cure, killing all zombies in the area. The strength of the cure is based on the amount of time it was researched.


Economy Commands:

/shop --- This will display a list of non-grouped items within the server shop.

/wallet --- Displays your wallet balance.

/money --- Displays a list of the top 10 wealthiest players.

/pay # zCoins to name --- This will send the specified amount to the provided player.

/buy # --- This is used to purchase the item from the server shop.
The item is specified by ID #, as found from the /shop command.
When you purchase an item, it will appear at your feet. Press E to pick it up.


Teleportation Commands:

/set home --- Sets your home at the current location.

/home --- Teleports you to your home.

/spawn --- Teleports you to the defined world spawn point.

/zgate create {name} --- Creates a zGate with the provided name at your current location.

/zgate visit {name} --- Teleports you to the zGate that you specified. You must be the owner of the zGate, or it must be set to public.

/zgate toggle {name} --- Changes the privacy status of the zGate from Private to Public. And Public, back to Private.
Public zGates can be visited by anyone!

/zgate delete {name} --- Deletes the zGate. Can only be done by the zGate owner.
Server admin can also remove them from the CBSM.

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