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7daystodie.com - Announcing the TFP Stream Team!

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Hey Survivalists!

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with three popular streamers who have shown their dedication and love for 7 Days to Die. These streamers will be officially sponsored by us and we will be supporting them with game key give-aways and exclusive access to the game. Each of these streamers will keep to a regular schedule for their sponsored stream where they will give away free copies of the game as they play.

So without further ado….


Her sponsored stream will run Saturdays 7pm – 12am Central Time USA

Pokketninja’s Twitch Page



Their sponsored stream will run Fridays 7pm – 12am Eastern Time USA

BeardedGuysGaming’s Twitch Page



His sponsored stream will run Sundays 2pm – 5pm Eastern Time USA

Kage848’s Twitch Page

When Alpha 16 gets close to experimental release these three streamers will have exclusive access to play and give their first impressions and reactions to the new anticipated update. Be sure to tune in and check out all the new things they will show as they play through and stream the experimental build first.

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