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  1. For A17.4 we have potential performance improvements for you all. Several video options were fixed or added to allow players to e.g. disable SSR. A memory leak was identified and taken care of! The GFX command is no longer locked behind admin power and can now be used by any client. We fixed a problem that caused traders to be opened at night or closed during the day. If you find issues, please report them here on our official 17.4 Bug reporting thread. 17.4 Bug Reporting Thread Added Bloom and SS Reflections graphics options and reorderedMedium shadow distance option (closer than the old low) and reduced low to faster valuesUltra graphics preset (similar to old High) and reduced Medium and High settings a little Automove console command Changed Gfx command default permission, so all clients can use Fixed Explosion kills don’t yield experience Molotov burning kills only giving xp for first enemy Trader has problems with opening timesLauncher not supporting macOS < 10.14 SSAO graphics option, so not always on Zombies don’t damage clients after they change their appearance on P2P games It is very difficult to harvest pigs Memory leak causing client game crashes Known Issues Tool damage localization is different than actual valueTrader Jen has a deep voiceShotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a whileWorkstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installedCan use torch and flaming arrows as light underwaterRWG preview tool localizationFirearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom)Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as HostPlayer model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventoryTurrets will not target self when set to do soHealing other players with RMB doesn’t workSelf medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended.If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xmlSome Linux users experience problemsShowbounds for landclaims shows a box instead of it actual infinite size for yWhen kicked while in vehicle interaction window, vehicle may become unresponsiveIf you are suffering from low FPS,please type “gfx pp enable 0” in console, to get a possible performance gainMemory may not clear properly after leaving the server, please restart the game, if you run into this issuecabin_11 not showing up in RWGWeapons require unzooming before switching slots Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  2. We’ve just released Alpha 17.3 B18 Stable For A17.3 we have set focus on bug fixes and RWG. We have fixed the issue which caused chunks to be reset to their original state, often affecting players’ bases. To report bugs please go here: Alpha 17.3 B18 Bug Reporting Thread RWG For RWG we worked over to remove the POI replication spawns (radio tower cities), reworked the roads so be more vehicle-friendly, overworked the world layout and adjusted the placement of POIs and cities.This framework we are backporting to 17.3 is part of a larger Alpha 18 plan to make it awesome. Added gfx console command (key changes shader keywords, pp changes postprocessing, type gfx for help).God casting to debug mode (shift+Q key moves you to where you are looking or 100m if nothing hit)Giveselfxp should not be modified by XP multiplier (added help command)Explosions wake sleepers even if no damage Changed Quests now will try to find closer POIs.One repair kit will be sufficient to fully repair one item. Stack size reduced to 25.Sun and moon to rise in east and set in west (sun has southerly track, moon northerly)Stars to track east to west and is slowerZombies don’t trigger infection right nowWearable items no longer able to be activated when on toolbeltIncreased breath hold duration of Olympic SwimmerRebalanced stealth noise levelsClarified the description of several stealth perksExplosions on zombies to just damage closest collider like animalsSledgehammer is paying out 25% harvest amount Fixed Some fences upgrade to full sized blocksStag and Doe often stand after deathMac rendering very bright and washed outBurnt zombie sound radius is too largeWorld light levels are inconsistent with time of day (fixed moonlight jump at midnight, moonlight angle, redid horizon light angle clamping)Harvest amount is paid out 2xRocket launcher explosions are no longer doing the damage listed in xmlForges are never really off and waste fuelEasy camera clipping exploit in A17 with e.g. rampsPistol silencer blocking iron sightsJacket (white one) when worn will render upper torso transparentRemoved Christmas items from loot tableSmall typo in rwgmixer.xml prop instead of probSmelt in system of forge carries over time to dragged over items3rd person anim delay when throwing molotovXP pop out value is not updated on second block when upgrading blocks.Mining helmet will not turn on if equipped from the tool beltBurning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbeltMats in crafting queue are lost on re-logHolding shift key does decreases speed on ladder and in godmodeNight vision goggles no longer workingMining helmet light doesn’t show for second playersPlayer can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff on sp and mp (disabled Use in vehicles)Game crash while in 4×4 inventory makes vehicle unusableZombies can walk between pillars size 50 and defeat players trapsClient Molotov doesn’t hurt other clientCrafting timer doesn’t advance properly when the chunk is unloadedDouble swing with melee weaponsReflex sight + ak and 4x zoom break weapon hold and camera when switched when zoomed inClients see bow hold animation of other clients holding a clubCrafting items finish nearly instantly after another the item in the first slot is cancelledSmelt in system of forge carries over time to dragged over items.XP gained shown when level up is reached is limited to amount required to level up.Changing equipment slots was usually not flagged as changed, so other players would only see your changes after you did another actionWRN Biome image contains unknown biome colorPOIs in RWG not checking against biome for spawningCharismatic nature perk doesn’t buff other players as describedBuff stacking for buffs procced by other players was not working over networkHatches don’t always open on the first tryRWG replication POI spawnsLarge stacks of material vanish when used in workstationsDynamite will not explode in player’s handBloodmoon stinger does not react to Bloodmoon range prefBuy button for Attributes not showing the correct required points if the attribute is boosted by a buffGyrocopter floats in air if the pilot gets disconnected/logs out (vehicles will fall once their chunk loads)Fixed LiteNetLib randomly disconnecting all playersThe Arrow Rest Mod and schematic is not in loot table anywhere therefore un-obtainableCloth and wood are not fully defined as block repair materialsRetracting stock mod has no effectDrugs do not display their water costWrong description on the spiked knuckles schematicPlayer can not provoke a dismemberment of zombies arms/legs but traps can (even when all perks are purchased)Cigar bartering buff % is now only showing a zeroPipe bombs are very weak against sleeper zombiesIllness indicator buff sticks around for too longAI sometimes jumping for .5m heights by padding the step heightThe noise reduction of perkFromTheShadows only works at nightExplosion damage decreasing per collider, so was mostly zeroSilencer doesn’t have much of an effect Known Issues Tool damage localization is different than actual valueTrader Jen has a deep voiceShotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a whileWorkstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installedCan use torch and flaming arrows as light underwaterRWG preview tool localizationFirearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom)Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as HostPlayer model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventoryTurrets will not target self when set to do soHealing other players with RMB doesn’t workSelf medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended.Crashes on Mac for a possible workaround, please look at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?101758-Found-workaround-for-constant-crashes-on-Mac&p=914106#post914106If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xmlSome Linux users experience problemsShowbounds for landclaims shows a box instead of it actual infinite size for yWhen kicked while in vehicle interaction window, vehicle may become unresponsiveIf you are suffering from low FPS,please type “gfx pp enable 0” in console, to get a possible performance gainMemory may not clear properly after leaving the server, please restart the game, if you run into this issuecabin_11 not showing up in RWGWeapons require unzooming before switching slots Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  3. We’ve just released Alpha 17.2 B27 with many fixes, changes and some great new game options. Blood Moon Frequency This option allows the player to set a minimum amount of days for when the blood moon hordes appear. In the menu the player can disable them, have them daily, every 3 days, default weekly, once every two weeks and once every 30 days. Blood Moon Range Here the player can change how many days can the actual blood moon day randomly deviate from the frequency setting. Setting this to 0 makes blood moons happen exactly each Nth day as specified in BloodMoonFrequency Landclaimcount We added a property to the serverconfig.xml that allows server owners to change the maximum amount landclaims per player. XP Multiplier Players can increase or decrease the overall experience gained. To suit the XP speed for the length of game they desire. Adjustable Block Damages Players: Players can decrease or increase their damage dealt to blocks AI: The damage dealt to blocks by normal AI Blood Moon AI: The damage dealt to blocks exclusively by AI during blood moon horde time For serverowners: Added: serverconfig property “UserDataFolder” to specify where all generated data on the server is stored, including generated RWG worlds Added: new properties “XPMultiplier”, “BlockDamagePlayer”, “BlockDamageAI”, “BlockDamageAIBM” Removed: old properties “BlockDurabilityModifier”, “ZombiesRun” Changed: TerminalWindowEnabled default is set to true Please be sure you are using these properties in your serverconfig.xml: <property name=”BloodMoonFrequency” value=”7″ /> <!– What frequency (in days) should a blood moon take place –> <property name=”BloodMoonRange” value=”0″ /> <!– How many days can the actual blood moon day randomly deviate from the above setting. Setting this to 0 makes blood moons happen exactly each Nth day as specified in BloodMoonFrequency –> <property name=”BloodMoonWarning” value=”8″ /> <!– The Hour number that the red day number begins on a blood moon day. Setting this to -1 makes the red never show. –> <property name=”LandClaimCount” value=”1″/> <!– Maximum allowed land claims per player. –> <property name=”BlockDamagePlayer” value=”25″ /> <!– How much damage do players to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) –> <property name=”BlockDamageAI” value=”100″ /> <!– How much damage do AIs to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) –> <property name=”BlockDamageAIBM” value=”100″ /> <!– How much damage do AIs during blood moons to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) –> <property name=”XPMultiplier” value=”100″ /> <!– XP gain multiplier (percentage in whole numbers) –> Added Option to disable texture streaming Sleeper check if chunk ready for spawning Launcher cleanup function for generated RWG worlds Hits between animals of the same exact class are ignored Log message for how much XP you got from different sources during your last level AI FindDestroyPos far to close mode and randomized starting edge check AI Destroy Area can randomly trigger when close but has a long path (higher % with lower intelligence) AI Destroy Area will try far mode if normal unreachable AI Destroy Area states, so seek time and attack time are separate Landclaims now have a radial menu access to either show bounds to help building or remove them, if you dont want to destroy them by hand Logging when player makes levels Clamping to huge xp gains and changed giveselfxp to allow huge numbers A “Blood Moon Warning” option. Changed Decreased sleeper despawn delay to 45 and added passive despawn delay of 10 seconds Meat stew only uses 5 meat. Added animal fat to Recipe. Now it gives 50 max stamina and 25 health Steak and potato meal now only use 5 meat but require 2 mushrooms. Now it gives 50 max stamina and 25 health Increased chance for rare medicine at traders Bartering now changes final price instead of reducing/increasing markup. Gravel trails in the desert are more visible Vehicles no longer collide with small rocks. Updated small rock texture. Upgraded rock texture resolution to 512. Added acid to traders Increased the duke value of raw meat Nerfed barter perk sell rates to half of what they were. Cut sell rate from .2 to .15 value Reduced amounts of food for sale at traders Increased width of newContinueGame window, panels and gameoption control Dropped usage of settings ini file, everything is controlled by Unity’s preferences system again Increased chance to play power attack grunt sounds Increased radius of dog and wolf controllers Increased probability of bones on gore blocks and body bags Gore blocks and body bags can drop nitrate Increased probability of coal on burnt blocks Reduced repair cost of claim blocks Slightly reduced the depth of the topsoil to make finding ore easier Optimized counter sink, cupboard corner, deco pole round, tile broken, metal rail. Reduced “static” memory usage for map data, reduces amount of RAM required, more pronounced on bigger maps Vending machines no longer have prepared food or raw ingredients, only canned food and drink Increased quality tier of items found in loot Renamed Bone Shiv to Bone Knife Fixed Buried supplies show as empty when they’re not should make same as satchels. Placed landclaims are printed in the console for everyone to see. Sleeper volume final room bungalow_06 (Eric) ERR Unknown particle effect: impact_bullet_on_resourceWood when shooting air supply crate Snowberry extract uses it’s instead of its in description DismemberChance can not stack correctly between buffs, items, and perks Lowered stamina cost for jumping is not mentioned in parkour description Spawn probability of radiated zombies is not scaling Sleeper despawn range to a tighter range When in the prefab/world editor, then starting a game the party carries over Dismemberment NRE spam Scrapping paintbrush exploit to dupe paint. Clients do not see the vulture death animation (dedicated) Buff kills dont share XP. NRE while holding “R” and fast mouse wheel scrolling to another slot with item in it. NRE when trying to remap with the number “9” key Players torch ignores game settings. Exploiting gun/auto turret and nailgun for free unlimited nails. Nail gun nails dupe Clear sleeper quests can’t be completed Scrapping dupe exploit Lower loot abundance may not be working EntityAlive MinEventContext Tags not being updated Duping thousands of gas cans (disabled equip when in a vehicle) Invisible zombies for P2P and dedi clients Animals are not displaying attack animation for clients Issue with having 2 finding white river supplies quests. Dupe exploit using task manager to close client when on a dedi. Consumeable dupe via mouse and inventory use. Vending machines dont add time to rented days. VM dupe using partial stacks. Clients cannot hear the running blade trap sound loop When placed singly pallets placed on other will fly off, when base is removed Chicken was using legacy shader ( Chicken texture is incorrect Bicycle doesn’t fall over for clients, only the wheels do Vehicles placed on a client face north and then rotate to placed rotation Auto turret damages are not matching the damage of their ammo Bicycle dismounting causes player movement to lock and lose toolbelt items Small rocks, corn and dead corn were not using local uvs Players always score sneak damage in pvp when crouched Goth clothes are not in loot lists Dupe items with destroying a container and using “E” key at same time its destroyed. Score achievements replaced by gamestage based achievements Fire axes did not play power attack grunt sounds Dogs and vultures are not attacking properly ModArmorMuffledConnectors should be a stealth class mod Achievement Playing Doctor was not working PerkHealingFactor is incompatible with some other forms of healing Despite being turned off blade traps can still be herd spinning (faintly) Wrong (repair) upgrade path and burn value on wood spikes Wedge60 tip corner top was hiding adjacent faces when it shouldn’t Descriptions for modArmorMuffledConnectorsSchematic and modArmorAdvancedMuffledConnectorsSchematic are switched Ping doesn’t show correctly on the server browser Wrong loot group assignment for vehicle parts in zombie loot drops Exiting game after placing campfire cancels trader quest. Vultures fly backwards (made SetState clear reverse if left on and force some upward motion in StartAttackReposition) Dart traps require forged iron to build but forged steel to repair Buildings and signs etc are popping in a short distance from the player Glass placement preview is impossible to see on most none squared shapes Clients can see entities when walls don’t render anymore P2P connection issues, Skipping LiteNetLib connection attempt, no IP given Landclaim “Show bounds”, also shows for inactive lcb’s No Kill / Kill Allies only lead to some buff/features not working. Worlds without any water source in XML fail to load Quest rewards dont reflect changes to XP multiplier. Puny GOD mode does not make you invulnerable Error when changing female character’s hair Airdrop in prefab editor Chat font size to what it was before Zeds get confused when spawned on top of shelves Server browser errors after a dedi having issues Hitting ESC during RWG previewer generation will cause NRE Clear part for sleeper quests now also works on/for old savegames Known Issues RWG Generation is not in its final state. Work is currently being done to improve roads, towns, terrain, generation speed, and world size. These changes will come in a later A17.x patch once they are ready. In some scenarios double swing may still occur Tool damage localization is different than actual value RWG: Floating POIs (Minimal occurrence now) Trader Jen has a deep voice Trader Rekt is nicer than usual Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not Scrapping items in crafting queue while re-logging may go lost Crafting speed bonus and mod slots do not properly apply to workstations after being closed Clipping into blocks to see through terrain Shotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a while Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater RWG preview tool localization Firearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom) Mining helmet light doesn’t show for other players Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as Host Hatches don’t always open on the first try Player model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventory Turrets will not target self when set to do so Player can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff Resolution does not always save when >1080p options are available Burning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbelt Healing other players with RMB doesn’t work Self medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended. Crashes on Mac for a possible workaround, please look at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth…106#post914106 If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xml White lines may occur on imposter POIs Some Linux users experience problems When using REALLY excessive amounts of resources they may vanish in cement mixer’s crafting queue Chunk corruption errors Showbounds for landclaims shows a box instead of it actual infinite size for y Illness buff may not properly run out Nightvision goggles are not very effective Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  4. *Black T-Shirt The Fun Pimps are happy to announce our officially licensed merchandise now available through AMAZON! After so many requests from you all about our official gear, we’re so excited to finally make it happen! We’re kicking it off by debuting our black short sleeve tees with our official logo and will be pimping out much more official merchandise to come in the near future, stay tuned and check out our shirts! Click Here To Buy Now On Amazon! Click to visit 7daystodie.com
  5. Hey Survivalist, We’ve just released Alpha 17.1 Experimental B8 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues. To improve stamina players now start with 150 food which is now shown in the hud and menu to communicate you can overeat and not waste food. When players stamina is between 100 and 150, there are no detrimental stamina effects. Strength requirements for the Sexual Tyrannosaurus perk have been lowered and we have made the description clear that it does reduce mining stamina costs as well as melee costs. We moved it from the combat perk section to a new section called general strength perks. We’ve reduced the stamina cost of all tools. We’ve also reduced stone tool stamina penalties. Water now goes to 150%, and until the water debuff comes on screen at 75% water, you will experience no stamina regeneration penalties. For builders, we have bolstered XP for harvesting and mining substantially allowing for support roles to keep up with combat and scavenger roles. A17.1 b1-b8 Added Entityclasses AIPathCostScale (min/max) and set a variety of values for different AI entities Sleeper 20% bonus to AIPathCostScale Vehicle manager saves when vehicles are added or removed Added Cigars to trader wares Added old cash to laundry and nightstands AI will do destroy area 60% on a fall after unreachable side path Traders now sell glue Changed Optimized catwalk rail metal corner, catwalk rail single, catwalk wedge rail, chair, coffee table Separated pathing distance cost from break/jump cost and added per path scaling to allow path variations Increased trader rewards AI JumpMaxDistance to a random range, set zombie ranges and made heavier zombies jump shorter Updated several buff descriptions and journal entries to reflect changes Added a beaker to medical quest loot Return of the ghosted block preview from A16 Added acid to lab equipment loot Water and food to show the value of current water and food plus the consumed water and food amounts to be applied Adjusted max water amounts in progression to reflect the food amounts Updated chrysanthemum seed icon. Show the water/food as actual value instead of percent. Increased dog and wolf health Death penalty cannot stack on repeated deaths Increased block upgrade speed of nail gun and claw hammer A wood pole can be crafted without the table saw Updated vehicleWheels icon. Increased amount of old cash found in containers and zombie loot. ModMeleeStructuralBrace can be installed on bows and has fewer stacking issues Increased size of snake colliders Increased harvesting / upgrade XP Increased AI range to attempt a gap jump General Strength Perks have their own category. Perks concerning harvesting, looting or carrying things require lower attribute scores to unlock Increased the amount of food you can overeat to 50. Increased stack count of buff magazines Increased stack number of cash Allowed 45° rotations on wood/iron bars Added support for lumberjacks. Wood now sells for a reasonable amount at traders Player sellback rate improved so selling items to traders is more profitable Increased drop % of armor mods in loot Vehicles can be assembled from parts without a perk Glue requires only 1 bone now instead of 2. Reduced price of glue it was more expensive than duct tape Terrain in prefabs is now integrated into the height map and saved into a temporary file dtm_processed.raw on server side Optimized the way imposter prefab are calculated (less network traffic) Fixed Stat Current life does not reset upon death. Craft timers not being loaded from saved data correctly AI climb flag not set when temp move LCB icon is still shown when LCB has been destroyed by another player. Bedroll compass/map icon was still showing when destroyed by another player when out of chunk. Crafting timer doesn’t advance properly when the chunk is unloaded Fuel burn timer showing huge negative value in MP Silencer does not actually silence all weapons Tuned water message closer to actual in game effect Increased quality of items for quest rewards Vehicle out of world check using different positions for chunk and terrain tests, so vehicles could get killed and removed Kill Zombies prefer to not path glass blocks Player backpack can be pushed under the world Dupe anything in a container. If a server is restarted shortly after placing a vehicle, the vehicle will disappear Fixed mismatched reinforced padding icon. Any block that can be picked up, can be picked up in a lcb protected area. Relogging on activate marker. Quests sometimes require moving to corner/center of POI to show Rally Marker. Wellness achievement updated to use fortitude Relogging on fresh quest will break trigger area. Tier5 does not give you a complete quest after requirements are met. When blocks are placed where sleepers would spawn, they can turn yellow Replaced cntmrandomloothelper in house_old_mansard with random store crate Allow harvested decor plants to be scrapped Weapon bags do not fall when POI’s fall Clothing change can cause major lag spike/fps drop Updated mining journal entry Tree duping issue when hit by vehicles in LCB Holding F is not mentioned on relevant item descriptions Open\Close toggle issues with some hatches. Strong zombies dropped less cash than weak zombies Item is lost if left on the mouse when closing a container. Toolbelt items being stuck after use. Bleeding buff carries over to respawn Sidewalk terrain will not allow placing blocks on it Self medicated perk magazine is still in game Command smoothworldall only working for 4k maps Corrected more burn times XBOX controller has not designated button/switch for making air vehicle point down (added controller action 2 to hop) Fixed distant water not being flat as a client Wrong stats displayed on some armor mods Grandpa’s Awesome Sauce is too awesome Water is not wet enough. Swimming / rain will now cool you down. GunToolNailgun can use trigger group mods ModArmorWaterPurifier collides with modArmorHelmetLight Known Issues Continued b240 savegames may have problems with food/water levels when a replenishing buff was active when game is continued in A17.1, character’s death restores functionality Some tier 5 dungeons may not complete the clear quests In some scenarios double swing may still occur Tool damage localization is different than actual value RWG: Floating POIs (Minimal occurrence now) Trader Jen has a deep voice Trader Rekt is nicer than usual Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not Scrapping items in crafting queue while re-logging may go lost Re-logging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative side effects Crafting speed bonus and mod slots do not properly apply to workstations after being closed Clipping into blocks to see through terrain Vultures play their fly animation when dead for clients Shotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a while Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater Hitting ESC while generating a map preview will blank screen. Must use CTRL, ALT, DEL to exit game. RWG preview tool localization Firearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom) Mining helmet light doesn’t show for other players Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as Host Hatches don’t always open on the first try Player model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventory Turrets will not target self when set to do so Player can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff Flames don’t move with zombie ragdolls Resolution does not always save when >1080p options are available Burning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbelt Healing other players with RMB doesn’t work Self medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended. Crashes on Mac for a possible workaround, please look at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?101758-Found-workaround-for-constant-crashes-on-Mac&p=914106#post914106 If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xml White lines may occur on imposter POIs Some Linux users experience problems When using REALLY excessive amounts of resources they may vanish in cement mixer’s crafting queue Loot abundance setting needs another look Placing a new landclaim may cause the icon to disappear View more from 7daystodie.com
  6. Hey Folks, We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. The Fun Pimps are taking a long-needed development break through New Year’s. But not to worry we will be back to work after New Years and onto patching Alpha 17. Alpha 17 is not perfect by any means but a big step forward towards the vision we have had for the game for a long time. We have heard some valid concerns of the community and will be making needed adjustments to the game in the coming weeks along with bug fixes, optimizations and balance. We are gathering data on a case by case basis, balancing and addressing the true problem areas most of which so far center around optimizations, stamina, balancing XP for all play styles, land claims, increasing zombie loot drop chance, zombie block damage, skill/perk balance and gating and random world gen improvements. The Fun Pimps View more from 7daystodie.com
  7. Hey Survivalist, We’ve just released Alpha 17 Experimental B221 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues. Opt in instructions can be found here: B221 Forum Page Added More food and drink types to vending machines New tier 1 cabin_09 dungeon to the game and RGW New Cabin_08 Mods to traders inventory and secret stash. Move speeds to AI debug info Zombie movement settings Nightmare speed Improved zombie run/walk settings (replaced ZombiesRun preference with ZombieMove, ZombieMoveNight, ZombieFeralMove, ZombieBMMove. Each can be Walk, Jog, Run or Sprint) Two new tier 1 cave POIs, and made cave_05 larger Updated server browser to support the new zombie move settings New tier 1 quest-able cabins 8, 9 and 10 to Navezgane and random gen Potential fix for some macOS users getting errors about too large socket buffers New medicine cabinets, sinks, medical piles and ammo piles Overhauled cabin 07 as a dungeon tier 1 to support fetch, clear, hidden cache Cabin_01 has been overhauled in to a small dungeon tier 1 that supports clear quests Docks 02 is now a new overhauled tier 2 questable dungeon Docks_03 overhaul Gas_station4 as a tier 1 questable POI Cabin_04 as tier 1 clear, fetch, hidden_cache New diner_03 to navezgane and replaced a couple dupe cabins with new ones New diner 03 tier 1 dungeon New cabin_11 tier 1 POI Changed Update the ancient torch model Crafting steel bolts and arrows is not gated by a perk Overhauled diner 02 into a tier 1 dudgeon AI destroy area to check more often and last 2 seconds longer Iron and Steel fireaxes do bonus damage to wood Iron and Steel pickaxes do bonus damage to stone and iron Trader Update: Added mods, clothing, all new food and drug items, rebalanced most item prices, added more construction materials, improved Trader Joel graphics Now logging all chat on the server Removed AstarPath calling GC Collect, which causes lag spikes when new path grids made Pine forest sun is more vibrant Increased vehicle placement height, so easier on uneven ground Bicycles and wheels no longer need a workbench to craft Vultures will target a noisy player if none seen Dart traps moved to Engineering 2 Increased next wandering horde delay range Increased wandering horde min pitstop distance and range Vulture targeting of the closest player to check if seen on each one and check light level, so stealth at night works Ranged weapons and zombie HP scaling rebalanced Decreased noise of jumping and step sounds Rescaled zombie tier hit points and gamestagebased spawn probabilities Reduced wandering horde counts Trader doesn’t have a really bright light on him now Removed duplicate dock 04 from smaller lake Merged the Slow Metabolism and Fully Hydrated perks Normalized zombie anim blends, so 1.35 move speed is a full run for all Increased normal zombie MoveSpeedAggro max and decreased spider to 1.35 max Intellect reduces crafting speed by up to 65% Perception increases accuracy with ranged weapons Decreased reflection quality settings of Low/Middle/High/Ultra and added Ultra to UI and added private Ultra Entity speed properties to MoveSpeed, MoveSpeedNight, MoveSpeedAggro, MoveSpeedPanic Feral MoveSpeedAggro minimum to 37% of max value in XML Removed AIDirector checking run for some distances and increased day distances Power attack damage higher than before but mostly perkbased Perks Deep Cuts, Stay Down, Heavy metal increase power attack damage on stunned/staggered enemies Stoneaxe, pickaxe, shovel, hoe are bladed weapons Removed Wrecking Crew perk Melee weapons rebalanced Guns and ammo prices Intellect 10 goggles maximum craft speed reduction is 95% instead of 100%. Increased AI obstacleCheckTickDelay to 4 Increased chance for power attack grunt sounds because power attacks cost more stamina Reduced chance for grunts to play on all power attacks. Made tier 6 pois tier 5 adjusted the tiers on a few more pois that should have been 1 or 2s Reduced zombie kill XP Fetch compass icon changes to up at 3 meters now instead of 2 above. Fixed Recipe unlock issues with gunPumpShotgun, thrownAmmoPipeBomb, thrownDynamite, tnt, rScrapIronPlateMine, ceilingLight01_player, toolForgeCrucible, resourceArrowHeadSteelAP, resourceForgedSteel Particle effects of destroyed terrain blocks were always black Parent spam on survivor camps Client not showing if you tried to connect to a server with an invalid password EAC keeps connecting and disconnecting Creating a Blank game then hitting continue brings unused game settings EAC keeps connecting and disconnecting Blood draw kit does not take away any health AI could be distracted when it had a target Burnt zombie sound persists when in Pause Collision on jail bars Placed TNT is not explody enough Armor perks can easily make you invulnerable Rabbit very difficult to butcher from middle of its body (chicken too, made HasRagdoll false and set CC layer to cLayerLargeEntityBlocker on death when no ragdoll) Zombies are no longer attacking doors or monster closets Repair speed of stone axe, hammer, wrench and nail gun and syncronized animations with delay FastTags GetTagNames not returning correct extended names DrugRecog and drugFortBites have wrong craft tool assigned The POI burning barrels have no collider to them Perk Stay Down level 1 and 2 are not working Active challenge prevents trader quests. All mining ores have unique textures again Light fixtures showing up dark. Pathing issue with 1/2 blocks (added AI obstacle sidestepping) AI CheckEntityBlocked not using origin and changed to SphereCast with longer range Host can have still standing chopped down (POI?) trees remaining in their game Power attacks with iron fire axe play grunt sounds Land claims compass icons were showing for other people. Nail gun nails don’t do damage and/or have collision (reworked launched obj handling, fixed offset from gun) Nail projectiles not being deleted on collision Infection adds a severe cap on stamina Steel fire axe didn’t play grunt sounds on power attack. perkHeavyMetal applies the correct effect Torches are not at the 3D location where they were placed Courier satchels appear for clients instead of normal containers Important for dedicated servers: <property name=”ZombiesRun” value=”0″ /> <!– OLD! 0 = default day/night walk/run, 1 = never run, 2 = always run; this setting ONLY affects regular zombies, some zombies like ferals always run –> <property name=”ZombieMove” value=”0″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –> <property name=”ZombieMoveNight” value=”3″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –> <property name=”ZombieFeralMove” value=”3″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –> <property name=”ZombieBMMove” value=”3″ /> <!– 0-4 (walk, jog, run, sprint, nightmare) –> Known issues: Some scenarios where trees remain in the world, repro cases are welcome Auger and chainsaw soundloop in MP games reloading and switching slots fixes this temporarily Trader Jen has a deep voice Players visually disappear for another when looking up No lights on vehicles Turrets target zombies through walls Guns with a magazine size of 1 still autoreload Some mods are in a testing phase only and do not work yet Stealth has some issues that may not get fixed until the next patch Server connection issues Floating POIs Repair material not refunded when repair was cancelled In some scenarios double swing may still occur Ammo count of nailgun goes broke, when equipped with full auto receiver Trader Rekt is nicer than usual Some achievements can not be obtained at the moment Charismatic Nature is not working right now Scrapping items in crafting queue while relogging may go lost Relogging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative sideeffects Debugshot/dbs closes instantly on Linux and Mac Nightvision does not properly work Crafting speed bonus does not properly apply to workstations Clipping into blocks to see through terrain Vultures play their fly animation when dead for clients Vehicle key mapping does not save Shotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a while Self medicated can be purchased but should not Server browser does not display the proper values for zombie movement speed Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater Hand held weapons and items show light on them while inside sealed rooms or underground at night Clothing items should be removed and swapped out manually or risk deleting them View more from 7daystodie.com
  8. Hey Survivors, We just release Alpha 17 Experimental. Check our forums for more information on opting in and helping us find the biggest issues. Forum Post Hard to believe but it’s been nearly a year and a half since our last major update. That said, this has been our longest and largest update so far. On top of that, it’s the biggest content drop we’ve ever done. In the future, you can expect shorter 3 month build cycles as we have done all the heavy framework changes we wanted to do in this build. Please remember that this is an experimental build, so it is not without issues. It still needs bug fixing, balancing and optimizations. More optimizations are coming, so if you are not getting the performance you did in previous builds, we highly recommend you lower your resolution and view distance as the first steps. Our team has commented how much better the game looks than previous builds even with a lower resolution and view distance as the HD textures, PBR and distance trees have really changed the game. If you’re still not seeing enough performance, lower reflection quality and tree quality. Problems aside, Alpha 17 is great and in the spirit of getting Alpha 17 it into the hands of our community, we opted to get it out sooner to help us in our goal of a stable version out before the end of the year. We are extremely excited and proud of this build which was a huge team effort and we believe it truly is a new game. Now without further ado, here is a complete list of Alpha 17 release notes! Alpha 17 Official Early Release Notes (B197) Art, Lighting, PBR Rendering and Texture Streaming First off, we’ve updated Unity Engine versions to take advantage of physically based rendering features, as well as greatly improved scene lighting. We have also integrated Unity’s new Texture Streaming which lowers texture ram and provides support for crisp HD textures. This streaming allows us to add nearly unlimited art content in future updates. Nearly all objects and surfaces in game have been improved to support the new lighting features. Ambient lighting improved to show more natural scene lighting. Many surfaces now light with natural subtle reflections to improve overall scene appearance. Party System Join up with friends to form a Party which allows you to play together much easier. Do this by simply inviting a player to your Party from the players menu tab. The system offers these benefits: Share team XP with nearby party members of Zombie Kills Share Quests. Track Party members location, and health. Quest System We’ve added a brand-new quest system. The player receives quests by simply talking to a Trader and looking at his offered jobs and accepting a quest. The player can progress through the ranks of 6 quest difficulty tiers receiving better reward choices for each quest and for graduating each Tier. With it comes a new quest reward system that gives the player XP, money and a growing choice of multiple rewards that can be modified by perking up into the new Daring Adventurer Perk. The system supports many new and old quest types including: Clear Sleeper Fetch Hidden Cache Buried Supplies Clear and Fetch Clear and Hidden Cache Treasure (Old) Challenge (Updated) Navezgane Improvements The Navezgane world grew from 16 square kilometers to 36 square kilometers in size and the terrain and the height have been given an overhaul. The height is much more extreme and natural looking. You will not recognize the world. Locations We’ve re-imagined dozens of original A16 locations with a complete art and gameplay overhaul converting them to beautiful and quest-able dungeon experiences. We have also created many brand-new locations. These locations are all setup to support a variety of quests of 6 Tier difficulties. All locations are working in Navezgane and Random Gen worlds. Over 125 new locations and counting. Some of these include: Shamway Factory Shotgun Messiah Factory Navezagne Hospital Perishton Courthouse 4 Skyscrapers in Departure New giant Perishton Church 4 new Perishton Business Strips 9 Old Businesses 8 Abandoned houses (Non Quest) Apartment Building 65 Houses of varying size and challenge 8 Ramshackle Survivor Sites Water Works Utility Company 3 Army Camps 3 Barns Bus Stop (Non Quest) Cemetery Road Culvert (Navezgane Olny) 7 New Garages Red Mesa Installation Vacant Lot Gas Station Docks Vehicles We’ve completely rewritten and overhauled the vehicle system with from the ground up making many new additions, improvements and changes include: New real physics that make the vehicles feel like a real driving game New Bicycle vehicle that consumes stamina when you pedal it New Badass Motorbike vehicle New 4×4 vehicle that allows a friend to ride shotgun as a passenger New Gyrocopter vehicle allows players to own the skies Updated minibike that uses the new systems New vehicle placement system New vehicle camera system with turning to where you are looking New vehicle controls for hop and turbo. Vehicle control binds were added in a menu/controls/vehicle section New vehicle sound system that handles gears and loops better New ragdoll system so you can drive over zombies and they will realistically ragdoll react to vehicle impacts and go flying in the air taking damage. Surprisingly they can get up again if you didn’t kill them. Improved vehicle storage so it’s on its own radial button with different storage amounts per vehicle New Vehicle mod support. The system will allow players to install vehicle mods that can make vehicles perform better, have more storage and more. Note: Mod items are coming in a future version. This replaces changing of vehicle parts AI and Pathing We’ve completely overhauled the enemy AI and pathing, writing an entirely new A-Star pathing system that rocks. Enemies can do many things in this system including: New path calculations based on distance vs destroying blocks and uses the block health including block downgrades New movement, turning and target estimation New obstacle detection to better path around or destroy New jumping across gaps and up onto ledges (Spiders have a long jump) Improved jumping onto obstacles Updated jump animations with three separate parts Improved handling of stairs Improved ladder climbing, including skipping rungs New digging down if their destination is below them and they can’t walk to it New destroy area mode, when players can’t be reached New group damage bonus, when AI are close together New Vulture AI including circling, attacking the weak and re-positioning in combat. New Radiated Vulture Improved sleeper spawning and tracking. New types of sleepers All sleeper spawns are now game-staged to up the challenge as you level up or party in a group Animals We’ve added a couple new animal models including: New Stag New Doe Modded Item System We’ve added a new mod system that allows users to install mods into weapons, firearms, clothing, armor and vehicles. Basically, anything with a quality can be modded. We removed the old tedious weapon part system to make room for this. There are already over sixty mods to augment your items of quality. Here are a few item mod examples: Attachments like a weapon, scopes, flashlight, silencer or duck bill Internal modifications like a trigger group for burst fire, increased damage, increased fire rate, improved accuracy, full auto, and increased magazine size Adding barbed wire or a different grip to a club for improved damage or swing speed Mods to make tools more efficient Armor mods to help with encumbrance, heat, cold and stealth Mods to dye items to unify your clans look. New Items / Recipes We’ve added dozens of new items, recipes, modes too many to list check out the creative menu for more information or play the game. New foods, drinks and drugs to craft and use. Magazines to grant you temporary attribute and perk levels. Item mods, of course. Schematics to craft mods yourself. Dyes to personalize your weapons and armor. Table saw for crafting furniture and advanced wooden blocks. Grandpas Moonshine (Increases Melee damage for limited time) Grandpas Learnin’ Elixir (Gives you 20% XP boost for limited time) Grandpas Awesome Sauce (Increases your barter ability for limited time) Recog Drug (Increases perception for increased ranged weapon damage) Steroids (Increases strength attribute and removes all encumbrance penalties for a limited time) Mega Crush now boosts your running speed to extreme levels for a limited time. Physical Attribute Skill System and Progression We gutted and rebuilt the skills system from the ground up to be more of a true skill tree. This re-configuration of the skills system centers around five main physical attributes of the player: Perception (PER), Strength (STR), Fortitude (FRT), Agility (AGI) and Intellect (INT),. Each of these attributes are tied to the player’s physical body, and can be affected by equipment, injuries, and illnesses, creating boons and banes to the player’s skills and abilities. Under this system, all skills and perks are governed by one of the five attributes, grouping the skills and perks into general areas of play, and allowing for players to more easily create “class” archetypes by focusing on one or more attributes. The new system has endless possibilities. For example the player might get a concussion which lowers his intellect attribute which has the side affect of not being bale to craft certain items until the concussion heals. Perks grant you specific abilities and higher perk levels require certain attribute levels. Attributes have 10 levels and most perks have 5 levels. The governing attributes and child perks are as follows: Perception Attribute (Perception is the measure of your sensory awareness. Increasing Perception raises damage with firearms) Marksmanship Perks Gunslinger Shotgun Messiah Automatic Weapons Dead Eye Archery Explosive Weapons Boom! Headshot! Run and Gun Scavenging Perks Lucky Looter Salvage Operations Strength Attribute Melee Combat Perks Wrecking Ball Sexual Tyrannosaurus Flurry of Blows Deep Cuts Stay Down Heavy Metal Skull Crusher Construction Perks Miner 69’er Pack Mule Mother Lode Fortitude Attribute Survival Perks Heavy Armor The Huntsman Intrinsic Immunity Well Insulated Living Off The Land Pain Tolerance Recovery Perks Healing Factor Fully Hydrated Slow Metabolism Self Medicated Agility Attribute Athletic Perks Rule 1: Cardio Light Armor Charging Bull Parkour Olympic Swimmer Stealth Perks Ninja Movement Hidden Strike From The Shadows Intellect Attribute Influence Perks Better Barter The Daring Adventurer Charismatic Nature Craftsmanship Perks Hammer and Forge Grease Monkey Advanced Engineering Yeah, Science Physician Master Chef Integrated Survival System ISS We’ve thrown out the old wellness system and added the new Integrated Survival System. The core concept behind the ISS is the introduction of “hard damage” to the player’s Max Health and Max Stamina caps. This “hard damage” represents the cumulative wear and tear to the player’s physical condition through repeated injury or exertion, and is represented by reducing/capping the maximum portion of the health and stamina bar that is recoverable through normal means. Mechanically, the system requires the introduction of two new player stats: “Max Health” and “Max Stamina”. Here’s the breakdown: Health Your current health is displayed in red and max health is grey. Damaged health or your max health cap is displayed in black. Eat food or use medicine to restore health. Use bandages or med kits to restore your max health cap. Stamina Your current stamina is displayed in blue and max stamina is grey. Damaged stamina or your max stamina cap is displayed in black. Drink water to restore stamina. Eat food to restore your max stamina cap. Recovery Rate Health and stamina recovery rate is determined by your water level found in the character stats menu. Buff Notification and new Buff System Properly notifying the player of active status changes and their effects is a current problem with our system. The popout notifications are uniform, regardless of severity, and thus don’t draw enough attention to effects that are critical to the player. We aim to correct this with a new notification system design.Under this new system, each status effect is assigned a severity: Standard (White), Elevated (Amber), and Severe (Red). The notifications for each status effect are color coded accordingly and have additional behaviors based on the severity. The entire legacy buff system has been rewritten for maximum flexibility and transparency between other systems. System designers can add buffs to anything in the game whether hidden or not allowing a multitude of buffs and debuffs. Some new or changed Buffs include: Overhauled all legacy buffs to work with the new system. Near Death Trauma (Lowers your master attributes for a day if you die) Encumbrance and the handling of falling damage are driven by buffs Buffs can play sounds and sound loops, activate screen effects or particle effects at any time. Many new improvements, additions and buff changes too many to list. Backpack Space and Encumbrance System We’ve increased the backpack space from 32 slots in previous builds to a generous 45 slots in alpha 16. Although we’ve given the player more back space we have added a new encumbrance system and here is how it works: The player starts a new game with the bottom 3 rows of his back pack darkened with the encumbrance icon These encumbered slots can be used but with a movement penalty. When no encumbered slots are used there is no movement penalty. The player can purchase 5 levels of the new Pack Mule perk to remove the encumbrance icons form the pack pack and the penalties The can get buffs that cause slots to become encumbered from sickness and other things Reworked Weather Survival We have simplified and reworked weather survival system and here are a few key points: Clothing can have both a hypo-thermal level for cold protection and hyper-thermal level for heat protection no more dressing and undressing constantly. Armor can be modified to add further hypo and hyper thermal protection. The player starts new games with a elemental protection that lasts for the first 5 levels. Various items and blocks can change your protection values including campfires, forges and held torches. New Loot Containers We’ve done a lot of work to improve, balance and make a more guided loot experience. Here are a few of the notable changes: Many common loot containers visibly have a “looted” state and the ones that are lootable are rarely empty. We’ve added a lot of hidden loot to the POIS in hard to find places. Added: Dozens of new loot containers too many to list. Added: Store crates with logos so you can tell its good loot not just random construction loot. Added: Large and Small Gun Bags. Added: Reinforced chests and super chests. Random Gen Random gen has gotten some love and been sped up with these new features: Common file formatting with Navezgane which allows distant trees, pre-generated height for much better performance. New improved Random Gen Previewer located in the main menu/editing tools/random gen previewer. The previewer now has a legend key and the user can set the size of the generated map. New maps can be generated from new game, dedi server and from the previewer. Entire map is generated using tiles(sockets) which allows for future features to be added. Generated maps are now able to be continued even if there are patches to random gen. Terrain generator now has the ability to read in heightmap images for generation. This will be improved in a18. Note: Generating 16k maps is currently disabled until we have time to speed it up. Other World Generation and Biome Changes Biomes have undergone some changes, too including: The plains biome has been removed. Distant decorations (trees) complement the distant terrain for a more realistic scenery Boulders spawn in places where ore veins come close to the surface. Clay does not litter biomes with small sub biomes but is found in all “dirt” topsoil. Item Compare System We added a new system that allows the player to compare items of quality of the same type in loot containers, inventory or worn to be compared. Here is how it works: Click on and inspect item 1 and then mouse over item 2 to see how much better or worse item is than item 1. Positive Stats will appear in Green with a + before the number. Negative Stats will appear in Red with a – before the number. Green is Good and Red is Bad. Worn clothing works the same way but takes into account your worn items. You can simple inspect a similar item in your inventory like an item you wearing and see the difference. UI Changes and Improvements We’ve done a ton of work to the main menu with many improvements including: Main Menu – Overhauled basic visual style. Main Menu – Organized many screens making the information accessible by Tabs and Gamepads. Main Menu – Added Gamepad controller bind diagrams. Main Menu – Added an Editing Tools section where players can create POIS or Preview Random Gen worlds. Main Menu – Streamlined the server browser to make it easier to find servers and your friends. Main Menu – Made it possible to start a solo game and continue it in multiplayer with your friends. Tools Menu – Using the Playtest button, you can launch a single POI as a playable map and immediately see the result of any changes. These in-game UI changes have also been done: We’ve overhauled the Item stats window with a new description and stats tab consolidating the more useful stats. The character screen now has a new primary stats tab and a secondary stats tab to see even more information about your character and the buffs that are affecting him. New Journal tips will be marked with an orange icon and flash when you unread journal tips. The skills menu has been redone with major attributes, perk categories and nested perks underneath. It feels much more like a skill tree. New Creative Block Shapes Over 700 new blocks, shapes and decorations have been added. Don’t make us list them all! Land Claim Improvements You can only have one active land claim block but the claim area is much larger. Claim blocks are cheap to craft and repair. Placing another will instantly deactivate but not destroy your previous one. The claim area prevents zombie respawn. New Stealth System We’ve torn up our old stealth system and created Stealth 2.0. The new system is more player data focused and has less data to manage. Much like horde heat maps players have their own heat signature value that goes up and down over time represented in a new UI stat at the bottom left, colored yellow with an eyeball icon. This stealth UI stat bar is only shown when the player crouches. The fullness of the bar represents how un-stealthy the player currently is accumulating the player’s noise, lighting, movement and posture into one stat. The fuller the yellow bar the more un-stealthy the player is being. Things that affect a players heat signature +/- Player Light Level (Combination of world lighting and player equipped lights that are on) Player Stance (Crouching improves your stealth) Player Motion Level (Moving raises a player’s heat level stillness lowers it) Player Noise Level (Noises raise a players heat level being quiet lowers it. Noises have decay so pounding repeatedly or repeatedly opening loot containers can build up the noise level) Distance from an enemy determines how likely they are to see or hear you New Weapons and Weapon Improvements Weapons have a lot more individual stats. Aiming a weapon will cost some stamina. Reloading a gun or drawing a bow will somewhat slow down your movement speed. Guns no longer auto-reload when the last bullet is fired. World Precision System We’ve re-engineered the center of world precision system so the player will not experience shaky animations and other precision issues when you are far out from the center of the world. Foliage Improvements We’ve added a system that automatically places the correct foliage on POI landscape depending on the biome it spawns in. We added a brand-new distant tree rendering system that renders imposter trees outside of the chunk distance. This is an amazing change that makes the world look vast. We’ve also redone all the pine trees and added a brand new live oak type which can be seen in the desert. We’ve added tree helpers which make POIS spawn and use the native trees of the biome they are in. This change makes the POIs always look grounded to their environment. Animation Improvements We’ve updated all third person player animations with motion capture. We’ve updated/tuned melee animations. We’ve added custom animations for all heavy melees. We’ve updated/tuned animal animations. We’ve added blending from ragdolls back into prone and standing animations Kickstarter Vain Survivalist Fulfilled A big thanks to the vain survivalist below who now have the portraits in the game Kickstarter backer Ben Brett Kickstarter backer Lorien Green Kickstarter backer Derek Med Servers administration (serverconfig.xml etc) Network: RakNet was removed by Unity, UNET removed due to its instability. Currently we use LiteNetLib and SteamNetworking – the latter has had a bunch of stability fixes. Ports currently in use: ServerPort+0/UDP and ServerPort+1/UDP for Steam ServerPort+2/UDP for LiteNetLib ServerPort+0/TCP for Server information Thanks to the port switch Steam connect links on websites and adding servers in Steam’s own serverbrowser now use the ServerPort instead of ServerPort+1 Added a Terminal window if running the dedicated server on Windows which can be enabled by a new serverconfig.xml setting New setting “ServerVisibility” to allow more fine grained control of the visibility of the server in the server browser Setting a value to “ServerLoginConfirmationText” makes users see a window during login that they have to confirm to join The Telnet command interface now allows defining limits for failed logins from a single IP Servers create a copy of the save’s main.ttw automatically and try to revert to the backup if loading the main file fails Passwords passed to the server on the command line are no longer shown in the log Config options passed to the server on the command line no longer have to be case sensitive Changes to serverconfig.xml: Replaced “ServerIsPublic” with “ServerVisibility” Added “WorldGenSeed” and “WorldGenSize” to be used with “GameWorld” = “RWG” Changed “GameMode” to default to the currently only mode “GameModeSurvival” Added “TelnetFailedLoginLimit” and “TelnetFailedLoginsBlocktime” Added “TerminalWindowEnabled” Added “PartySharedKillRange” Added “ServerLoginConfirmationText” Console commands Added “xui” – List/open/close XUi windows Added “debugshot” – Create a screenshot with additional info Added “exportcurrentconfigs” – Export the all XMLs as they are currently used (i.e. with mod patches applied) Added “exportprefab” – Export a given area of the world as a prefab Added “getoptions” – Get all game options (as opposed to getgameprefs which returns server options) Added “placeobserver” – Place a chunk observer on the map to make a certain (area) of chunks loaded Added “prefabupdater” – Used to update old prefabs to the new format. See below in the modding section Changed “teleport” and “teleportplayer” – Added variants that allow specifying the direction the player is supposed to look after the teleport Modding support Log: Chat message logging includes SteamID and EntityID of sender as well as the target group Mod DLLs: Server code mods no longer use inheritance for events but rather register manually to events in the ModEvents class. The only required class from now on is inheriting IModAPI and with an parameterless InitMod method that can be used to register events etc. Allow multiple DLLs in a single mod so that third party libraries can easily be included (still only one is allowed to contain an IModAPI descendant) Renamed old event ChatMessage to GameMessage (no longer handles actual chat messages) and added a new event ChatMessage which handles global chat messages PlayerLogin event signature changed to be able to disallow the client from connecting (return false and optionally specify a message string for the reason) ConnectionManager methods to get ClientInfos were moved to ClientInfoCollection (e.g. ConnectionManager.GetClientInfoForEntityId -> ConnectionManager.Clients.ForEntityId) Generic improvements: XUi texture views no longer leak memory when using a texture with a @file or @http texture Entity spawn menu uses a pageable list to accomodate large numbers of custom entities Performance in recipe searches was fixed to allow large numbers of recipes XML features: Added support for config mods: Create a “config” folder in your mod folder and place XMLs with the name of the vanilla XML you want to patch. Uses XPath based patches similar to what SDX used. A tutorial by Sphereii can be found on the forum: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?93816-XPath-Modding-Explanation-Thread Added support for “CustomIconTint” in blocks.xml Added support for “@modfolder:” prefixes in mod config XMLs – currently used for XUi texture views and everything that loads files from AssetBundles Added support for files from AssetBundles like entity meshes Added XUi controls support for “Defined(<identifier>)” function to test if a parameter was defined when using a control items and blocks no longer have IDs in the XML Added a XUi window template (“serverinfowindow”) that can be filled by a server admin to show server information like rules in ESC menu Level/POI Editor We’ve have improved our internal level editor tool and are shipping in with this build. Users can access it in from the main menu/editor tools/level editor. With it you can do many things including: Browse the POIS that TFP has made. Create a new POI from scratch from the ground up Copy and Paste sections of POIS between levels Multiplayer level edit (Host can save) Add/Edit lights to have custom intensity, color, dynamic pulsing, fluctuating, blinking and more. Playtest a POI by itself in a test world Note: There is a help section in the tools UI if you hit escape. Nearly all functions come from the right menu panels 4 categories and hot keys. The tool is pretty robust but as of now we don’t have any online tutorial or videos they will come in the near future. Until then interested folks should go to our forums modding section and ask questions. If you want to be able to save work you must launch it without EAC. Currently saved files are saved here: steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Prefabs. You can add you custom POIs to a random gen world by editing and adding a text entry in the rwgmixer.xml file located here: Steam\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Data\Config Prefabs: Added an Export Prefab dialog (requires active selection box with DebugMenu enabled) A16 prefabs can be converted to A17 ones with the “prefabupdater” console command. See instructions in blocksA16PrefabConversion.xml Other: Custom worlds can now be added by creating a heightmap etc. Just look at Navezgane for a full example. You don’t have to create a dtm.raw, this is automatically created from dtm.tga when not present. We switched to Unity 2018.2.0f2. Make sure to adopt your custom assets Added More robust settings for if the world generator should auto export data Armor now makes noise. heavy armor is louder than light armor Stats page to armor mods Power attack block damage to item stats Hunting knife power attack 50% chance to dismember Grunt sounds to shiv and knife power attacks Added grunt sounds to pickaxe power attacks Added the continued living motivation buff Food, health, water and stamina stats to all food and drinks Entities drop loot containers based on lootdropprob and lootdropentityclass Added a temperature protection buff for when you first spawn into the game. 24 hours. make it count. Armor degradation and armor rating to UI Stats Vehicles can explode (20% of time when hit while broken and after 3% extra damage has been taken) Honey harvest to tree stumps World Generation to new game window World Generation to dedicated server startup Added weight bar prefab. AOE warming effect for campfire and forge Being on fire can warm you up Level, days alive, difficulty and diff bonus to gamestage console command New screen effects for buffs and status Encumbrance system to replace locked out slots Entity SizeScale property and made normal vulture smaller Radiated vulture with vomit weapon Console command spawnwh for spawnwanderinghorde Drunk effect shader Debug output of temperature info under player debug info window Sleeper volume timer 1 hour expire delay, so it won’t respawn with a player inside Land claim check to sleeper volume is player home (bedroll) check Sleeper console command to show volume info JumpStrength passive effect is now implemented in the engine Zombie pain resistance. Adds per hit and decreases 20% a second. At 100% shows hit, but quickly exits and attacks will continue. Cap is 300% 3rd normal zombie attack anim Entity armor hits can cause pain or stuns and uses “metal” hit effect if armor damaged more than health Middle and Ultra reflection quality Class name to SleeperVolume spawning log Support for optional view direction on teleport commands New menu music LiteNetLib networking, replacing both the no longer available RakNet and also the issue rich UNET Converted backpack loot containers to model entity. Road barricade prefab *Note that the glow on the lights isn’t set up correctly yet Vehicle sprint key sets turbo and setup vehicles to have a normal and turbo max speeds Low res textures to Sniper rifle, pistol, smg, hunting rifle, pump shotgun 2nd higher block check for if on elevator/ladder CVars are now usable in passive effect values Coretemp CVar now reflects the difference in temp from 70 degrees Wetness CVar which reflects the percentage of being wet 0-1 Support for CustomIconTint in blocks.xml Low res textures for trader signs Ability to use learn recipe to set CVar of recipe item name to 1 Ability to lock/unlock recipes via setting of the recipe name as a CVar Ability to reload XML at runtime Passive Effect Mobility that will affect armor and environment based movement Low res textures for radiator, chemsetb, winebarrels, gunsafe Console command to dump the currently loaded configs, including modifications applied from DLCs / mods SleeperVolume check and error message when using a bad block Support for “@modfolder:” prefixes in mod config XMLs (currently only used for XUi texture views) Wasteland and burnt forest spectrum rework Vulture circling mode Vulture glide anim, which blends in/out depending on vertical motion and state Vulture wander height check, so stays a nice random distance above terrain Made vulture sight range long and added drifting toward closest visible player when in wander mode Arrow item drops from stuck arrow when a zombiecorpse disappears Rabbit and chicken anim crossfades Entity move absolute mode, so non root motion can also slide to a move location Export Prefab dialog (requires active selection box with DebugMenu enabled) Sleeper passive mode (spawns on, keeps from waking, enter volume to turn off) Ability to find random mod by tag XUi version of character profile editor Sleeper spawn group for burnt zombies HUD entity name min/max range for font size. Trader Jen Lung NPC Cold/Heat damage using the current weather system DR damage resist thresholds based on durability Buff proc chance based on defense values and BuffProcChance Damage resist to all clothing and armor New damage resistance system that does a flat subtraction of damage MaxHealth and MaxStamina regen while in god mode Attacker side buff proc chance calculation based on damage resistance BuffProcChance from both attacker and defender when doing damage Chat target selection: global, friends, party members New ModAPI method ChatMessage which handles global chat messages Crafting recipes for firearms and nail gun Crawler zombie pulls up to climb. Optional confirmation dialog when joining a server, enabled by defining a message in the serverconfig.xml as “ServerLoginConfirmationText” A16 prefabs can be converted to A17 ones. See instructions in blocksA16PrefabConversion.xml Reload speed anim param for all ranged weapons Made sleepers outside all volumes show (purple) when any volume selected. Updating of what sleepers are shown when volume moved or sized. Sleeper volume trigger y padding. Vehicle turn towards look mode (default on), LMB to toggle and RMB for freelook. Blimp (called jokeblimp in menu). Melee attacks now have an impact frame on hit New wooden and metal catwalk rail single for another catwalk block with only 1 railing is needed for special situations Vehicle crouch ‘c’ to brake the wheels x2. Console window to dedicated Windows server (can be toggled in the serverconfig.xml with setting “TerminalWindowEnabled”) XUi based version of new game and continue game menus Configurable Telnet login limit XUi window template (“serverinfowindow”) that can be filled by a server admin to show server information like rules in ESC menu Option to select if a new journal entry is shown as a popup window or tooltip only Controller layout view in Controls Dialog Animal spawn and sleeper groups Breath hold / aiming mechanic – Resets if you move. XUi based version of controls menu Showrangeddebug command ReloadSpeed animation variable Reload sound events to pump shotgun Effect_group(s) can now be added to entity classes in entityclasses.xml Female walk and run animations & blend tree Female lab zombie Level bar above tool belt. Bloom and Heat distortion FX tied into weather (local-humidity,biome-temperature,time-of-day) List.ContainsWithComparer extension to search for elements in a list with a specific comparer (especially for List<String> when searching case independent with StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase) Region identifier added to F3 info window Creative menu sorting First version of Creative Menu Improvements. Old House paintable railing Zombies turning into crawlers can receive a specific hand item. Added a plaster cast that is more efficient than a splint. Gore blocks that don’t decay and can be used as decorations DX11 support to all shaders. Feathers to chicken, fur to stag and rabbit. Sticky arrows: arrows and bolts now stick into entities Console command printobjectcount Self light to stealth debug HUD Player spawns now generated during world generation Zoom sensitivity option NightVision screen effect Changed Blood moon does 360 check for best spawn directions and randomly picks one Put in new day/night/bloodmoon/death/respawn stingers Vehicles have a built in lock and whoever locks becomes owner Blood moon adds a small path grid where zombies spawn Default head shot damage of 1.5 Shades boost your perception by 2 points Planted crops revert back to seeds when harvested. Wandering hordes have 30% chance to skip for 12 hours if targeting a single player Replaced minibike horn part with vehicle hornsound property and added to all vehicles Flashlight key now has a radial for all activatable held and worn items A falling block will do a maximum of 40 damage and armor protects against that The blunderbuss repairs with forged iron. Wandering hordes to start and end on a line 30-45m to the side of the targeted players Aviator goggles now make you craft faster and find better loot Cigars make you stronger and get better deals at traders Goggles are renamed to ski goggles and now boost your agility Simplify zombie limb dismemberment (changed dismemberment calculations, hooked up tags for primary/secondary/head/arm/leg) Hasbuff and nothasbuff now use the buff name instead of hashcode Spider zombies run faster Barbed wire fences now do one damage but trigger pain animations on zombies making them effective at slowing them down and they no longer jump in slow motion over the trap Improved zombie jumping (variable air time based on distance and height diff) and added different heights for different types of jumps You should harvest animal corpses with knife-like tools Harvesting an animal corpse with a “mining” tool can only get you a femur Improved placement of middle position of torch Zombies only take 50% fall damage with a max of 33% of their full health The level cap is 300 so you get 299 + the tutorial quest in skill points Recipes for turrets do not use gun parts You no longer pick up farm crop blocks to harvest. Fertiliser has been removed. Sneak x2 UI to show actual bonus amount Removed action xp from items Player no longer sees blood splatter when damage is absorbed by armor Iron Armor is now called Steel Armor. Bandit Armor is craftable and now called Iron Armor. Increased stack count for bandages and aloe cream, lowered for splints Skill exp gain now pointed to Level exp gain Zombies get up faster when knocked down to avoid confusing is he dead or not scenarios Cold weather to debuff fortitude and strength Hot weather to debuff strength and perception Fists are now faster Torches emit a little heat Aviator goggles now make you craft 10% faster Nerd Glasses boost intellect 2 Removed “eyeglasses” Cigars and cigarettes boost your barter by 10% Player slowdown while reloading Bleeding and other directly harmful buffs have blinking icons Wood spike traps are redesigned from the ground up with new game play and meshes. Decreased blood moon spawn distance to 40 and radius to 10, increased angle to 90 Core Temp is adjusted at one degree per EntityStats update [~0.5s] Improved zombie jumping to support greater than 1m distances The radiation zone around the map border (Navezgane) is now lethal The bleeding effect can stack up to 3 times, increasing it’s severity Removed nailgun battery from the game Stun to use the blur screen effect Sleepers/hordes adjusted to the current gamestage function God mode sets CarryCapacity to current max and removes encumbered buff Mining hat intensity from 2 to 1 All skills that improve by performing actions have been removed Concrete blocks are only craftable in the concrete mixer Player spotlight has less intensity so its not washing out pixels so much Decreased wandering horde spawn distance to 100 Scrap iron frames are only craftable in the forge Adjusted flames on molotov explosion. Loot now uses gamestage to calculate what probabilities are Moved bedroll position from player data file to persistent data ( Offline owner bedrolls do not count towards protection for sleepers) (offline player bedrolls show name as unknown) Femurs are no longer usable as weapons Server code mods no longer use inheritance for events but rather register manually to events in the ModEvents class. The only required class from now on is inheriting IModAPI and with an parameterless InitMod method that can be used to register events etc ConnectionManager methods to get ClientInfos were moved to ClientInfoCollection (e.g. ConnectionManager.GetClientInfoForEntityId -> ConnectionManager.Clients.ForEntityId) Allow multiple DLLs in a single mod so that third party libraries can easily be included (still only one is allowed to contain an IModAPI descendant) RWG now uses multithreading to further speed up world generation Changed removed sleepers from player start car wrecks Changed pine forest sun and default sun to be less orange Off reflections to a reflection of just dim sky at a 3 FPS update Reflection quality values for refresh rate, far clip plane, shadow distance, time mode, intensity and culling Bridge open speed to x2 and removed bridge anim delays Spikes use a box collider and at a lower position Removed all uma zombies, bandits and their baked textures Removed fur from animals ItemUse changed to now use trigger “UseItem” Supply crate has a low LOD smoke particle instead of cloud sprite Thinned resource rocks and junipers Default spectrums now match pine forest Block models atlas reduced to 4096×4096 size due to entity conversions. New snake attack anim Sleeper volumes with all spawn points visible spawn farthest from players until minimum number is reached Color corrected forest grass, cotton and goldenrod to look better with new lighting Feather drops reduced due to arrows being recoverable Containers with an empty state model do not drop 0 items when looted Zombie corpses are hard to destroy with bullets Optimized all metal catwalk collision Beer crafting no longer requires a schematic Optimized all block shapes by ensuring import animation is off and rig set to none Sun Intensity x1.5 No shadow option disables shadows Far shadow option uses high resolution shadows Uppdated desert sand, desert wall, bush and spectrums Removed chainsaw and auger parts from loot and traders Updated the player gamestage settings to a new function and documented what they do Chat message logging includes SteamID and EntityID of sender as well as the target group Removed gun parts from loot and trader inventory Chest and back stun anims to be selected from hit direction Replaced stun getup timer with a check for an anim stun tag Switched game network port and Steam query port. Steam connect links and adding entries in Steam’s server browser now will use the port specified in ServerPort directly instead of ServerPort+1 Deleted maple forest ground texture Removed all custom topsoils from sub biomes. Removed clay as a separate block from biomes. Ore distribution in the desert aligned with how other biomes are structured Ores only use 2 textures now, regular and shiny Deleted plains ground textures Target bar now only shows when needed for gameplay without making it too easy Reloading a scoped gun will wait 1/3 second after the shot to see the shot happen F3 debug menu open is not showing npc names anymore. Enabled AI info HUD in normal builds. With debug menu enabled, use keypad-0 to show names Increased entity walk anim blend out rate Removed bookcase texture from a paintable texture Player noise adds sorted/weighted volume levels instead of range/clamp Increased gun firing volume levels. Decreased overall levels Boulders and ore piles on the surface designate underground ore veins and their type The SMG and Sniper Rifle have been renamed to SMG-5 and MR-10 Shifted values of snow biome to more of a cold blue and increased ambient intensity. Changed snowing to match Snow doesn’t blow out in the sunlight any more Removed scope and silencer from Sniper Rifle base mesh. QuestRandomLootHelper object for previewing hidden backpack loot locations changed to display new satchel instead of block model backpack. Animator parameters are now synced over the network when they change Non local 3rd person entities will immediately update holding item Fire sound on the ak to the hunting rifle fire sound Hunting rifle fire sound to use the sniper rifle sound Buffs proc chance controls buff application from weapons on both attacker and defender side (DamagePostArmor / MaxHealth) + BuffProcChance Recipes are now unlocked with passive effect RecipeTagUnlocked and the recipe tag Stat bars now have a solid border and a vertical line indicating the modified cap ItemActionSpawnMinibike is now ItemActionSpawnVehicle Minibike recipe. Renamed old ModAPI method ChatMessage to GameMessage (no longer handles actual chat messages) Changed ceilingLight07 to use a light mask instead of shadows, and cut number of light emitters from 2 to 1. Updated older decor light prefabs with new light masks. Reimagined wasteland skies spectrums Intensified sunset in pine forest ModAPI PlayerLogin signature to disallow the client from connecting (return false and optionally specify a message string for the reason) Blocks and items.xml no longer use num item IDs Pressing E on trader now starts dialog instead of opening shop. Vehicle keys. Space to brake and C for hop. Item holster and unholster times now controlled by first person anim Removed GameModes SurvivalMP and SurvivalSP in favor of a single combined mode Survival. Pause is supported as long as no other clients are connected to the game Reorganised ammo types and descriptions Modifiers for passives are now base_set, base_add, base_subtract, perc_set, perc_add, perc_subtract, perc is applied to base after all base operations AK47 and MP5 fire sounds now use single fire sounds and the “fire_start” audio clips Crosshair now express the circluar area on screen that the gun will fire in Removed references to player specific food stat Cabinet Old (top) will randomly spawn as an open or closed (lootable) version. Same treatment for the red cabinets Changed fists to be a two handed weapon so more bones can animate in new punches Made ragdoll blend happen across ground anim and into stand anim. Slowed player walk down slightly to look good with new walk animations. Entity spawn menu uses a pageable list to accomodate further entity additions Hold type simplification. Everything that can not be used on the hotbar will now show as a sack model Forge input now has a timer indicating how long until the current item is finished UFPS to have smoother/snappier animations while also not making players seasick Tuned in weapon bob when running and walking for new smooth bob code Added a note on fire to the water tooltip Optimized all door controllers Bullets use the bag model as a drop mesh Shortened some material/block names and made the descriptions more detailed Default renderer set to DX11 Drink items provide stamina regen over a longer duration Water is twice as hydrating now, and reduced recipes to use one jar of water All decorative and advanced wooden building shapes are now crafted at a table saw which is unlocked with advanced engineering tier 1. A hoe is needed to start a farm Increased streaming priority of block moels atlas Stealth so move speed (not state) increases your light level Stealth so crouching has an increasing effect (curve) at lower light levels Stealth so the self to world light ratio adjusts your self light, so your light will be more detectable in darkness Added movement collision to work light. Replaced curtain textures with higher resolution source. Cleaned up NetPackagePlayerStats data, changed bools to flags and don’t send player data to non players Adjusted death penalty Take arrow prompt no longer shows on living entities Fixed Scrapping guns does not return the loaded ammo. Zombie dogs have a chance of remaining standing on death (possibly from fatal hit bug) Capping holes on ac unit bottom. Nre on game rejoin if you have crafting and repair items in queue Added custom stats to show for blocks for item info window. Reinforced concrete has less support than rebar frames and could collapse when switching Containers being overwritten by decoration ItemActionUseOther now sets MinEvent value Other to the taget Bleed buff was doing massive amounts of damage “Wood destroyed blocks” leave behind frames Holding the bow drawn and then scrolling the mouse wheel breaks the toolbar Looping issue with Frequency manager Issue with day elapse on tracking cooldown/lock times Progression Values didn’t reload their cached progression class reference when xml was reloaded Running buffs didn’t reload their cached buff class reference when xml was reloaded Waypoint tracking checkmark is blocking name. PlayerDataFile handling of time born and new player having a born time of 0 Decreasing world time could underflow the player time alive causing a max gamestage bonus Player party level calc used when opening loot container Environmental Damage Effects Are Not Being Displayed Particle emission for smoke and fire for minibike ProjectileMoveScript starting at pos 0,0,0 for 1 frame if no parent All Wood Window Trims have UV issue when placed horizontally Industrial light bulb switching too fast. Visual issue with flame not following the candle Weather Ranges to be more realistic. Internally 70 degrees F is added at parse time An empty localization key will cause any blank localization call to use that key’s entry Sleeper count/reset bugs with entities or volumes despawning and cops exploding ( Cop explosion causes Sleeper Volume to respawn) MaxVoicesPerEntity name changed to maxVoicesPerEntity value on entity sounds AttacksPerMinute anim speed calculation error Hunting knife, bone shiv, and flashlight having block harvest properties set on it Refactored Light editor and fixed copy/paste issue Bridge disappearing when looking at top UI Controls that show paint texture now only set material a single time. Paint Brush icon does not show current texture. EntityAlive not updating block standing on when it changes (like when spikes destroyed) Exiting a vehicle not checking for glass, tree, large entity and vehicle obstacles Door colliders hitting player as they move by disabling during anim swing. Partially fixes standing at door hinge side will open and propel player upwards Error scooping water with a bucket or water jar Passwords passed on the command line showing in the log Config options passed on the command line had to be case sensitive XUi texture views leaking memory when using with a @file or @http texture Various black player facial hair styles and hair Fixing shadow casting in some ceiling lights. Fixed UV’s and lighting issues on stairs railing left and stairs railing right Snake attack (attack knees instead of chest, added own melee data for shorter range, shorter hit delay, no bleed) Toolbelt not updating data for held item Rabbit and chicken idle 2 anims instantly jumping to idle 1 when played End Table Lamp #548 now has no collider Sometimes seems that smaller animals are harder to kill than the larger ones and in-consistent Loot placeholders used in prefabs spawn containers in wrong rotations Warning Animator is not playing an AnimatorController Some damage sources had 0 entity id. (A falling zombie would attack id 0) Sg OptionsFieldOfView exploit allows players to shoot through terrain AI Approach Distraction not resetting if had a path value HUD entity name start delay finding renderers. HUD entity name only checking first renderer. Replaced tile floor 3 with pavers and deleted all references and updated POIS Environment Art Improvement Master Task Darker skinned characters have white eyes when wearing the nerdy glasses Item actions were not updating the toolbelt item values PlayerStealth method for the UI percentage was passing back 0-100 instead of 0-1 Hud stat numbers not updating correctly Bow draw sticking in draw back position in some cases Issue where weapon anim controller wouldn’t update IsFPV Missing harvest on Wood and Metal Door Frames CopySleeperVolumes creating duplicate volumes each time world loaded. Sleepers raycasting a large area and from player’s feet. Raycasting ignoring transparent (went through trap walls and pallets). NRE on leaving game while quest item is in player’s inventory. Block class “Loot” does not generate loot container entity on destruction DoorTrim2m #458 has multiblock issue where you cant repair by focus on top half only bottom half works #170 grey marble painted on small group of tables is missing cement/caulk lines Lowered hit points on road signs Vehicle down shifting getting in limbo and made faster. StartRagdoll forcing 2 seconds when a living player. InitRigidBodies mass for non 11 bones and added alternate spine names. Vulture “hip” bone error. Set mass values for animals. SmallRocks should now distract zombies if they don’t have an active target Vending machine’s rent duration does not update upon changing 24 hour cycle. Game time and real time in rentable vending machine’s description differ from their true values. Fixed door trim top collider PhysicsRB rotation stomping network rotation . ConsoleCmdSetTime description. Controls in vending machines are counterintuitive. Sell price of weapon/tool with ammunition/fuel and without it is the same. Amount of Duke’s Casino Tokens to collect in rented vending machine is not updated if the Player has it opened. Paint tool: paint full block mode now also paints block if faced side has texture, replace paint mode is switched off when any other paint mode is chosen Fixed Steel Door 1 set allowing viewing\interaction through a small gap. EnumBodyPartHit by reverting (anim controllers didn’t match). Ragdoll EntityAlive was doing root motion. EntityAlive DebugDisplayHit position. DamageSource damageType not being set. 3rd person anims (jump) were multiple triggered. PlayerDataFile ToPlayer stomping on favoriteEquipment, which causes MP null error. Change Loot volume text in sleeper K menu to read as Priority Volume Stop allowing turrets/traps to be placed on the door itself Burnt wood block textures don’t move with the mesh when falling Stacked doors do not grant ownership Symtype in hierarchy causing branch_legacy not to render Many Support Beams now missing icons and are invisible in game IronBarCentered #558 in certain orientations can not be painted Velocity input parameter on players is noisy Placing blocks next to a camp fire can make it dissapear and unusable Adjusted LOD distance on vault doors to make swap less noticable. Small blocks like poles or landmines do not blocks sight for zombies. Client on a dedi server can disable the fog in a biome Controllers cant easily close windows with an already active searchbar Noah painting needs new icon Stair blocks with new railings, block stats and localisation Degradation sound is improper Re-enabled menu while on vehicles. Mountain pine dead was not getting affected by snow Removed movement collision from aloe vera plants The more you move away from 0,0 the more the models flicker Fixed problem that particle for paint brush was never removed and slowed down the game after a lot of uses Grass tips cutting off in snow Sounds intermittently go quiet and/or don’t play at all Join game from Steam Friends List is not working when game is not already running Drawbridges can be used to make floating platforms Added Gable 1m and Pyramid 1m block variants for level designers Drawbridges can be used to make floating platforms Player obtains coal and farming journal tip is triggered Hazmat Zombie has a larger inventory than all the other zombies Trader selling cue interrupted by finished crafting items. Fixed Terrain artifacts may appear after removing large portions of ground Improve Creative Menu Fixed Character’s sitting animation may persist after leaving minibike Fixed Using Repair button in minibike menu does not lower the quality of its parts When on a slope both bears have difficulty in attacking the player Sleeper zombies have a chance to rotate when they wake up Player is invisible to others on death KeyNotFoundException for sleeper volumes Stair blocks with new railings – block variants, recipes, localisation Concave Gable Undersides – block variants, recipes, localisation 3D Industrial Trussing – block variants, recipes, localisation Window trims – block variants, localisation All XUi ItemStacks using the same background / highlight color Performance in recipe searches Missing letters in preschool alphabet Block placement issues in trailer_03 Wrong light fixture outside in perishton Wrench harvest distance is way too close Wrong rotated light in Perishton Crafting Artifacts Possible dupe method “destroying container” Duping with 2 people using containers Radiator doesn’t show up in harvest icons when you harvest cars. Being stuck in 1*1 holes and then be catapulted Beverages do not restore stamina properly Wolves dont properly attack zombies or stags Client player can clone items/resources to destination processing stations and block source stations/containers from accessing. Bears and wolves walk on water Stag run/walk state in water is not viewed the same between client and host-P2P Investigate delayed sleeper spawn – spawning in plain sight Zombies not using ladders properly and float/walk away from the ladder Turrets play double sounds for clients Mining helmet requires two clicks to turn on after being re-equipped on death. Doubled “Thirsty” status indicator. Roads generating as Clay, Dirt, Gravel and Sand Crafting Artifacts Rebuilt bullet on metal impact particle which became broken in newer Unity versions. All food items give improper amount of Fullness and Hydration. Missing Accuracy and Range stats for certain ranged weapons. Force quiting the game when in respawn stage results in loss of crosshair etc Plant fiber clothing starter quest can become broken. Player is not prompted with description of “White River Citizen” quest. Leftover corrupted textures after mining heaps of ore in Canyon Gold Mine on Navezgane Map Fixed particle rendering issues with emissive artifacts on console. Solar cells won’t show on trader refresh. Adjusted head decapitation gib effect on Zombie steve to hide skinning issue Water visuals disappear when Character aims through Sniper Rifle scope underwater Land Claim Does not Prevent Placement of Minibike Chassis. Adjusted bed02 collision to stop players head stuck in low ceilings upon spawn Player logs out in building and if bedroll is deleted and he logs back in on roof top with message SI Exploit for Rock Prefab Player’s character keeps upgrading block after death if killed during said action Clubs will not gather any resources at all ERROR: VM.mesh[0].Vertices.Count (65248) has too many vertices Character – Lee’s shirt clips through College Jacket Localization for Stay Within Range objective. Display of next quest phase objectives to be different than current objectives in quest screen. NRE on death/teleport with active f3 overlay when block was focused Zombies cannot climb or break New 3D Ladders from the back side Open garage doors create a barrier zombies cannot cross. Scrapping car may cause ground deformation and leave a hole in the world Challenge notes for new quests were not in loot or trader tables. Supply Crates do not drop any items when destroyed Bumpier terrain needed for low res texturing, modified normal/albedo/AO based on normal map edges Rain can be heard clearly a bedrock level Surface of the water is not visible underwater Grass is getting snow cover inside buildings Snowpack shadow regression Jumping on active Forge does not set the player’s character on fire Durability value of items that can be assembled is equal to their quality value. Flashlightfunctionality remains after swaping guns of the same kind. Redundant sound when breaking glass with mining tools and weapons Throwables clip through trees Fixed warnings about OnLevelLoaded in UFPS Fixed incorrect pieces displaying on LOD levels of Stage 2 Vault Door When going underwater the Cannot Breathe Tooltip shows up Degradation sound is improper Wrong sound on metal reinf. wooden blocks Added an onFire journal entry Pick-up-able blocks can be repaired free but shouldnt be Vultures and Chickens artifact when rag doll rolling down a slope Sack disappears for another player, when is observed from 6 meters or above RWG highway connection issues Roads generating as Clay, Dirt, Gravel and Sand Deep roadside hole in RWG Odd hole in the road Weird spikes in the road Both turrets are missing firing sound Check rebuilding road cave Slanted blocks going bad when painted by 1×2 textures No text is displayed in placeof Sell Price when an item cannot be sold Description of “Snowberry Poisoning” Active Effect contains misleading icons. View distance 5 exchanges imposter very late Corrected several fuel values to match the burn time change of wood. All inside wedge corners when placed beside each other delete adjoing block face and can shoot thru Zombies rotate on ground again All solid Wedge Inclines placed together front to back renders back side invisible Container Sorting – Same items of the same quality are not sorted by durability. Fur now renders correctly and against/in water and just goes flat wet when foggy Terrain normals transition from near to far smoothed out Fur lighting, tonemapping, gamma, color matched, and wet specular values Water in fog rendering Sound not in sync when hitting bedrock with pickaxe Vultures can fly under water No ricocheting bullets effect can be observed when shooting at Vendor POI blocks Unity crashing when building. If not using our own Build Dialog the AssetBundles have to be created manually before building Other Updated forest ground to match grass better, whitened fog at sunset to help black back lit trees look better. Thickened fog in pine forest Removed: UNET networking Animal Hide (the resource) has been removed Animal Hide Armor has been removed Removed quality from paint brush / wiring tool Removed old paintings and rebaked atlas Updated game art for Create a portrait for kickstarter backer Ken Lau Set shadow distance to 150 (near mode) and 300 meters (far mode) Removed: Old percentage based damage resistance system Removed: items.xml entries for iron, barbed, and spiked club, these are now mods Replaced old radiated terrain with new sidewalk texture in POIS Removed old radiated blocks from POIs and biomes This also allows us to give each mod a specific icon of their own. Added satellite dish. Added table lamp and tipped over variant. Updated orange metal roof texture to hd and redid TerrainFiller is not “translated” but that should only be one number changed. Investigated/Debugging tree hit sounds – added debug info found to ticket, might be something for so I passed the ticket to him. Modified: ConnectionManager to include event handling for client join and client disconnect Modified: AIDirectorZombieManagementComponent to cue threat level tracker that the world zombie profile has changed Wired up ak47 iron sight aim blend tree Removed: old and strange loop code, will readdress if we ever need to use looping and end sounds on an item Removed: AutoFire property as it’s determined by BurstRoundCount and MagazineSize Removed: old staminaUsage property as it’s no longer needed Removed: CrosshairMinArea and CrosshairMaxArea and default to 20 for anything that might actually still use the old crosshair setup Adjusted maple tree art Navezgane: Moved biomes.png + poi.png into file system Fix for trees not falling due to a bug when they have more than max hit points (forum report) Removed legacy green wallpaper, baseboard and crown texture Updated all tree billboards to match new tree art Updated forest flower to match new forest fall look to the biome Updated: Grass in snow Power attack stat is listed on repair tools Redundant metal trussing recipe augmentGunsTip hooked up You can not craft vehicleWheels Beer does not have the listed effect Corrected several item stat displays Some light armor descriptions said decrease instead of increase Some greae monkey requirements were not localized. pine forest fog transition from night to morning It as impossible to rain in the burnt forest Toolbelt item swap delay to 0.3 seconds when scrolling the mousewheel Several drinks had improper amounts of water. Entities with LODs disappearing too close when Tree Quality reduced After you place the last an item or block your character power punches Player arms become broken after picking up landclaim Smelted forge materials not registering in the recipe “HAVE” column Last item in forge not smelted Chance to spawn mods along with weapons not working Mushrooms not growing when the player leaves the chunk and seem to grow slower than other plants Flashing journal button when tips are available. Better quest localization. Mods Burst,autofire and semi are not working for guns Wrong delay being referenced Stone axe upgrade/repair animation plays extra swing cycle Loot is duplicating sometimes Metal plate is bleeding through wire fence Weapon mod functionality changes when other players use/change mods Server temporarily spams INF MinEventLogMessage: Equip ON light is not removed when removing lighted headgear Broke emissive on electric fence post and power switch. Scrapping guns does not return the loaded ammo. Taking arrow from player holding bow Weapons can be duped while reloading Wandering hordes can contain screamers Player back pack is not big enough Duplicate loot in containers after wearing shades Stats on pressboy cap Vitamin buff name needs to be fixed Some of the XML patch methods always log a warning of not being applied even if they were applied fine Known Issues Guns with a magazine size of 1 still auto-reload Some mods are in a testing phase only and do not work yet. Stealth has some issues that may not get fixed until the next patch. Auger and chainsaw soundloop in MP games Trader Jen has a deep voice Players visually disappear for another when looking up No lights on vehicles Turrets target zombies through walls Tablesaw is not taught by perk View more from 7daystodie.com
  9. Hey Survivors, We are proud to announce that the ‘Alpha 17 Streamer Weekend’ is finally here. We have partnered with over 100 streamers from 27 countries. Many will be streaming all weekend some starting tonight and giving away Free Keys. Check their channels for their upcoming weekend schedules. These are being broadcast in many languages so scroll down to find yours. You can also read the release notes early here: Alpha 17 Official Release Notes Enjoy America (USA) Anthony_B1 USA West, English AznElite123 USA, English Bacon Creepy USA, English Banlish USA, English Blitzfire911 USA, English Capp00 USA Central, English Casketman20 USA Central, English Cbthagreat USA East, English Chiefy USA West, English Cuda87 USA, English dasMEHDI USA East, English DeamonMachine USA, English Descender USA, English DianddraD USA East, English Dragoness_ USA Central, English Galucia081 USA, English Game Society USA, English Glock9 USA, English Grand Spartan USA, English GunninGamerz USA, English Headwound USA West, English iJevin USA, English iluvatar_402 USA Central, English JadedzUzi USA Central, English Jermanfu USA East, English Justin Dion USA, English Kage848 USA, English kic Gaming USA West, English Kismet USA EAST, English LMG USA, English Loafy Molasses USA, English Midnight Designer USA East, English Mistermoose USA Central, English MistrFister USA, English Mountain Man USA West, English MSgt Porkins USA, English MyUsualMe USA East, English Neebs Gaming USA, English Orangesherbet USA West, English PapaNox USA East, English PartiallyRoyal USA, English PokketNinja USA Central, English RedSpecsGaming USA East, English ShadowFox USA, English Starsnipe USA Central, English TexCubSF USA West, English TomGirlGamer USA, English uss_sully USA, English VegetarianZombie USA East, English Australia AzzaFortysix Australia, English Austria Danu Thuata Austria, German Belgium Lhynns Gaming Belgium, French Bosnia 2HandGaming Bosnia, English Brazil O Abel Joga Brazil, Portuguese Canada Brae Lynnx Canada, English GameEdged Canada, English Skippy0330 Canada, English Team Ryan Canada, English xSgtPepperx Canada, English Chile J.C.’s Channel Chile, English France El Gui Gui France, French Staf_52 France, French Germany Coyaletsplay Germany, German Gerrit Germany, German Mr Helm Germany, German RoLaBeKa Germany, German Strong Company Germany, German Valcry Germany, German Zombyra Germany, German Ireland Games4kickz Ireland, English Italy Gameplay Channel Italy, Italian Japan iihito jyanai Japan, Japanese Isoroku Japan, Japanese Matthew Japan, Japanese Merci Games Japan, Japanese Rabi William Japan, Japanese Rokugen san Japan, Japanese ryo1 game Japan, Japanese Sesika Japan, Japanese Yukkuri com san Japan, Japanese Kasakhstan Squal Kasakhstan, Russian Latva Kornelius Briedis Latvia, English Moldova Shinydo Moldova, Russian New Zealand Vechs New Zealand, English Norway Lokbatch Norway, English SparkleGG Norway, English Poland Kagaminium Poland, Polish MarekMoowi Poland, Polish Rizzer Poland, Polish Stalker Poland, Polish Russia Cisternocefal Russia, Russian FoxMurderPlay Russia, Russian Kaktyc Russia, Russian Knock-Knock Russia, Russian Krabo Land Games Russia, Russian Ray Anor Russia, Russian South Africa Zaffa Geek South Africa, English Spain Buck Ferndandez Spain, Spanish Krino Games Spain, Spanish Menos Trece Spain, Spanish Psiko 9000 Spain, Spanish R4pela Games Spain, Spanish Sweden Jonah Birch Sweden, English Thailand 2G Review Thailand, Thai UK BoredGamer UK, English DatFailGamur UK, English DreadHeadEd UK, English FuzzyFreaks UK, English Grumbul UK, English H3dsh0t UK, English HixxyDubz UK, English Matrixis UK, English Reninsane UK, English Max Fox UK, English W92Baj UK, English Ukraine Alex_D20 Ukraine, Ukrainian Fresh Games Ukraine, Russian Germanarih Games Ukraine, Russian Slavik Odessit Ukraine, Russian Survager Ukraine, Russian Teror2 Ukraine, Russian View more from 7daystodie.com
  10. Many are speculating as to the future of 7 Days to Die on consoles and The Fun Pimps wanted to give the community an update. The news of Telltale’s demise and insolvency was both a saddening and shocking event. With no warning, we learned the news the same day as the gaming public. Upon hearing the news, The Fun Pimps immediately terminated its license agreement with Telltale, which only allowed publishing rights on the console ports of the 7 Days to Die game. The termination also severed Telltale’s rights to any future updates or sequels of the 7 Days to Die franchise. In the weeks following, we’ve been working in good faith with the remaining management at Telltale to regain control over the console versions and allow us to provide support and updates on those platforms. So far, these efforts have failed. Like you, we are incredibly frustrated by what has happened. We are pursuing all options to regain our rights, including legal remedies. Despite the damage that Telltale’s actions have inflicted upon our company and upon our console community, we wanted to let you know that The Fun Pimps are supremely committed to our fans and will continue to support 7 Days to Die game on the PC, as well as continuing efforts to aid console players in the future. The Fun Pimps will keep you updated as more information becomes available. View more from 7daystodie.com
  11. Check out our perception attribute and its perks! Click Here To Visit Joelhuenink.tumblr.com
  12. Check out our perception attribute and its perks! View more from Joelhuenink.tumblr.com
  13. Check out our new strength perks Click Here To Visit Joelhuenink.tumblr.com
  14. Check out our new strength perks View more from Joelhuenink.tumblr.com
  15. We are deeply saddened by the news of the Telltale layoffs. Our hearts go out to our friends and partners over there. Rest assured The Fun Pimps are committed to the future of the 7 Days to Die Franchise and will continue to update and support 7 Days on every platform we can. As more information becomes available TFP will be issuing statements. On a more upbeat note Alpha 17 is coming along folks and it’s going to be awesome! Cheers Richard View more from 7daystodie.com