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  2. The Fun Pimps are proud to announce our new OFFICIAL women’s t-shirt as requested by many of you! In addition to our men’s tee, we wanted to bring you a shirt with a modern, soft and relaxed fit for you female zombie survivors out there! We appreciate all of your support and be sure to check out our new OFFICIAL women’s t-shirts on Amazon, supplies are limited so be sure to get yours now! Please be aware of fake merch on Amazon , this is our ONLY official store. Women’s Black T-Shirt Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  3. We just released Alpha 18.4 b4 language patch to stable with many great bug fixes and improvements. Read on for more details. Official 18.4 Bug Reporting Thread Official 18.4 Release Notes Added Dyes on junk turrets now display the color when placed on the groundDebugshot command now also reports perks, books, and schematics for forum reporting and testing (creates .csv file in screenshot folder)Toggling of local player ignored by AI using left shift+keypad* keySpectator Mode for admins. Use “sm” command in consoleRotate back is assigned to tapping “Reload” Changed Changing time with commands or time slider now recalculates the blood moon dayRebind “Accelerate” and “Reverse” to trigger buttonsBind horn to D-Pad RightLocalization now includes community feedback Fixed Drunken Disorderly now also works with moonshineMicrowave collision box was correctedBottom face of Control Panel Base 07 is no longer see throughHat mods no longer have hair poking through the helmetHandy Man steam achievement now works with new multishape frame block.Claim blocks now properly protect against explosives againBetter Barter no longer allows better prices at vending machinesIntimidation with a 44 Magnum no longer works on vending machinesWaypoints not on the screen no longer activate when moving the mouse over the screenCheating XP by spamming the action key with books on the toolbelt is now preventedLoose board traps successfully destroy now when damagedPlayer clothing is properly removed with drop on deathRamp shapes no longer delete faces to allow exploitsBurntWoodBlock4 no longer disappears when a block is placed under itDirt and topsoil now use the same mats for the same craft timeThe wooden chair uses its proper texture againLoose board blocks now show a block when fallingTar paper (ID 148) can now be picked from the paint menuOnly single players can interact with spotlights and turretsForges no longer slow down the gameNo more crashes caused by the electric fenceWarning spam by electric fence wiring is also fixed nowJunk turret hits and kills do not trigger perk bonuses while holding related weapon anymoreJunk Turret also respects party members that are not alliesOffsets on some multiblocks were corrected“Invisible” from Debug Menu and Invisible hotkey now properly do what is expected Fixes for Localization Initial saving of a new prefab is properly localized nowLocalized distance and coordinate designationsTooltip names of items will no longer be displayed off screenUI label sizes fixed to fit visual layout (skill dialogs)Quest Chain Rewards “NONE” is localized“Required” for campfire and forge recipes is now localizedBatter Up Vol 7 name and description are correct againLoading screen before main menu is now localized Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  4. Hey Survivors, we just released Alpha 18.3 b4 language patch to stable. The patch has full language support for English, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. The release also has many great bug fixes and improvements. Read on for more details. Official 18.3 Bug reporting Thread Official 18.3 Language Bug reporting Thread Added Full localization support for English, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish, Simple Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean. Console command wsmats has been added to allow players to modify the current amount of smelted materials in workstations for debuggingBookcase is now available as a paintable textureTerrain at Lowest or Low quality reduces shader layer blending to 2 or 3FOV display option is reenabled and has a default buttonBackpack friction and bounce settingsBackpack logging was added for better trackingWe added font support for all current localizationsFlying mode can now move faster (sprint) in all directionsTrader Jen now has her own unique voice Changed It takes more casino tokens to smelt/craft bullet casingsAll electrical devices (blocks) have a minimum consumption of 1WBetter stat display on bandages wereReduced grass fade out distance so fade is visibleA sewing kit is now required for first aid kitsRenamed Tree Quality option to Object QualityRenamed Grass Distance option values to Low, Medium, High and added LowestAdjusted grass distance fade to match grass distance optionThe grass shader was optimizedEnabled FOV console command againAdjusted video quality options UI layout to reflect recent changesmodArmorBandolier can be now also be installed in leg armorImproved claw foot tub colliders Fixed Clients do now see an admin star for the hostLoading mod localization for a localization category that does not exist in vanilla no longer causes KeyNotFoundExceptionsRemoving leg collision from table custom shapes so projectiles can now pass through againThe wrench now plays an animation on cntMunitionsBox and decoHandTruckShotgun slugs do scrap to polymerStun Baton Schematic had an error correctedRabbits are no longer making a swinging sound when they shouldn’tDeer now scare easierFuel placed in any fuel slot does now allow to start crafting in workstationsMany grass types sway with wind and adjusted swayWe fixed the EndOfStreamException that results in loss of base, workstations, and items due to chunk resettingThere is no longer an error spam showing up in the dedi’s terminal window on startupPlayers are once again able to press W to purchase perks in the skills screen.Opening the playerscreen in a vehicle no longer results in a standing characterThe decorative car parts now have proper material and partsNeedle and thread vol 3 does now correctly unlock running shoesArrows and crossbow bolts now properly penetrate water and collide the terrain underwaterItems in crafting queue do now survive changes to items.xmlThe effect on modGunDrumMagazineExtender now matches descriptionWookie suit now states correct unlock requirementCars no longer look like they were slammed in the ground in wild rotations, though some usecase still makes this happenTripwire can now be repairedArmour Plating recipe values are now using the correct valuesTerrain Quality are no longer locked, but need a restart to fully activateThe collider and hitbox on the swingset are way better nowWe increased MaxSpawnedZombies default to 64 to match the BloodMoonEnemyCountWe updated comments to serverconfig.xml and tooltips for MP zombie spawn settingsAnother vehicle and junk turret dupe was fixedExploding arrows and bolt sfx now stops during SP pauseFuel added to a 4×4 is now properly working for everybodyItem mod buffs no longer remain active if a modded item was dropped from the toolbarCorrected wrong perk descriptions for master chefVehicle and players do no longer desync after jumping off and on quickly in a short amount of timePlayers who logged in no longer witness players who were on a vehicle already in funny poses.Player as passenger keep their hands off the steering wheel Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  5. 7 Days makes Steam’s Best of 2019 most played list! Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  6. Hey folks, He just released Alpha 18.2 b5 patch to stable. Lots of good tweaks and fixes enjoy! Should be compatible with old saves. Official 18.2 Bug reporting Thread Added Create a function to lock xp amount required to a specific amount at a certain level Spear should drop to the ground when a player corpse despawns Several deco blocks to metal fence/furniture blocks Command aliases “food”, “hungry” for “starve” and “water” for “thirsty” Zombie dogs to the burnt forest Terrain Quality video option Changed Burnt forest sky and fog visuals are more pleasing Increased value/cost of Grandpa’s Learn’n Exiler Reduced stack size on some ammo quest rewards Faster crafting time on the topsoil block and hobo stew Nerfed gas in loot Sham chowder uses canned sham instead of sham sandwiches ModGunShotgunTubeExtenderMagazine has no random range ModGunRodAndSpring reduced to +15% and added missing effect that the description claimed Stun effects from shotguns do not cause a cooldown on the target Shotgun slugs count as AP rounds 30s drink buffs increased to 45s duration ArmorSteelSetParts and armorMilitarySetParts can drop along with clothes Increased LockPickBreakChance by 10% Bundles/pallets of items renamed to “stacks” for consistency Increased the stack size of bullet tips, casings, buckshot, paper Shotguns cause a short stun by default and the perk increases it’s duration instead of the chance to occur. Increased spread and damage of shotguns at short range and efficiency against packs of zombies. At their max range of 10m the damage is zero. Slightly more polymer in loot and from destroying trash piles Stuns do not lower a player’s melee attack speed Increased the damage on the primitive bow Bathtub filled with gore drops more rotting flesh Block material on torches/candles does not cause a loud crash sound on destruction DeskLampLight should harvest brass Several small loot piles have duplicate or overly loud looting sounds SMG do the same damage as pistols Increased drop rate for Handgun items at higher GS where the bucket needs to be larger to cover both SMG and magnum Increased drop chance of T3 item parts where the T2 item does not scrap into T3 parts, such as with clubs Zombie animals drop the same amount as rotten flesh as a live ones drops meat PerkLivingOffTheLand reduces the cost of crafting farm plots Sham recipe now creates 5 cans of sham at a time but requires more ingredients and acid PerkYeahScience lets you craft gunpowder, glue, aloe cream, gas and oil with fewer resources Updated burnt forest texture Knivesnow cause bleeding on every hit PerkDeepCuts further increases the max bleeding stacks and adds a run speed debuff to bleeding ResourceElectricParts are no longer craftable Lockpicks are not consumed on successful lockpicking. Cheesecake now grants 5% better prices when buying Fetch-only quests have lower rewards Blood moon spawner ignores bedrolls Improved blood moon spawner temp path grid position Fixed Hide paging buttons when not needed. Iron and steel spear show too bright in the dark. Unity crash when hitting Esc in prefab editor containing pumpkins Zombies can disable vehicles too fast You can ride the bike in turbo mode with no stamina Added asphalt recipe back in Pumpkin recipes are not in loot Warning about xuiwater Inconsistent harvest on old suitcase ArmorSteelHelmet missing from loot list Wrong stack size on resourceLockPickBundle/recipe Reading pumpkin recipes does not unlock Lucky Goggles use A17 scaling and are too strong compared to the perk Power attacks will break stealth erratically and may play duplicate sounds. Sneaking now prevents all power attack grunts. MeleeKnucklesSteelParts missing in loot Primitive bow not automatically loading when equipped TreeJuniper4m is invisible Quest rewards past the initial 2 chosen rewards were not randomizing order correctly. Desert sunset was too red Animal HP decreases with game difficulty Controller: Lights radial menu used left thumbstick, now uses right Equipped clothing is not moddable. Requirement HitLocation is not working on arrows and bolts Dedi password is not remembered when using controller in big picture mode Pressing ESC in the server password window causes the menus to break Allowing ESC in server password window to cancel password input Inventory radial skipped when on a vehicle and using a controller Lockpicks only break within the last 25% of the LockPickTime. Kill The Wabbit quest does not consider the double barrel shotgun Initial loading of sounds from mod bundles can cause lag Vultures fall through the world when killed high in the sky Bulltproofplate makes farm plots transparent when touching the plot box Pistols with a full auto trigger have sound issues Schematic and food recipe sounds are played for everyone to hear Torch candle dupe by placing and quickly hitting drop key. Chainsaw and auger not giving xp on zombie kills Scopes have a red tint instead of green when wearing night vision goggles IndexOutOfRangeException when copying block shape while using multiblocks. Removed unneeded debug message for shape menu. Apply options NRE in PrefabLODManager UpdateMaterials Chili dogs do not return an empty can on eating Moldy Bread recipe missing from Chem Lab list Dirt and Topsoil localization says it is from the creative menu Cement mixer localization mentions fertilizer Several items have unintended high crafting times Blurry vision does not apply when using scopes Deprecated insulator item removed and from trader Fixed with issue with silenced fire on automatic weapons Cached map view persists between different servers with the same world a player connects to Admin star is only seen on own player name when host, not when client Starve command was broken Reading a book from toolbelt gives 100 xp, but not the same from backpack. Unknown loot_quality_templates threw an error on loading Forge max crafting will only allow 80% of available smelted resources. Living off the land lvl 3 was not working correctly. Shotgun particles replaying after fast weapon switching. AMD HD 5000 & 6000 series render ground horribly CustomIconTint did not apply to icons that are in the shape selector menu. Multiple turrets made constant reload sound Bunch of blocks caused errors in the prefab editor There was no hunting game in the burnt forest Mushrooms can be planted almost anywhere Typo in level 1 of electrocution er “Basics of electricity” is not in the loot table Battery bank unlock info is incorrect Localization end table lamp Reaper icon no longer stays with you on max level Player dying during blood moon can stop blood moon spawns Players can break blood moon spawn for entire server Distant terrain brightness flickering when reflection probes updated when player moved Improved reflection probe fade out range Distant terrain looks white with half or lower texture quality The silencer no longer blocks ADS on a pistol Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  7. Hey folks, We just released Alpha 18.1 b8 patch to stable. Lots of good tweaks and fixes enjoy! Should be compatible with old saves. Official 18.1 Bug reporting Thread Added Settings for Blood Moon Frequency of 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10, 20 days Settings for AI Block Damage and Loot Abundance of 33 and 67 percent Settings for Blood Moon Count of 6 and 10 enemies Customized club swing whoosh sounds A chance screamer will not spawn Video Texture Filter setting UnloadUnusedAssets after we unload texture arrays Lowest graphics preset and increased 6 of Low’s settings Tree Quality Lowest and increased quality for Low and Medium Steel tools parts to traders Changed Melee swing audio source to one which isn’t 150 meters. Mining iron ore yields iron Increased blood bag stack size Eating glass is more efficient, generating a death penalty of 25%. Mechanical parts and springs are not craftable PerkBoomstick increases rate of fire up to 50% Removed glass helper from loot Removed empty chance from cntSodaFountain Collapsed workstations drop their schematic 20% of the time Combat shoveling reduced Corrected and improved electrical devices journal entries Updated quest ammo rewards with new ammo types Nerfed trader medical loot rewards, and removed plaster casts as a reward item Improved heat debug UI to update in realtime and show event count Removed invisible random penalties from silencer mod Land mine recipes are cheaper and rebalanced. TorchHeatMap blocks to be seconds for HeatMapFrequency Cooking ingredient bonus for perkMasterChef Increase the benefits of The Art of Mining Vol 3 T5 clear and fetch/clear quests will have QL 6 items as a reward PerkGreaseMonkey reduces cost of crafting vehicle parts, perkAdvancedEngineering reduces cost of crafting forge recipes, steel and electrical devices Removed the blood draw kit is no longer used Introduced stack limits to coolers, and end tables that players could craft and sell for a large profit Fixed Only original quester can see the red dots of zombies for clear quests If a player dies on a very steep incline the backpack can disappear Knife power attack damage was too low due to the rate of attack change Drawbridges take damage while being driven overShadow artifacts from some impact particles. Out of position collider on ice cooler. Pummel Pete does not include bats in description Client to client complete clear quests. Tapping “Alt” makes upgrading blocks crazy fast Changed sleeper volume spawn definitions to be Ghost Town instead of Bad Ass in 11 different low tier POIs (Brad)Typo in perkAdvancedEngineeringRank4LongDesc Cleaned up stats, cost, naming, description, recipe for various garage doors Minor exploit using campfire and wood block ( Starter Quest ) BlockTorchHeatMap heat inaccuracy by scaling heat by world time speed Vehicle part crafting time aligned with vehicle assembly Silenced M60 is as quiet as a pistol. Better noise scaling on silenced gunfire. RWG preview tool localization NRE when trying to reload a flashlight. Controller zoom in and out function isn’t working with scopes Shadow artifacts on damage particles. Demolition zombie’s explosion is affected by claim strength. NRE when server is shutdown via terminal Client NRE when host or server exits game Balancing and better descriptions for bullet penetration. Too many journal unlocks delay the tutorial quest Junk Turrets pushed through blocks if placed in a 1×1 hole Health at 99/100 when starting a new game Light Mod more expensive than Mining Helmet with light mod. Going into prefab editor can cause grey textures in game Having lots of craft ingredients causes lag when clicking on the recipe / reopening crafting screen UI scale changes ingame do not update toolbelt message location The world generation process does not apply rwgmixer.xml modlets Lootstage ending in 9 seem to force loot quality to 1 Disabled dms on linux to prevent crash until Unity issue is fixed (Zack)From the shadows perk has 2 typo’s Wrong header on perkArtOfMiningCoffeeDesc Distant POIs become black on most surfaces Knuckles only show in the right hand in MP and third person Bolts appear to stick in air short of touching body Another Junk Turret/Mod dupe Auger (ranged looping items) playing the start sound repeatedly, which makes lots of heat Playing a sound on an entity made heat at wrong position if origin not 0 Recipe max count is calculating incorrectly Clients can pick up blocks at the traders while the host cannot. Inventory screens used to exit containers open up their respective tab. Display of blunderbuss / double barrel stats inconsistent with pumpgun Inaccurate description on modGunShotgunTubeExtenderMagazine and stats on gunPumpShotgun Unintended max range on pump shotgun max magazine capacity Switching to an auger/chainsaw on the hotbar creates a heat event Rebalanced harvesting “heat” after several code fixes. An auger with all the bells, whistles, and perks mining nonstop can barely call a screamer on its own. A steel pick can get up to 80%. Incorrect mining journal and missing distribution of silver/gold/diamond blocks, includes balance of ore “areas” Mined resources have erratic prices Tracking does not reliably show animals. Incorrect default logfile path on Linux dedi Items that do not have a description Player names causing FPS drop Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  8. Many are speculating as to the future of 7 Days to Die on consoles and The Fun Pimps wanted to be as transparent as possible so here is the reality of the situation… After a long and tedious legal process in a closed auction, The Fun Pimps have re-acquired full console publishing rights on the current and all future versions of 7 Days to Die on PS4 and the Xbox One. We know there still is a steady and healthy 7 Days console community, as we hear from them on our social media channels all the time and the game still has nearly 10,000 concurrent users playing the game on weekends. As far as updates, the console has not gotten a meaningful update since July of 2017, which was content and features from the Alpha 15 PC version. The Fun Pimps are a PC game developer and publisher…and we do not have the resources or expertise to do ports/updates to the console, so we licensed the console publishing rights to Telltale Games who hired Iron Galaxy who have done the ports with minimal TFP assistance. We all had a great thing going…a full Alpha 16 port was in the works, that is, until Telltale’s insolvency broke the cadence of builds, hurt our sales, reputation and created this unfortunate situation. Instead of investing in a new update, TFP spent a very large sum of money regaining the rights back in an auction, in addition to ongoing legal and auditing fees… Now that we are the console publisher, as an operational business and out of obligation to our investors and our hard working team (who need to provide for their families too) we have to evaluate the expense and risk of porting any future versions of the game to consoles relative to the income it could generate. Full console ports cost into the millions of dollars, not to mention the restrictions the platform holders have on not breaking saved games which would be inevitable given our current framework and the technical challenges associated with porting a resource intensive game like 7 Days to consoles. With Sony and Microsoft, no matter how small, any update has to go through a rigorous testing/submission process. As you can see, this is not an easy problem to solve. We are exploring all options that would eventually deliver a new version of 7 Days to consoles but this would likely happen after the PC version has gone gold and could end up being an entirely new product or on the next console. Please understand: Telltale going under has put the console version of 7 Days in this situation. TFP are just trying to lookout for the future of our company and the game we care about… The Fun Pimps will keep you updated as more information becomes available or if things change. We thank you for all of the continued support. Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  9. Hey Survivors, We are proud to announce that the ‘Alpha 18 Streamer Weekend’ is finally here. We have partnered with over 130 streamers from 27 countries. We will be running the Streamer Weekend event from Friday, October 4th starting at 12 pm CST through Sunday, October 6th. Expect a public experimental to follow sometime Monday afternoon October 7th. Many will be streaming all weekend and giving away Free Keys. Check their channels for their upcoming weekend schedules. These are being broadcast in many languages so scroll down to find yours. You can also read the release notes early here: Alpha 18 Official Release Notes America (USA) Anthony_B1 USA West, English AviaryLaw USA East, English Ayreframer USA Central, English Bacon Creepy USA, English Banlish USA, English Blitzfire911 USA, English BeardedGuysGaming USA East, English Capp00 USA Central, English Casketman20 USA Central, English Cbthagreat USA East, English Chiefy USA West, English Cuda87 USA, English dasMEHDI USA East, English DeamonMachine USA, English Descender USA, English Dragoness_ USA Central, English Flip_Switch_ USA West, English Galucia081 USA, English Game Society USA, English Glock9 USA, English Grand Spartan USA, English GunninGamerz USA, English Headwound USA West, English iJevin USA, English iluvatar_402 USA Central, English JadedzUzi USA Central, English Jermanfu USA East, English Justin Dion USA, English Kage848 USA, English kic Gaming USA West, English Kismet USA EAST, English KyleDempsterStudios USA EAST, English LMG USA, English Loafy Molasses USA, English Midnight Designer USA East, English Mistermoose USA Central, English MistrFister USA, English Mountain Man USA West, English MyUsualMe USA East, English Orangesherbet USA West, English PapaNox USA East, English PartiallyRoyal USA, English PokketNinja USA Central, English ShadowFox USA, English Starsnipe USA Central, English SunBunnie888 USA East, English TacticalFriedRice USA, English TexCubSF USA West, English TomGirlGamer USA, English uss_sully USA, English xBCrafted USA Central, English Australia AzzaFortysix Australia, English JaWoodle Australia, English Patrol Gaming Australia, English Austria Danu Thuata Austria, German Belgium Lhynns Gaming Belgium, French Bosnia 2HandGaming Bosnia, English Brazil Josepher Survivor Brazil, Portuguese O Abel Joga Brazil, Portuguese Canada Brae Lynnx Canada, English GameEdged Canada, English Skippy0330 Canada, English Team Ryan Canada, English xSgtPepperx Canada, English Chile J.C.’s Channel Chile, English France El Gui Gui France, French JackPlay France, French Ludum Fabula France, French Staf_52 France, French Germany Asrac_tv Germany, German Coyaletsplay Germany, German DerValiser Germany, German Edes Lets Plays Germany, German Gerrit Germany, German Mr Helm Germany, German RoLaBeKa Germany, German Strong Company Germany, German Zombyra Germany, German Ireland Games4kickz Ireland, English Italy Gameplay Channel Italy, Italian Japan iihito jyanai Japan, Japanese Isoroku Japan, Japanese Matthew Japan, Japanese Merci Games Japan, Japanese Rabi William Japan, Japanese Rokugen san Japan, Japanese ryo1 game Japan, Japanese Sesika Japan, Japanese TQQ 999 Japan, Japanese Urakage Japan, Japanese Yukkuri com san Japan, Japanese Kasakhstan Squal Kasakhstan, Russian Latva Kornelius Briedis Latvia, English Mexico Qb1Junkie Mexico, English Moldova Shinydo Moldova, Russian New Zealand Vechs New Zealand, English Norway Lokbatch Norway, English SparkleGG Norway, English Poland Kagaminium Poland, Polish MarekMoowi Poland, Polish Rizzer Poland, Polish Stalker Poland, Polish Russia Cisternocefal Russia, Russian FoxMurderPlay Russia, Russian Kaktyc Russia, Russian Knock-Knock Russia, Russian Krabo Land Games Russia, Russian South Africa Reach Gaming South Africa, English Zaffa Geek South Africa, English Spain Buck Ferndandez Spain, Spanish Krino Games Spain, Spanish Menos Trece Spain, Spanish Psiko 9000 Spain, Spanish R4pela Games Spain, Spanish Sweden Jonah Birch Sweden, English Thailand 2G Review Thailand, Thai UK BoredGamer UK, English DatFailGamur UK, English DreadHeadEd UK, English FuzzyFreaks UK, English Grumbul UK, English H3dsh0t UK, English HixxyDubz UK, English Matrixis UK, English Reninsane UK, English Max Fox UK, English W92Baj UK, English Ukraine Alex_D20 Ukraine, Ukrainian Fresh Games Ukraine, Russian Germanarih Games Ukraine, Russian Slavik Odessit Ukraine, Russian Survager Ukraine, Russian Teror2 Ukraine, Russian Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  10. Hey Survivors, Alpha 18 Stable b155 is finally here, and Team TFP is extremely excited for this release. It’s bigger than Alpha 17 and is packed full of new content, bug fixes, optimizations, and game balancing. To make Alpha 18 a great build we combed through hundreds of community reviews and forum posts to compile a large list of the most common Alpha 17 feedback. You spoke, we listened, and committed a ton of effort and resources to address what the Team and Community felt needed improving. We think folks will notice this effort and believe Alpha 18 to be by far the most impressive version of the game to date. And if you haven’t played it for a while we suspect you’ll come back. Official A18 Bug Reporting Forum Thread Official A18 Balance Feedback Forum Thread Alpha 18 Official Release Notes XP Earning & Balance We had a lot of feedback from Alpha 17 on how XP was was mostly earned by Zombie Kills, making play styles other than ‘Killers’ invalid as you could only level up by killing zombies. In Alpha 18 we streamlined and balanced the ways players earn XP to support multiple play styles and supporting rolls. These include XP for Killing Zombies, Completing Quests, Harvesting Resources, Mining, Upgrading Blocks, and more. There are many ways to play the game, but we believe players primarily play as one or more play-style archetypes that we have identified as The Killer/Looter, The Quest/Builder, The Builder/Gatherer, and/or The Miner. The testing team painstakingly played build after build purposely playing as these archetypes and collecting XP earning data, recording and analyzing the results, and working with the game designers to re-balance. We believe the game now supports all the current play-styles. We plan to collect telemetry data in the future to help us further improve this aspect of the game. Stamina Balance TFP also heard a lot of A17 feedback about how starting player stamina was too low, and player stamina drain made actions like harvesting, mining, and running a grind and a chore. We’ve reduced stone axe stamina costs, so a new player can get started harvesting resources and not be interrupted with low stamina alerts. Many other primary attack stamina costs have been reduced. Power attacks still have a hefty cost, but also a reward. Armor perks and mods now reduce stamina and movement penalties as well. There are perk books in loot that reward stamina for kills. We changed encumbrance so players start with a larger backpack in new games so the penalty is less when your inventory fills up. We also added deep pocket mods to allow you to carry more without being encumbered, which doesn’t require you to perk into pack mule. Optimizations We had a lot of feedback from Alpha 17 on how performance was lower than Alpha 16. We have made many changes to improve performance including: Occlusion System – We engineered a proprietary new occlusion system that stops the rendering of chunks, block entities or trees that are onscreen, but not visible to the player. This will often greatly increase your FPS, especially in indoor areas. The new system does add some minor popping artifacts, where occluded objects may take a moment to appear. Occlusion can be disabled in the video options if desired. Incremental Garbage Collection – We updated to Unity 2019.1, taking advantage of their new incremental garbage collection mode, which means the old hitching we all noticed has been greatly if not fully reduced for most users. Collision Mesh Optimizations – We went through a lot of the models that had complex collision meshes and simplified them which reduces physics calculations and improves performance. POI detail reduction – We engineered a proprietary tool in the level editor that shows vertices and triangle counts. With this we we’re able to optimize POIs in the game reducing unneeded and sometimes abusive details by as much as 40% in some locations. Entity Ticking – Players, animals and zombies now update over multiple frames, which reduces the CPU load during any single frame, which reduces frame rate spikes. AI – Has a new character controller that uses a bit less CPU. With our changes the game runs a lot better for most users. However we do recommend learning how to use the game’s video options to lower detail, resolution, reflections and other options to get the best performance for your hardware. Keep in mind 7 Days is a fully dynamic game where you can add to, change or destroy everything in a huge open world, so it cannot be compared to games using smaller static level worlds with pre-baked lighting and visibility. This means that just because your hardware can run the latest Call of Duty at 4k, doesn’t mean you can run 7 Days at 4k with the same hardware. Zombie Balance We heard many comments about zombie amounts in POIs and biomes in Alpha 17, and we also heard about the lack of smaller POIs that were simple to explore with few or no zombies. To resolve this we grouped POIs into questing Tiers and set their spawns to reasonable max counts/numbers for those Tiers and balanced enemy counts in every POI quest-able or not. We also lowered biome spawning some so players could have a little more breathing room when just exploring the world. On top of this, we created nearly 30 new, smaller POIs we call remnants much like the abandoned house in a variety of themes. These remnants are smaller, less populated and have a chance for 0-2 zombies giving players many less threatening explore-able spaces especially when they are starting a new game or when limited on how much daylight is left. In future builds we plan to add more of these for every zone type. Attribute Balance We heard many comments in A17 about how we forced players to choose Strength and Intellect attributes as they had many must have perks under them. Making the playing of different player skill builds nearly impossible. To resolve this we made a number of changes. First and foremost each attribute has been balanced and given melee and ranged weapons they govern so every build has a new unique feeling to it with specialized weapons they use. Secondly we removed level requirements , so a player can specialize very early game now and unlock any perk in the game once they meet the attribute requirements. We have slowed leveling because a level 40 character is now very powerful if you specialize mostly under one attribute. This doesn’t mean you can’t grab a few perks from every attribute and we encourage people to experiment and make the right build that matches their play style and is the most fun. We have also lowered a lot of requirements for some perks, so you can get three ranks of quite a few perks with a fairly low attribute, making players adequate at say mining with just three ranks. The top rank attributes cost less, too, meaning less points needed to reach rank 10. We’ve also added schematics that unlock nearly every craftable item in the game, so players no longer need intellect to craft most items. You gain 1 HP/Stamina per player level instead of increasing this value with attributes. Gameplay Changes Item changes – All item crafting is now governed by the perk tree its affected by. So rather than intellect controlling the quality of a shotgun you crafted, its governed by the Boomstick perk. Players can craft up to blue quality. Faulty and poor quality items have one mod slot, fair and good quality items have two mod slots, great quality items have three mod slots, and fine quality items have four mod slots. Items scrap to parts like shotgun parts, light armor parts, etc and are crafted from them. Higher quality items require more parts and materials to craft. For example a crude shotgun only requires 3 shotgun parts but a great shotgun requires 15 parts. Primitive items like stone and wood items do not require special parts and are crafted from common ingredients. Items’ quality now influences damage and armor ratings. All weapons and armor have random stats and a brown club can be better than an orange club, so check the stats. Mods still increase damage when installed but not as much since item quality influences damage. Schematics – We’ve added classic item schematics back to the game that permanently teach the player how to craft specific items and sometimes an entire group of items. There are hundreds of schematics to find so if you don’t want to spend perks on intellect you can find schematics to unlock nearly everything in the game. There are even recipe cards for nearly every food item in the game as well. We have removed the perk books and ingredient based schematics from the game. Armor Changes – Armor rating does not change based on perks. Armors offer great protection early game, even cloth and scrap armor is worth using. Cloth armor does not slow the player or cost any stamina to wear. Armor significantly reduces chance for bleeding and stun. Heavy armor is the best but has the heaviest penalties. Perks and mods can remove nearly all penalties from light armor and most from heavy armor. Encumbrance – We’ve removed a whole row of encumbrance so early game is more forgiving. There are also pocket mods you craft for clothing to reduce encumbrance very early game. It is possible to have zero encumbrance with no pack mule perks now, you just have to get the right gear. Death Loop Improvements Many players complained about getting into death loops or cheap deaths in the game at times when they were not taking risks. Here are some of the things we have done to improve this. The death debuff has been changed from lowering attributes health and stamina to losing XP resulting in less cheap back to back deaths. After a player dies during a blood moon, zombies will no longer know where you are and normal stealth rules apply. If you re-engage an enemy, blood moon behaviors recommence. We lowered the default difficulty from Nomad to Adventurer since A18 is a little harder with the new zombie rage speed boosting behavior. We changed AI noise detection to play sense sounds and lowered hostile animals’ noise and sight detection ranges. Some animals now have a chance to flee when damaged in combat. Bleeding does less damage per second and armor reduces the chance to bleed dramatically. Melee hit Detection and Glancing Blows Some folks gave us feedback about how you would swing and miss zombies too often. Melee was too binary, hit or miss. To remedy this, as well as make melee feel more impactful, we added a swing arc to detect hits along the path of the weapon. If you miss with the crosshairs, you will still hit enemies along the arc of the weapon swing, just for less damage. This allows melee users to do splash damage to crowds while primarily attacking one target. We will be improving on this new system as time goes on. Melee Impact Audio Polish To improve upon the existing melee sounds, we have gone through our melee weapons and added new crunchier impacts. We also added sounds for glancing blows and player power attacks sounds which makes melee feel much more immersive. Animation Polish We expanded our animation team and they have been kick-ass on polishing and making all first person animations more fluid, snappy and satisfying. With this also came new item hide/show code which allows thrown or placed items to be hidden and shown on the right frames to make things like grenades, c4 and rocks look great. Dynamic Music System TFP has teamed up with Native Darkness Productions to bring a fully dynamic music system to Alpha 18. The system procedurally generates a complete musical arrangement from a set of interchangeable loops. As of now there, are over 750 unique combinations. Our hope is that this feature will make Alpha 18 that much more immersive. We have set a default cap on the music, which will allow it to play for 30% of a given day, but you are in control of how much music you can hear through the ‘Daily Time Allotted’ property in the audio options menu. (Note that setting this property to 100% will not give you constant music, as that percentage is a daily cap and not a guarantee.) At the moment, our system is designed to provide music while the player is exploring the world. We do however intend to broaden the system in the next Alpha with not only more content but to include suspense, combat, and trader music. That being said, for the time being, we hope you enjoy this new addition to the 7 Days soundscape. New Infection, Dysentery, and Stun Changes New infection system – Infection is easier to contract when you have low health than high health. 1% is barely infected, at 100% infection you die. Stage 1 lasts one (real time) hour and up to 14% and has no side effects. Stage 2 lasts 3 hours (up to 57%) and has -25% stamina recovery. Stage 3 lasts 3 hours and is -35% stamina recovery and -1 to all attributes. Getting hit by zombies can increase infection level. Take antibiotics to slowly cure infection, such as honey, herbal antibiotics or pharmacy grade antibiotics. Antibiotics lessen stamina recovery penalty by half while curing. Make sure to have a larger cure amount than your infection amount or you will get sick again when the cure buff runs out. Dysentery and food poisoning – Dysentery and food poisoning are non-lethal but easier to contract. All foods except canned now have a chance to contract food poisoning. Food poisoning causes you to throw up and you lose most of the food you have consumed. Recover by eating. Dysentery causes diarrhea which will drain your water causing dehydration. Drink goldenrod tea to recover faster from dysentery. Boiled water still has a chance to contract dysentery so drink teas, coffee or the new mineral water to be exempt from dysentery. The perk slow metabolism has been renamed to Iron Gut which reduces chance for dysentery and food poisoning with each rank. Stun System – Armor greatly reduces chances for being stunned. HD Icons We overhauled the icon Atlas to support power of 2 images and created new HD icons for all blocks and items. They are now much sharper and higher resolution. New Books and Schematics We have added 16 book sets to the game the game with 112 total unique books. Reading these books unlocks unique perks and skills and completing a set unlocks a book series perk. Book sets are: The Fireman’s Almanac – gain perks based around fire fighting, heat resistance, harvest more coal from burnt embers and more. The Great Heist – Gain perks that help you become a master thief. Gain new stealth abilities, craft timed charges to open safes quickly and more, damage land claimed areas 20% faster and more. Lucky Looter – Each volume helps you find more specific items in loot. Needle & Thread – Become a tailor and learn to craft clothing, coats, hats and even pocket mods for your clothing to reduce encumbrance without strength perks. The Night Stalker – Become the ultimate assassin and gain stealth and combat bonuses at night. Magnum Enforcer – Maximize the capabilities of the .44 Magnum. Batter Up! – Learn to craft baseball bats and hit zombie heads out of the park! Wasteland Treasures – Learn to to harvest new materials from various objects to become the ultimate junk collector of the apocalypse. The Hunters Journal – Do more damage against different types of animals with each volume. The Art of Mining – Enhance your life as a miner with new craftable equipment and mining tricks to one-shot ore! Rangers Guide to Archery – Become the ultimate archer with this set of books. You can even craft exploding arrows. Pistol Pete – Master the use of 9mm weapons with this set of books. Shotgun Messiah – Become the action hero you always dreamed of with this complimentary set of books Sniper – If exploding heads is your thing, look no further. Craft special ammunition, ghillie suits and more! The automatic weapons handbook – Learn every trick in the book about machine guns. Urban Combat – Become the ultimate commando with Urban combat and look like a sexual tyrannosaurus. New Weapons This is by far the biggest weapon update we’re ever had which includes 20 new weapons to play with. Spears – Spears have great range and can be thrown. From stone, iron and steel, there is a spear for you. Steel spears are loot or schematic craft only. They can be modified and are governed by the new perception perk “Javelin Master”. Primary attack jabs and secondary attack performs a power attack that charges up the spear and releasing throws it. Press E to reclaim your spear. Junk Turret – Junk turrets are governed by the new intellect perk “Turrets Syndrome”. They are a hand held weapon that is fired with primary attack and reloaded like a normal weapon. Secondary attack deploys it in the world and it will target zombies and animals as long as the player is close enough to it. Turrets deactivate when the player is too far away and will stop making noise and the barrel will aim at the floor when they run out of ammo or are out of range. Stun Baton – A new melee weapon governed by the new intellect perk “The Electrocutioner” gives intellect players a shock baton that charges with each attack. Each rank of Electrocutioner reduces the number of swings needed to achieve a charge. Baseball Bat – The baseball bat is a top tier club that is loot or schematic craft only. Clubs and bats are governed by Pummel Pete under Strength. New Sledgehammers – Want to be a sledgehammer guy early game? Craft a stone sledgehammer right away from basic ingredients like stone, wood and plant fibers. Later game you can find steel sledgehammers or craft them with a schematic. Sledgehammers are governed by Skull Crusher under Strength. M60 – The M60 is a top tier machine gun class weapon that is loot or schematic craft only. It is governed by the Machine Gunner perk under Fortitude as well as the Ak47. Knuckle Wraps, Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles – Ever wanted to just punch a zombies head off but the old vanilla fists were just too weak? Well now you can perk into “The Brawler” under Fortitude and use leather knuckle wraps, Brass Knuckles and Spiked knuckles to punch their face into a pulp. “But won’t I get infected being so close to zombies?” you might ask? Fear not because they come with a special built in perk that removes a zombies ability to infect you by punching out their teeth (punch to head instantly neutralizes zombies infection ability). Double Barrel Shotgun – Fires two shots, but you can double tap and basically shoot both at once. Shotguns are governed by the perk Boomstick which is under Strength. New Explosives- Grenades and timed charges have been introduced to alpha 18. There are normal grenades that bounce and contact grenades which explode on contact. Timed Charges deal massive damage to safes and doors and are great for raids. They are governed by Demolitions expert under Perception. New bows – The normal bow people are used to has been turned into a primitive bow so it will probably feel worse to experienced players. We’ve added a new wooden bow which behaves similar to the old bow, and the compound bow is still the top tier bow. We’ve added a new compound crossbow which is a top tier crossbow that is loot or schematic craft only. Both bows and crossbows alike, can use flaming and exploding ammunition. Bows are governed by Agility now. New ammunition – All firearms can use regular ammo, HP ammo which does more damage, and AP ammo which pierces through enemies and low hit point structures like wood and glass. Shotguns have breaching ammo for wrecking safes and doors, bows have exploding arrows. Advanced ammunition requires a schematic to craft. Steel ammunition has been removed from the game, but there are many new ways to acquire brass including smelting dukes. Thrown Items In multiplayer games, thrown items were moved by the server, which means if your computer was not the server you would see a delay when you threw an item and see lag in its position updates and collisions with the world. In A18 we added a Physics Master system that lets the player’s computer that threw the item spawn and run the item’s physics, so you get the same lag free throwing as a single player game and they will accurately hit other players. Many thrown items have been resized and had their colliders adjusted, so they are easier to use. Molotovs have a smaller radius and a more forgiving distance check to players, so it is harder to set yourself on fire. Rocks and snowballs can be thrown much further now which is useful to lure zombies away from your backpack or a POI you want to sneak into. New Terrain Blending, New Unity Distant Terrain & PBR Terrain Textures We have integrated a new terrain shader that blends the terrain textures in a much more natural way. With it we can do interesting things like base the texture weight on slope angles (e.g. grass grows on relatively flat terrain only and steeper surfaces have eroded stone etc). Along with this we have converted our old distant terrain to use Unity’s distant terrain giving us much more fidelity in the distance as you can now see details like erosion and higher resolution mountains and plateaus. If that wasn’t enough we have overhauled all the terrain textures not only in a higher resolution but also to support the new PBR art pipeline. New Random World Gen Random World Generation has been overhauled to use a new custom in-house solution. This new system uses a combination of artist driven graph networks, and improved programmatic algorithms to distribute custom artist created height map stamps for the terrain geometry and unique biomes, along with smart systems that control placement of roads, bridges, towns, and designer built POIs. With each new seed generation, a new and exciting world is created for the player to explore. The game now includes 3 8k generated worlds. POI Locations We’ve re-imagined dozens of older locations with a complete art and game-play overhaul converting them to beautiful and quest-able dungeon experiences. We optimized and re balanced all existing quest-able locations and re-balanced all locations in the game. We have also created many brand-new locations. These locations are all setup to support a variety of quests of 5 Tier difficulties. All locations are working in Navezgane and Random Gen worlds. Over 101 new locations and counting. Some of the new or re-imagined locations include: Modern houses Burnt businesses Burnt houses Burnt remnant/abandoned Old west businesses and business strips Old west remnants/abandoned More house remnants/abandoned New lodge Updated auto parts store Trailer park Trailers Army camps Army barracks Fire Station Funeral home Diners Fast food Garages Water towers Reflections Reflections are shown using reflection probes. We added a new reflection manager that tracks multiple probes and blends between them to reduce hard transitions. Probes now update based on player movement or changes to the world, instead of all the time, which can give an increase in FPS. AI, Animals and Zombies We have made a variety of improvements to the game’s AI including: A coyote and mountain lion were added. The mountain lion uses the new animal leap ability. The demolition zombie was added. Beware his explosive charge! Zombies have a new rage mode. There is a chance when damaging zombies, based on the game difficulty, that they will move faster for a short amount of time. This add more variety to combat. Sense sounds have returned to the game. They are played when hostile AI investigates a noise. Hostile AI no longer investigates player noise at the exact position of the player, but rather picks a spot somewhere on the player’s breadcrumb trail based on how well the AI can hear. Some types of hostile animals may flee when injured. Zombies will now fight bears or wolves that attack them. Zombies can ragdoll when they fall. Sleeper volume triggering was improved. Vehicles Vehicles have had several improvements done to them: Steering, tire rotation, bicycle pedaling and the gyro rotor can now been seen moving when looking at other player’s vehicles. Vehicles fall more accurately and riders can take falling damage. Damage when colliding with the world is more accurately calculated and less land claim damage is done. Using the hop action on two wheeled vehicles lifts the front tire more, so it is easier to drive over obstacles. Vehicle UI, locking and passcode interaction was improved. Mining Overhaul Mining has been overhauled and made much easier to find the ore you need. Now there are brand new 3d surface boulders of each ore type identifying where matching ore can be found below. What you see is what you get. See Lead, mine it and below the boulder will be a new lead textured underground ore that matches the surface boulder. Each boulder has a unique look so they are easy to identify at a distance what type of ore it is. These boulders are uncommon so there are still many deposits close to the surface that can only be found by digging. Server administration (config changes, console commands, etc) Due to a change in Unity the -logfile argument now seems to require an absolute path passed in, otherwise no log is generated at all Added serverconfig option “ServerMaxAllowedViewDistance”, allowing to limit the view distance clients can use to save memory and performance. Added serverconfig option “ServerMaxWorldTransferSpeedKiBs”, allowing to override the data rate limit which is applied while transferring the world files to new clients. Changed serverconfig option “DropOnDeath” values to now match the “DropOnQuit” values, thus also now allowing “nothing” as a valid setting and shifting all previous values by 1 Added serverconfig option “BedrollExpiryTime”, allowing to specify after how many days of owner inactivity a bedroll will no longer prevent zombie spawns / quest respawns Added console command “gfx dt 0/1” to toggle the distant terrain rendering Added console command “gfx pp ssrdist/ssrit/ssrq” Added console commands to “mem” to control garbage collector (type “help mem” for info) Updated console command “killall” ‘alive’ and ‘all’ parameters to work correctly and updated help Added console command “spawnentityat” takes stepXYZ parameters Updated console command “getoptions” now also allows filtering by substring Updated console command “exportcurrentconfigs” now also exports rwgmixer when run from main menu Modding Support Support for localization from mods – not pushed from servers yet Custom journal entries can be added XUi: Reworked adding/overriding UI sprites. ItemIcons now go to “<mod>/UIAtlases/ItemIconAtlas”. The new system can also be used for the regular UIAtlas that is used with generic XUi sprites (“<mod>/UIAtlases/UIAtlas”) or completely new custom sprite atlases (any other folder name in UIAtlases). Added sprites can be any size (a sensible limit would be 1024×1024 though) and aspect ratio. Created atlases are dumped to disk for inspection when the game is ran with the argument “-exportcustomatlases” Asset bundles from mods are now loaded on game startup instead of when contents of them are first used (e.g. due to spawning an enemy the first time) Allow blocks to have particle effects from custom bundles Mod XML method “removeattribute” Fixed an interaction issue with custom multiblocks XUi: Added support for stash-buttons to “windowBackpack”. Example usage is commented out within that window’s vanilla XML XUi: Allow MaxSpawnedZombies/Animals to be added to the XUi XML for the new/continue game window XUi: Applying a “style” attribute when using a control is now supported XUi: Fixed texture file references not working on macOS Added New reset_books parameter for ResetProgression action Pathing will cross 1m ladder gaps Log when the Origin changes Player vomit sounds VehicleManager signature error message, load message and counts to save message Mark server admins (permission level 0) in player list TGALoader grayscale image support Advanced Engineering reduces material cost of forge recipes up to 20% AudioSource for Alerts, senses, giveups AI SetNearestEntityAsTarget max hear distance parameter and set on animals to be about 5m farther than max see distance AI SetNearestEntityAsTarget plays sense sound when investigating noise Wandering hordes are disabled in playtest mode 4 second delay after world gen to ensure cleanup is done Vehicle steering and tires sent to remotes and FixedUpdateMotors is run Flag players that died during blood moon as invalid GPS AI Director blood moon 1.5 sec update delay for targeting Entity Physics Master system so clients can run physics Occlusion video option Bandages, First aid bandages, first aid kits and splints now give XP Physician perk now gains 20% more xp per rank for using medical items Gas can schematic recipe to loot and traders Encumbrance journal entry after you get the buff for the first time Grenade sound effects & explosions Machete sounds with custom impact overrides. Vultures will get battle fatigue and stop attacking for a while Battle fatigued vultures will not circle toward far players Air conditioners and new car radiators models drop radiators when destroyed. Powered vault door & vault hatch 3 new craftable player lights. Unlock via schematic or electrician perk Electrical schematics to loot and traders Craftable power doors and bridges. Unlocked via schematic or tier 4 of Advanced Engineering 4 new modular pc models Modular Desktop PC Basketball Hoop Yeah Science offers a 20% crafting speed boost to all items crafted at chemistry stations Advanced Engineering offers a 20% crafting speed boost to all items crafted at table saws Empty cans can be forged New icons for dyes that match the new colors Garment Bag & Modular Closet Rods Advanced engineering ranks 3 through 5 give you 20, 35 and 50% XP for kills electric based turrets make Blacksmith and Tinkerer perks now give you faster crafting time on anvils and workbenches. Master Chef now lets you cook 10% faster per rank #HeldItemRoot for AddPart to be able to attach parts to held items Advanced engineering grants a 20% crafting speed bonus to items crafted at workbenches, table saws and cement mixers HitSound and GrazeSound overrides for melee weapons. Stone sledge as example TrapIncomingDamage passive effect CVars can now be displayed on buff popout and in buff list. See cold/hot temp buffs Coal ore model New 3d lead ore model to surface to easily spot lead ore mines Iron ore surface boulders to distinguish iron ore mines Zombies set short controller and physics heights when start as or turned into crawlers Reflection Manager ModMeleeClubMetalChain with 10% knockdown chance MeleeKnucklesLeather as a T1 brawling weapon Buried Supplies Tier 2 quest Cargo storage pocket mods for clothing that reduce encumbrance by 2 that are unlocked with needle and thread book Animal leap ability Changing the held item during weapon reload cancels reload Syncing of junk turret targets over the network Entity ownership list Demolition zombie Sleeper volume trigger modes (Active, Passive, Attack) Player breadcrumb system AI SetNearestEntityAsTarget investigates player noise using random distance breadcrumb Sleepers go active from moderate noise at .9m outside the volume GenerationInfo.txt for host side only, contains various generation info and original seed World Size ruleset switching 4k biome and terrain to rwgmixer.xml Urban combat book allows crafting of cigars Forge schematic Military stealth boots which have no stamina penalty and muffle movement sounds Item random spin when thrown Cosmetic dye slot to assemble window Mountain lions spawn in the snow biome Military fiber schematic and added to loot and traders Coyote to desert spawns AI RunawayWhenHurt param1 is chance to flee when hurt and a minimum health needed to trigger Wolf type AI will RunawayWhenHurt 40% of time when below 10%40% health New firearms plus ammo to loot groups Occlusion whole chunk culling Properties to control grazing hits EntityPenetrationCount passive effect and hooked up to perk Ability for ranged weapons to penetrate multiple targets Logic to cause blocks to take away 1 penetration point for every 100 max block hp Soft particles are enabled when water particle limiter is above .5 Traders now have vehicle parts for sale, and complete vehicles Clean Densities button to level tools 2, setting all densities to default value, either within the current selection or if no selection in the whole prefab Held items spawn with random stats. Crafted items are not random. Clothing spawns with random stats. Crafted items are not random. Duct tape and leather to most tool recipes to keep them from being mass produced for big profits at traders Vehicle parts schematic items and added them to loot Fireman’s almanac modification. Unlocks an axe mod that does 25% more block damage but 25% less entity damage Pure mineral water, unlocked by Wasteland Treasures Double barrel shotgun to loot and traders AI attack motion estimation uses a random range Zombies when damaged have a chance based on difficulty to get a move speed boost for 410 seconds Zombies can ragdoll when falling more than 2m (spiders immune, ferals cap at 70%) New block concretePlateCorner Dismember chance is scaled by damage / max health ConcretePlateBroke04 Added breaching slugs Army Truck Craftable storage pocket mods to modify clothing and decrease encumbrance, unlocked with needle and thread book. Sewing kits, loot only, needed to craft non primitive clothing, armor and their mods Blackstrap coffee, a super strong long lasting coffee unlocked by one of The Art of Mining books Diamond blade tip modification that doubles tool durability that can be crafted when reading one of the Lockpicks to loot and traders Schematics for table saw, work bench, chemistry station, and cement mixer Coyote prefab and adjusted xml Mountain Lion Art of Mining Bundles (allows players to craft bundles of ore to save inventory space) Roughed in spear damage and power attack damage Cardboard pallet prefab Gun parts to shotgun messiah boxes Dynamic recipe costs for all firearms and power tools New materials for all new weapon and tool parts All firearms can be scrapped into specific gun parts such as ak47 Parts, pistol parts, etc. Fuel tank mods for motor tools Craftable Ghille suit gated by the sniper book series. Path start position motion estimation AI slows down near end of path and won’t turn when close New note to players inventory from the Duke of Navezgane when they start a new game Block VehicleHitScale for vehicle collisions, removed heavy hit based on mesh tag and setup blocks (road debris and small cactus x999, signs x8, shopping cart x4) Vehicle hopForce forward offset, so front tire lifts more on 2 wheelers and motorcycle does wheeliesPrefab instance name and volume count to sleeper console command Modular Firewood Stacks Janitor Cart Cow Skull Claw Foot Tub Modular Rope & Noose Sleeper Volume Grouping (added volume group ID and save/load, properties UI, selection box orange color, ] key to group with previous, shift ] key clears group id) Toaster Firefighter’s Helmet Ice machine prefab Modular Hoist Set Wood Burning Stove Entity minimum step/height (rabbits and chickens can step .5m) Lockpicking for Locked containers Explosions do crits if >10% of max health Kneel stuns do ragdoll 25% of time and 100% on a crit Left and right floating railings Block IsCheckCollideWithEntity which CheckCollisionWithBlocks uses to only do bounds checks on blocks needing it (x2 performance) Beer crafting to tier 4 of master chef Add a way for buffs to play gender neutral sounds Tier 1 questable oldwest_business_10 Optimization: Entity Ticking Oldwest_strip_01 Tier 2 clear/fetch/cache ready for playtesting Logging of time scale when changing with //enter keys Household Coffee Maker Chandelier Commercial Coffee Maker Soda Fountain Spawn menu will spawn along a left to right line, 1m apart, when alt key down Candelabra Washing Machine Model Domed Trash Can Brute style trash can Pool Table Large Pet Cage Hand Truck Reptile Terrarium Minimum zombie dismemberment chance on death of 50% (heads 30%) if killing damage is strong enough New food piles Utility Carts Tilt Truck Classic Dog House Orange sunrise in the pine forest 10% chance to harvest military fiber from barracks chairs Ower attack vocalizations. Sound effect for swarm of flies. Custom recipe read sounds Add xml setting onslopes=”true” to prefabs in biomes.xml Dry fire sound New town site selection function. Still needs some work but is functional asis Trap block material creak warning. Item Break sound Vehicle turbo button toggles it when using a controller 3 new pre-generated 8k random gen maps for those who don’t want to wait generating new custom maps PREGEN01, PREGEN02 and PREGEN03. Remnant_house_10 to the project and rwgmixer 3 new loading screen textures replacing the old ones 13 missing POIS to the rwgmixer.xml file Gfx tex command calls UnloadUnusedAssets Gfx st budget/forceload console commands Gfx tex console command to show texture usage info Gfx dt console command help Anisotropic filtering is disabled if 3 GB or less of VRAM Biome feral night born zombies will be old and die at dawn Zombie super rage Streaming texture budget is set based on VRAM size Gfx af console command Pumpkin seeds that can be planted and grown into pumpkins to enjoy the fall build. Craft pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie and pumpkin cheesecake to feast on. Craft Jack O’ Lanterns to add a spooky night light and celebrate Halloween! Changed 8k maps can have up to 10 total traders Player activity drains less food/water. Added a base drain. Broken item sounds now play when pressing the button instead of waiting for tooltip All biomes have night time zombie spawns How some items are shifted to check if there is a difference on AMD Decouple bedrolls decaying from landclaim settings Fire_station_01 refactored, tier two 15 guys 4×4 has much larger inventory Glass jars, drinks, windows, etc. scrap to broken glass. Sand or terrain blocks do not scrap but can be smelted in a forge Thinned out harvestable crops in field prefabs Reduced radius of car explosions to 3.5m Vehicle reset does not center steering Odd/even check back to bit check instead of mod Audio lowest and highest pitch default to 1 Removed audio pitch down on entities that were not a local player Added pitch tags to the appropriate sound nodes in sounds.xml Updated shaders for Vulkan and removed DX9 support Improved duration display on items that provide buffs Optimized Vector2i by changing x and y to fields Drowning displays the time left in seconds Removed black dusters from the game since you can dye them black now Duke’s Casino Token can be scrapped for brass Reduced gas craft component time since gas is more granular now VoxelMesh MeshCollider cooking options to none for less CPU use Even Odd calculation to use modulus instead of bitshift Thinned biome spawning of zombies in all biomes & increased zombies at night in the wasteland Wolves have a higher chance to flee in combat UI World Generation now clears data BEFORE starting to load game Brand new infection system. Infection is easier to contract when you have low health than high health. 1% is barely infected, at 100% infection you die. Stage 1 lasts one (real time) hour and up to 14% and has no side effects. Stage 2 lasts 3 hours (up to 57%) and is25% stamina recovery. Stage 3 lasts 3 hours and is 35% stamina recovery and 1 to all attributes. You die if it reaches 100%. Getting may hit increases infection. Take antibiotics to cure infection, such as honey, herbal antibiotics or pharmacy grade antibiotics. Antibiotics lessen stamina recovery penalty by half while curing. Crafting drinkJarBoiledWater does not require a cooking pot but is very slow without one Empty cans are not used for drinking or boiling water More mods work on more weapons Have bedroll show its covering area just like the land claim when placing it down College jackets boost run speed by 10%. Arms/letter stay white, the body part accepts dyes Bedrock texture now appears the same as stone Repair and harvest of blade traps is simplified Attributes cost less at higher tiers now Nerfed gas crafting again. Now you get 10k gas for 1k shale. Burning shaft mod doesn’t use a torch in the recipe but oil and gas instead Rebar frames require 20 concrete to be upgrades to reinforced concrete Crucible costs much more and isn’t sellable to the trader Crucible is now under rare tools group and secret stash Buffed feral/radiated zombie block damage by 50%, except for cops Burnt cripple zombies now do full damage Moved physician perk from craftsmanship perks to influence perks since it no longer unlocks any crafting items Iron reinforced club model no longer changes its icon when barbed or spiked mod is installed Construct concrete bags now drop cement instead of concrete mix Slow metabolism only reduces hunger 5 to 25% instead of 10 to 50%. Slow metabolism Perk to Iron Gut perk. Iron gut reduces chance to get food poisoning and does the things slow metabolism. Iron Gut also increases consumable buff duration 10 to 50%. Clamped player ragdoll time to .5 secs All helmets allow eyewear. Some show visuals of eyewear but full faced ones do not. Now using Autodesk Interactive shader also on transparent meshes (f.e. glass) Vitamins do not heal but grant disease immunity Zombie cop vomit does less damage to wood/iron bars Removed perk charging bull Remove charging bull from perk list Traps require oil instead of duct tape in their recipe Gas costs more shale to produce. Air drops have = chance for any loot group to spawn Replaced dead shrub with dead branch texture to save draw calls Removed hoes from the game. They might return in a future alpha as a landscaping tool. Farming no longer requires them, simply place a farm plot and plant a seed. Command getoptions now also allows filtering by substring Working stiffs crates and destroyed forges have a chance to drop bellows and crucibles The encumbrance buff on the HUD shows how many slots you are overweight Vehicles have a terminal Y velocity instead of clamping with max velocity Increased vehicle xz drag when no driver It now costs 1 paint per face to paint instead of two. Grandpa’s learn’n Elixer is cheaper to craft Renamed Brass car radiator to brass radiator since they are dropped by generic sources now Traders have more forged steel Optimized Progression calculated levels (localPlayer tick is 4.5 times faster) Steel AP crossbow bolts are unlocked by Rangers guide to archery Vault doors and hatches require mechanical parts to craft Console command exportcurrentconfigs now also exports rwgmixer when run from main menu Increased AI per ally block damage boost to 20% Starting to sprint while zooming will unzoom and start sprinting A zombie hit can increase the degree (counter) of an existing infection if the attack procs that and the proc makes it past the player’s infection buff resistance. Try a hazmat zombie. Improved shadow transitions Day time fog look, and darkened night time fog Increased all gas harvest and crafting x10, increased fuel usage x10 so that chainsaws and augers were not gas hogs Gyrocopter is faster and gets better mileage. Limited the hit indicator sound to ONLY ranged Reduced resource rocks they are not needed in abundance with new mining Workstation prices have been increased and are all for sale at traders Nerfed gas harvest from vehicles Set all hand items and weapons to not be read/write enabled to save memory Desaturated cowboy boots and icon so dyes show better. (note icon will appear updated after the next atlas bake) Adjusted black dyes to appear more uniform Sleeper volumes to not trigger from players standing on top of them Updated abandoned_house_02 to use skinny eeeves Turned off sound on p_electric_shock_small particle effect for now Reduced thrown item drag and velocity Deleted OnDisableLight and removed from prefabs Small clean up and put skinny eaves on abandoned houses 38 Improved LightLOD init Blue and green dyes to be less saturated and cartoony Craftable gas barrel cannot be sold to traders Networking handled in background threads Shopping baskets are now plastic Cigars scrap to plant fibers, mining hats and football helmets scrap to polymers Removed storage crate recipe since its in the wooden furniture helper menu now Removed legacy asset wood_painte2. Lowered number of concurrent GPU threads to possibly help with device lost Improved AI RunawayFromEntity Timid animals run from hostile animals Split logic up into server side and client side All weapon and armor mods have the word mod at the end of the name and their schematics so it is clear it is a mod. Improved boss Grace (AI aggressive to players, destroy area, territorial. Slightly smaller. Moves slower. Longer range and more damage) Decreased wolf attack delay, range and damage, Increased for dire wolf Decreased bear attack range/sphere values Reduced bear, boar, canine and vulture hit check delays Scrapped over 250 block recipes which will reduce lag in the crafting menus All tier 2 and above weapon and tool recipes require parts and scale ingredient costs based on quality level Lucky Looter to match new less granular loot table Goggles that boost looting to match less granular loot table Helmet light mods and gun light mods now use flashlights instead of headlights Improved sleeper volume dialog Lowered price of mining helmet Loot lists overhauled to match the A18 setup of tiered item types. All T2 weapons and T2 armor and all Basic ammo types can be found in loot. Shotguns one shot wood blocks AI SetNearestEntityAsTarget investigate time to 3060 second range Sleepers go active when player .3m inside the volume Reduced number of spawned arrays for GPU driven stamp caching Nests were too low in the snow biome Adjusted thrown explosive colliders Cloth is now made from one cotton istead of two (I thought it was klunky having one left over cotton taking up space in inventory and too grindy making bandages early game) Armor does not come with random dyes Vultures no longer spawn in the snow biome, slighty increased odds for bears and dire wolves to spawn in the snow Install a bellows into a forge to smelt faster. Install an anvil into a forge to craft faster. Unified all t1,t2 and t3 weapon prices. Increased sell back price from 15% to 20% of value. All armor recipes scale in ingredient costs, so it takes more mats to craft higher quality armor. Recipe amounts for armor and some armor values Military Fiber recipe creates 10 fibers since acid is so rare Military clothing uses less military fiber to craft Flagstone blocks craft faster Iron Fireaxe and Claw hammer require leather and duct tape to craft Unified common ammo supply counts at traders Workbenches cost 2k at traders Cement mixer costs 3k, chemistry stations cost 5k. Removed one row of encumbrance by default. Changed pack mule perks to unlock 3,3,4,4 and 4 encumbrance slots. Cleaned up default item mod spawning to use list of item names or tags Mods no longer have a rarity, there is now cosmetic_mod_chance for things like dye Creative window can now add dyes to clothing Order of mod checking so that one can re dye a found dyed clothing/armor item Buffed wolf and boar damage Buffed boar hit points Shotgun slug recipe was too expensive Repair kits are now made with forged iron and duct tape All food and drink stack sizes are now 10. Food resources (uncooked foods) are 125. Medicated bandages are 10 med kits 5. Pills are 20. There are only 2 types of armor increasing mods and they can be installed in both light and heavy armor Reinforced wood and metal reinforced wood blocks upgrade to cobblestone. Block replace tool keeps density of replaced block if either replaced and replacement are both terrain or both nonterrain Held items rebalanced on entity and block damage. Melee got about a 20% boost, arrows and firearms basically unchanged. Low end tools tend to have more block damage. All weapons and armor now use repair kits to repair Iron clubs now use iron, leather, duct tape and wood to craft Stack limit on parts to 50 Furniture drops less leather when harvested Ore piles are often found where ore veins exist close to the surface. Improved zombie jump accuracy and added distance variation Player gains stamina back 20% faster. This should result in not getting exhausted doing basic activities like mining. Power attacks and sprinting still drain stamina quickly The stone axe upgrades blocks faster Mining hat is now a tier 1 heavy armor. Removed feathers from junk loot, and reduced feathers in nests Mining helmets do not have an innate light feature but spawn with a helmet light mod preinstalled Increased quality of player UI 3d model SS Reflection video option to Off, Low, Medium, High and used for the 4 graphics quality presets Sand that is smelted into forges will display as sand in the forge. Recipes will also list sand instead of glass. Nerfed gas found in loot Improved farming by changing tilled dirt terrain to a planter like block that is much easier to plant seeds in. You gain 1 HP/Stamina per player level instead of increasing this value with attributes. Boss grace to have 0% head dismember Increase the default settings for claim duration UseTimes is now a float to allow for more range in degradation Optimized Light LOD code All armor and most armor mod recipes require sewing kits Plant fibers can be crafted into grass seeds for decoration purposes. Recipes that you have not unlocked will default to telling you how to unlock them. Improved player placed light shadow modes vs distance Lights to decrease range instead of intensity with distance Items have up to 4 mod slots. An installed mod increases weapon damage by 10%. Weapon damage is increased by 10% per item quality tier. Canned food has no chance of food poisoning Farming rebalanced. Allows increased harvest of wild plants. Schematics allow crafting of seeds without a perk. Reduced birds nests 50% Tallow is no longer used in the game. The wrench no longer repairs. It only harvests and has a power attack. It gains no benefit from Miner69er. Thrown dynamite does more damage and costs more to craft. The nailgun has no quality or mod slots The anvil and tool&die set forge tools are not gating any recipes Grease monkey requirements are now INT 2,4,6,8,10 Scrapped the T3 armor mods, increased base armor values. Reading books/recipes does not have an eating animation and does not cause weapon switching. Item mod schematics do not require perkYeahScience to craft. Removed hammer and forge perk tree. Added forge crafting to Advanced engineering and reordered each perk and its requirements The quality that an item is crafted at is unlocked by the governing perk such as Shotgun Messiah. Bullet tips, casings, gunpowder, and the 4 basic ammo type recipes are not gated by any perk. Forges do not require an anvil or crucible to be installed. Removed steel bullet casings and bullets. Added AP and JHP ammo types. Many vehicle interactions to be server controlled and server owns that data Vehicle Service and Storage access is allowed for non owners if unlocked or passcode entered and also when it has a driver Vehicle Service and Storage UIs to not close if driven, but if vehicle moves away Vehicles can’t be locked if being driven Vehicle passcode button is hidden if not locked Vehicle damage to update the Service UI instead of closing it Nerfed bandages to only heal 5 health. Nerfed medicated bandages to heal 20, and large health kits heal 40 Pipe bombs, dynamite and molotovs have more velocity when thrown and reduced time to charge max velocity Decreased molotov radius damage Increased HE rocket block damage Deleted Ninja Movement perk and merged with from the shadows Local player check if entities are render visible to use distance to camera not player Removed player camera blend to 3rd person, since it would extend your hit range Xml event triggers can no longer use name=eventType, only trigger=eventType Cleaned up zooming to reduce camera clipping with sights Reverb mix values for exploration Moved Gunslinger to Agility. Stay Down! is now called Pummel Pete Heavy Metal is now called Skullcrusher. Removed old Skullcrusher perk tree and head shot damage is now tied to each attribute Master Chef Rank 3 perks are merged to rank 4 and rank 3 is now army cook which lets you bulk craft stews and certain foods Moved Automatic Weapons to fortitude and renamed it Machine Gunner Adjusted animal move/panic/turn speeds Increased timid animal vision angle Increased path point reached distance when sidestepping Improved AI blocked distance, sidestepping and direct movement AI returning home to use aggro speed (at 80%) Deleted self medicated perk from Fortitude Optimized EntityAlive updateCurrentBlockPosAndValue Adjusted starter quest note from Noah about the Duke Moved master chef perk to strength Crossbows and Compound bows crafting is governed by archery Optimized HUD target/crosshair update and reduced garbage gen Dropped zombie loot bags stay in the game 1200 seconds instead of 300, or around 7.5 hours instead of under 2 with default game time. Adjusted mass of 2 wheeled vehicles Increased vehicle self damage DropOnDeath options now match the DropOnQuit options Shift left clicking item in modify window to make error sound if item can’t be installed instead of moving to toolbar or for vehicles it always moved to storage Alt key in prefab editor to show all sleeper volumes in see through mode Vehicles do not have quality tiers Optimized entity events/effects Writing decorations now only every minute (if changed) Fixed problem that decoration save game file grew over time too much Physics Auto Sync Transforms to off, which is faster Kneel stun test (strength) to be x2 on crits ApplyExplosionForce to be a single burst on rigid bodies, use a max BlastPower of 100, have much higher force and use RadiusEntities Ranged weapons other than crossbows do not fire underwater Entity to not push if has root motion (AI, expensive) and not to push other if it can’t be pushedNPCs to can’t push Triggering of player in water sounds and have a volume based on movement Streamlined tutorial. Now you only have to craft plant fiber shirt and plants, 1 arrow instead of two, and only 1 frame instead of 3. Recipes for campire were changed from 8 stones to 5. Plant fiber pants and shirt now only need 5 fibers instead of 10. Bedrolls only need 10 fibers instead of 20. Wooden Clubs need 5 wood instead of 6. Stone axe needs two stones instead of 4. Bones stack higher and are more granular so that harvesting perks scale better It is possible to harvest bones from small animals Set default on fluorescent light from 5 to 2.5 Spawn menu to spawn entities slightly closer and only .5m above look position Removed old “free camera move” mode (alt key) Stability calculations: pretty big performance optimization Imposters: less white lines between triangles Vending machines no longer have prepared food or raw ingredients, only canned food and drink Optimized bookcase_full and concrete destroyed 05, pole.0125, pole.025, rebar, security gate centered, table, stairs_railing, stairs_railing_metal, table_pole.025, trap barbed fence, trussing, deco pole round quarter center, railing, trussing bent, trussing centered, window boarded, wood_debris03, wooden_rail Duck Music when musical stingers play Pack mule strength requirements are lower. Removed legacy modern houses from the project added new modern house to random gen Spikes no longer snap to terrain but flatten it out instead, like a wood frame Pass n gas sealed crates now only drop good and relevant loot Better Barter selling rates are nerfed to 5,10,15,20,30% discount. Zombies respawn faster in the wild, aggressive animals respawn much slower, and prey respawns the slowest Smelting stone and crafting cement were too slow Increased rock/snowball throw distance Allow Block Destroy properties to be scaled with the existing HarvestCount passive Change harvesting payout structure Removed 32 bit Windows support Removed: Perk magazines that temporarily increased an attribute and a perk. Removed: Placeable TNT block. Change: QoL, Spear can now be thrown through broken windows and iron bars via bullet HM Change: QoL, Spear can now melee attack through iron bars via bullet HM Expose block repair xp to be modifiable Nerd glasses no longer improve crafting quality. They increase XP by 10% and increase intellect by 1. Traders do not sell QL6 weapons Improved XP and cash reward on T5 quests Increased backpack retries when falling out of world Dye will scrap to paint Reduced file size of the 3 loading screen images by 75% saving a couple of Meg of memory without compromising the quality Give trader inventory a full reset. Updated many POI xml tags with better zoning, and allowed townships Added Name(s) to entity death logs Fixed RWG maps are not guaranteed to have traders business_old_04 (cabinet shop) has roof si issue Crafting workbench uses modded tools from your inventory in the recipe GPU stamp caching wasn’t using the correct value for outputMultiplier Client’s don’t benefit from perkLuckyLooterDukes Zombies won’t attack hatches nor climb ladders if covered with a hatch Typos in the rwgmixer.xml Docks collapses when you pick up the barrel. Minibike has a dead spot where player can’t interact Sawed off double barrel reload animation not scaling with reload speed Vehicle placement is getting difficult again (improved placement) Improved UVs on iron bars to work with wood grains Falling bridges in b122 After 4 years of fighting bridge bugs we finally got them fixed. Please test all Navezgane bridges again and remember these words of caution “You breakamybridge and I breakayourface!” Quest reset randomizer code rerolls the same Motorcycle interact dead spot around handlebars All bridge railings so they are not turned around inside out TGALoader not using 255 alpha for 24 bit images Mining hat shading artifacts Still proximity issue with dropped molotov (reduced sized) Navezgane Bomb Shelter Missing faucet in kitchen Player “damage taken sound” doesn’t play anymore God Mode desync after teleporting Broken harvesting Molotov and flaming arrow ignore game difficulty damage rules Crawler zombies can give you a sprained leg debuff when hitting your chest or head. AI SetNearestEntityAsTarget calling SeekNoise twice Bears and wolves attack zombies but zombies wont fight back Zombie bears would target zombies and move to them Quest Rewards would display invalid negative bonus. Some textures are blurry when starting a new RWG game Towns very often have duplicated poi’s When another player is riding the bicycle the players legs do not move Stunned zombies still connect hits Newly created character joins during Blood Moon Event has no safety Graze center entity check could sometimes hit self Army trucks do not place flat Green trees in Nav snow biome at gas_station4 Explosions can cause void holes in the terrain AddPart action holding on to old references causing bat flames to show on other items Player planting tree seed as soon as tree falls will lose the sapling when tree dissolves Clients throwing items is buggy Hand thrown items go straight through other players College jacket shirt is red, but should be white WoodDestroyed06 block placed side by side will render one side transparent Hatches have “butterfly” physics enabled when they fall Switching to melee while reloading a ranged when zoomed would cause an FOV of 0 Fixed empty food can rotation. Buggy shadow casters on luggage Scrap helmet doesn’t allow eyewear but other full head helmets do Int glasses effect can be used twice via active toolbelt slot Mod texture references in XUi not working on macOS Hatch can be used to push your way through walls Player can be catapulted/glitched thru CLOSED hatch doors like an elevator Using poles to fool zombies Batteries cannot be charged with repair kits When planting corn, you can see the alpha? Texture Dogs can still remain standing when killed Landclaim block preview doesn’t represent the actual block placement Custom journal entries cause errors Blocks can not have particles from bundles Make UIAtlas overridable with new multi atlas system FoV setting can be set outside of valid range Player does not take fall damage while mounted to a vehicle TreeDistance exploit Ragdoll NRE for client XUi controls do not apply styles Some files from mod bundles were only loaded on first access, causing long delays during gameplay Trader lights are blown out Seeded containers dont reset with quests Bridges break when driving over them and are now smooth with a gradual ramp. Pigs attack when you damage them unless you’re on/in a vehicle ArrowHelper block left inside funeral_home_01 and updated its imposter Search in journal now does a full title and description test When loading alternate ammo on bows proper ammo type doesn’t show Hitmask overrides were not working on melee weapons Bow zoom does not remain after shot with rmb held down Weapon zoom prevents basic game control Sun and moon light shadow crawl Female characters left buttock looks distorted Female character has boob issues Male and female UMA characters have chicken legs Reloading when zoomed in doesn’t zoom out Eating animation, activated from backpack, shows in hand item twice Player feedback impact sound playing on non ranged weapons Players having two UpdateLightOnPlayers and always force updating Exploit: Open character menu while using a consumable Burning shaft mod gfx is cancelled by wearing or changing clothing/armor Campfire ui open and running will cause extreme lag and fps drop Command smoothworldall not working with worlds outside of the game’s Worlds folder Cabinet broken door had broken uvs causing a black spot Area around paths was being flattened to far out via socket height LightLOD global scale could scale itself when light reused Held torch light clipping through world Player and weapon controllers each calling reload events Buried Supplies treasure radius reduced. Buried Supplies distance reduced. Zombie AI pathing issue when breaking blocks to get to the player Sleeper volumes could spawn additional sleepers at respawn positions Sleepers could be awakened at range but won’t attack Explosions using wrong sound name to notify AI of noise Heatmap activity from noise not reduced by stealth Hunter mod is missing description part that tells you which weapon it is for Explosions doing no block damage on radius 1 (radius and damage are now decimals. radius is fully used. explosion damage starts from actual position with falloff starting at .5m. optimized) Favorited recipes shall ignore the categories when favorites are toggled. Quest items should be anchored to the top of each crafting tab. Pocket mod showing up in clothing Player can walk over tree stump as if there was a ramp on it AI entities can’t be hit by Items when they spawn until they move or attack Throw action not throwing when looking down Player’s wall torch leaking light and not using game’s shadow quality setting Wall torch fire being misaligned Most zeds spawn as Twins Player can heal themselves when landing from small or bigger heights AI high blocked range being too short, so trying to jump over Long and compound bows, charge function is not working NRE in SetVisible when deleting a sleeper volume and saving Burnt zombies didn’t do as much block damage as other zombies Feral cop puke did not do massive block damage like they are supposed to (1 damage instead of 240) Jumping with JumpStrength of 0 would leave entity in a jump UI scaling option not applied Mem command errors if world is not loaded Sawed off shotgun sound was not playing when using sawed off shotgun sound Player placed lights not updating or disabling with distance from camera and added 60% distance increase Zombies don’t remain in destruction mode long enough, prefer futile paths to player Debug HUD “Spawning” not showing the last one (just 3) Time stingers are controlled by music volume control When wearing a mining helmet on a bicycle you cannot turn it off Smelting times reset when chunk is reloaded XP pop out value is not updated on second block when upgrading blocks. EntityItems waiting 5 ticks to appear (visible check now uses camera distance, so sooner) Removed unneeded import material from pipe bomb collider Charismatic nature perk doesn’t buff other players as described Buff stacking for buffs procced by other players was not working over network Crafting timer doesn’t advance properly when the chunk is unloaded Double swing with melee weapons Weapon hold and camera breaks when switched when zoomed in Crafting items finish nearly instantly after the first slot is cancelled Matts in crafting queue are lost on relog Holding shift key does opposite speed affect on a couple circumstances Smelt in system of forge carries over time to dragged over items Clients see bow hold animation of other clients holding a club Hunting rifle reload animation Smelt in system of forge carries over time to dragged over items. XP gained shown when level up is reached is limited to amount required to level up. Entity RotateToGround jittering on flat terrain, rewrote math and added springiness UI ItemStack dirty flags (always updating) and optimized UI array access Fleeing animals will get stuck in corners or run into walls (Bigger random angle. Shorter paths. A large AIPathCostScale now makes paths that don’t go through blocks. Run away short paths switch to random escape direction) CalcPositionInDirection not height testing correct position Missing ambient stingers Jacket (white one) when worn will render upper torso transparent Smoking minibike when placed/spawned Mushrooms can be damaged when run over by minibike Wandering horde has too many duplicates side by side (Spawners, except biome, try 3 times for a different id) Vehicles are a base wrecking machine (vehicles do half damage to land claimed blocks and make the sound, use driver’s block damage scale) Request for having bikes (2 wheelers) not do damage to blocks when they fall over after dismounting (increased minimum velocity required to damage and reduced damage amount) Vehicle doing more damage on collision separation, block check could fail and block hits tended to undo the motion and repeat the damage Restored sleepers roll on animal/zombie spots 4×4 defies physics when parked on a drawbridge (added doors wake nearby vehicles when opened/closed) NRE when server is shutdown via terminal window Zombie crippling (Percent of health that a hit does is now the chance to cripple scaled by LegCrippleScale) NRE when setting a door passcode in prefab editor (ignore if null) Death anim is not playing for various deaths ObjectiveZombieKill and ObjectiveAnimalKill now allow comma delimited target lists. ObjectiveTime would never trigger complete. Exception when using “Show Facing” before a prefab was loaded Entity collision Rigidbody reducing fast movement of character controller (fixes ) Torches burn and warm you when underwater Stepping off the top of a ladder or stepping down a 1m block does not generate a heavy fall/impact sound Teleport using the map was moving you to the spawn position while editing or playtesting a prefab Vending Machine auto buy time being 50% longer than a day and incorrectly scaling by DayNightLength AI Manager errors on clients AI SetAsTargetIfHurt ignore percent was too low Deco pole round quarter was missing a polygon Wood crown moulding now uses local uvs Entity animateYaw applying time scale to delta time Fix misalignment issue with TrackSet reader Some bridge imposters not unloading as fast as other blocks on the bridge_wood1 Fix truncating issue with reader sample data Optimized forge texture ram, deleted old spec and unneeded metallic texture Hatches don’t always open on the first try Allocations in AstarPath.Update (added a large LevelGridNode pool) Trees relocate to surfacelevel for clients when grown in inactive chunk Animal death anims not ragdolling when over Deer not using death anim Animal dismemberment (was never called, fixed finding bones, added bone alignment and scaling, made lower limbs remove upper too, fixed black streaks from scale of 0) Upper leg gore prefab not having any mesh objects Dismemberment was not allowed on dead entity legs ERR Unknown particle effect: impact_bullet_on_resourceWood when shooting air supply crate Lowered stamina cost for jumping is not mentioned in parkour description Billboard shape preview rotation does not match placed block rotation Spawn probability of radiated zombies is not scaling Dynamite will not explode in player’s hand Placeable blocks can disappear when placed where there is no preview AI nightmare speed was barely faster than sprinting Burning Barrel sound persists in pause menu Ranged attacks defaulting to bashing damage, which caused huge ragdolls Profiles.sdf player height exploit Laser sight does not work until weapon is reactivated on toolbelt slot Some outdoor decor model textures didn’t stream NRE spam when radiated vulture lost its leg and survived Known Issues Terrain may appear grey. Changing any video option setting will correct this. RWG has some road issues RWG may cause blurry textures right after it is generated. Restarting the game will fix this. Large FPS drops may occur if texture streaming is “OFF” Repairing item results in using hands and item Buried Supplies Quest may fail when arriving at location Taking aim with night vision goggles show like you don’t have them turned on Dropped time charges and molotovs are ARMED Stealth goes to 100% when an ally/party member cuts down a tree Game doesn’t shut down properly on PC and Linux after long play session Trader Jen has a male voice Backpacks may vanish if death is on a steep slope Killing with auger & chainsaw does not reward any XP No sound effect when refueling auger and chainsaw Placing solid blocks under burnt wood 4 makes it go invisible Rapid fire with the bow can break its animation Hunting rifle reload can go out of sync Bike continues sprint speed without stamina Zombies can push the player into the void if they fall on top of the player while in a 1 wide hole Zombies can still dig while doing their pain animation Missing water in POI’s Boats collapse at docks_03 Haulwell Freight Co. Arrows/bolts appear to stick in air short of touching body (they still cause damage) Anemia may not disappear on death AMD 5k and 6k cards may have flashing triangles on the ground Low VRAM GPUs may experience low frame-rates Mac reflections may cause color issues in general or brightness issues on movement Mac: Stun/Bleed may cause overly strong screen effects, please lower intensity of stun/bleed/knockdown in buffs.xml until we can fix it Linux machines with 8 GB RAM may crash on generating RWG worlds or loading into RWG games Linux machines using dynamic music may have an exception and crash Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  11. For A17.4 we have potential performance improvements for you all. Several video options were fixed or added to allow players to e.g. disable SSR. A memory leak was identified and taken care of! The GFX command is no longer locked behind admin power and can now be used by any client. We fixed a problem that caused traders to be opened at night or closed during the day. If you find issues, please report them here on our official 17.4 Bug reporting thread. 17.4 Bug Reporting Thread Added Bloom and SS Reflections graphics options and reorderedMedium shadow distance option (closer than the old low) and reduced low to faster valuesUltra graphics preset (similar to old High) and reduced Medium and High settings a little Automove console command Changed Gfx command default permission, so all clients can use Fixed Explosion kills don’t yield experience Molotov burning kills only giving xp for first enemy Trader has problems with opening timesLauncher not supporting macOS < 10.14 SSAO graphics option, so not always on Zombies don’t damage clients after they change their appearance on P2P games It is very difficult to harvest pigs Memory leak causing client game crashes Known Issues Tool damage localization is different than actual valueTrader Jen has a deep voiceShotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a whileWorkstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installedCan use torch and flaming arrows as light underwaterRWG preview tool localizationFirearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom)Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as HostPlayer model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventoryTurrets will not target self when set to do soHealing other players with RMB doesn’t workSelf medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended.If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xmlSome Linux users experience problemsShowbounds for landclaims shows a box instead of it actual infinite size for yWhen kicked while in vehicle interaction window, vehicle may become unresponsiveIf you are suffering from low FPS,please type “gfx pp enable 0” in console, to get a possible performance gainMemory may not clear properly after leaving the server, please restart the game, if you run into this issuecabin_11 not showing up in RWGWeapons require unzooming before switching slots Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  12. We’ve just released Alpha 17.3 B18 Stable For A17.3 we have set focus on bug fixes and RWG. We have fixed the issue which caused chunks to be reset to their original state, often affecting players’ bases. To report bugs please go here: Alpha 17.3 B18 Bug Reporting Thread RWG For RWG we worked over to remove the POI replication spawns (radio tower cities), reworked the roads so be more vehicle-friendly, overworked the world layout and adjusted the placement of POIs and cities.This framework we are backporting to 17.3 is part of a larger Alpha 18 plan to make it awesome. Added gfx console command (key changes shader keywords, pp changes postprocessing, type gfx for help).God casting to debug mode (shift+Q key moves you to where you are looking or 100m if nothing hit)Giveselfxp should not be modified by XP multiplier (added help command)Explosions wake sleepers even if no damage Changed Quests now will try to find closer POIs.One repair kit will be sufficient to fully repair one item. Stack size reduced to 25.Sun and moon to rise in east and set in west (sun has southerly track, moon northerly)Stars to track east to west and is slowerZombies don’t trigger infection right nowWearable items no longer able to be activated when on toolbeltIncreased breath hold duration of Olympic SwimmerRebalanced stealth noise levelsClarified the description of several stealth perksExplosions on zombies to just damage closest collider like animalsSledgehammer is paying out 25% harvest amount Fixed Some fences upgrade to full sized blocksStag and Doe often stand after deathMac rendering very bright and washed outBurnt zombie sound radius is too largeWorld light levels are inconsistent with time of day (fixed moonlight jump at midnight, moonlight angle, redid horizon light angle clamping)Harvest amount is paid out 2xRocket launcher explosions are no longer doing the damage listed in xmlForges are never really off and waste fuelEasy camera clipping exploit in A17 with e.g. rampsPistol silencer blocking iron sightsJacket (white one) when worn will render upper torso transparentRemoved Christmas items from loot tableSmall typo in rwgmixer.xml prop instead of probSmelt in system of forge carries over time to dragged over items3rd person anim delay when throwing molotovXP pop out value is not updated on second block when upgrading blocks.Mining helmet will not turn on if equipped from the tool beltBurning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbeltMats in crafting queue are lost on re-logHolding shift key does decreases speed on ladder and in godmodeNight vision goggles no longer workingMining helmet light doesn’t show for second playersPlayer can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff on sp and mp (disabled Use in vehicles)Game crash while in 4×4 inventory makes vehicle unusableZombies can walk between pillars size 50 and defeat players trapsClient Molotov doesn’t hurt other clientCrafting timer doesn’t advance properly when the chunk is unloadedDouble swing with melee weaponsReflex sight + ak and 4x zoom break weapon hold and camera when switched when zoomed inClients see bow hold animation of other clients holding a clubCrafting items finish nearly instantly after another the item in the first slot is cancelledSmelt in system of forge carries over time to dragged over items.XP gained shown when level up is reached is limited to amount required to level up.Changing equipment slots was usually not flagged as changed, so other players would only see your changes after you did another actionWRN Biome image contains unknown biome colorPOIs in RWG not checking against biome for spawningCharismatic nature perk doesn’t buff other players as describedBuff stacking for buffs procced by other players was not working over networkHatches don’t always open on the first tryRWG replication POI spawnsLarge stacks of material vanish when used in workstationsDynamite will not explode in player’s handBloodmoon stinger does not react to Bloodmoon range prefBuy button for Attributes not showing the correct required points if the attribute is boosted by a buffGyrocopter floats in air if the pilot gets disconnected/logs out (vehicles will fall once their chunk loads)Fixed LiteNetLib randomly disconnecting all playersThe Arrow Rest Mod and schematic is not in loot table anywhere therefore un-obtainableCloth and wood are not fully defined as block repair materialsRetracting stock mod has no effectDrugs do not display their water costWrong description on the spiked knuckles schematicPlayer can not provoke a dismemberment of zombies arms/legs but traps can (even when all perks are purchased)Cigar bartering buff % is now only showing a zeroPipe bombs are very weak against sleeper zombiesIllness indicator buff sticks around for too longAI sometimes jumping for .5m heights by padding the step heightThe noise reduction of perkFromTheShadows only works at nightExplosion damage decreasing per collider, so was mostly zeroSilencer doesn’t have much of an effect Known Issues Tool damage localization is different than actual valueTrader Jen has a deep voiceShotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a whileWorkstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installedCan use torch and flaming arrows as light underwaterRWG preview tool localizationFirearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom)Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as HostPlayer model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventoryTurrets will not target self when set to do soHealing other players with RMB doesn’t workSelf medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended.Crashes on Mac for a possible workaround, please look at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?101758-Found-workaround-for-constant-crashes-on-Mac&p=914106#post914106If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xmlSome Linux users experience problemsShowbounds for landclaims shows a box instead of it actual infinite size for yWhen kicked while in vehicle interaction window, vehicle may become unresponsiveIf you are suffering from low FPS,please type “gfx pp enable 0” in console, to get a possible performance gainMemory may not clear properly after leaving the server, please restart the game, if you run into this issuecabin_11 not showing up in RWGWeapons require unzooming before switching slots Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
  13. We’ve just released Alpha 17.2 B27 with many fixes, changes and some great new game options. Blood Moon Frequency This option allows the player to set a minimum amount of days for when the blood moon hordes appear. In the menu the player can disable them, have them daily, every 3 days, default weekly, once every two weeks and once every 30 days. Blood Moon Range Here the player can change how many days can the actual blood moon day randomly deviate from the frequency setting. Setting this to 0 makes blood moons happen exactly each Nth day as specified in BloodMoonFrequency Landclaimcount We added a property to the serverconfig.xml that allows server owners to change the maximum amount landclaims per player. XP Multiplier Players can increase or decrease the overall experience gained. To suit the XP speed for the length of game they desire. Adjustable Block Damages Players: Players can decrease or increase their damage dealt to blocks AI: The damage dealt to blocks by normal AI Blood Moon AI: The damage dealt to blocks exclusively by AI during blood moon horde time For serverowners: Added: serverconfig property “UserDataFolder” to specify where all generated data on the server is stored, including generated RWG worlds Added: new properties “XPMultiplier”, “BlockDamagePlayer”, “BlockDamageAI”, “BlockDamageAIBM” Removed: old properties “BlockDurabilityModifier”, “ZombiesRun” Changed: TerminalWindowEnabled default is set to true Please be sure you are using these properties in your serverconfig.xml: <property name=”BloodMoonFrequency” value=”7″ /> <!– What frequency (in days) should a blood moon take place –> <property name=”BloodMoonRange” value=”0″ /> <!– How many days can the actual blood moon day randomly deviate from the above setting. Setting this to 0 makes blood moons happen exactly each Nth day as specified in BloodMoonFrequency –> <property name=”BloodMoonWarning” value=”8″ /> <!– The Hour number that the red day number begins on a blood moon day. Setting this to -1 makes the red never show. –> <property name=”LandClaimCount” value=”1″/> <!– Maximum allowed land claims per player. –> <property name=”BlockDamagePlayer” value=”25″ /> <!– How much damage do players to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) –> <property name=”BlockDamageAI” value=”100″ /> <!– How much damage do AIs to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) –> <property name=”BlockDamageAIBM” value=”100″ /> <!– How much damage do AIs during blood moons to blocks (percentage in whole numbers) –> <property name=”XPMultiplier” value=”100″ /> <!– XP gain multiplier (percentage in whole numbers) –> Added Option to disable texture streaming Sleeper check if chunk ready for spawning Launcher cleanup function for generated RWG worlds Hits between animals of the same exact class are ignored Log message for how much XP you got from different sources during your last level AI FindDestroyPos far to close mode and randomized starting edge check AI Destroy Area can randomly trigger when close but has a long path (higher % with lower intelligence) AI Destroy Area will try far mode if normal unreachable AI Destroy Area states, so seek time and attack time are separate Landclaims now have a radial menu access to either show bounds to help building or remove them, if you dont want to destroy them by hand Logging when player makes levels Clamping to huge xp gains and changed giveselfxp to allow huge numbers A “Blood Moon Warning” option. Changed Decreased sleeper despawn delay to 45 and added passive despawn delay of 10 seconds Meat stew only uses 5 meat. Added animal fat to Recipe. Now it gives 50 max stamina and 25 health Steak and potato meal now only use 5 meat but require 2 mushrooms. Now it gives 50 max stamina and 25 health Increased chance for rare medicine at traders Bartering now changes final price instead of reducing/increasing markup. Gravel trails in the desert are more visible Vehicles no longer collide with small rocks. Updated small rock texture. Upgraded rock texture resolution to 512. Added acid to traders Increased the duke value of raw meat Nerfed barter perk sell rates to half of what they were. Cut sell rate from .2 to .15 value Reduced amounts of food for sale at traders Increased width of newContinueGame window, panels and gameoption control Dropped usage of settings ini file, everything is controlled by Unity’s preferences system again Increased chance to play power attack grunt sounds Increased radius of dog and wolf controllers Increased probability of bones on gore blocks and body bags Gore blocks and body bags can drop nitrate Increased probability of coal on burnt blocks Reduced repair cost of claim blocks Slightly reduced the depth of the topsoil to make finding ore easier Optimized counter sink, cupboard corner, deco pole round, tile broken, metal rail. Reduced “static” memory usage for map data, reduces amount of RAM required, more pronounced on bigger maps Vending machines no longer have prepared food or raw ingredients, only canned food and drink Increased quality tier of items found in loot Renamed Bone Shiv to Bone Knife Fixed Buried supplies show as empty when they’re not should make same as satchels. Placed landclaims are printed in the console for everyone to see. Sleeper volume final room bungalow_06 (Eric) ERR Unknown particle effect: impact_bullet_on_resourceWood when shooting air supply crate Snowberry extract uses it’s instead of its in description DismemberChance can not stack correctly between buffs, items, and perks Lowered stamina cost for jumping is not mentioned in parkour description Spawn probability of radiated zombies is not scaling Sleeper despawn range to a tighter range When in the prefab/world editor, then starting a game the party carries over Dismemberment NRE spam Scrapping paintbrush exploit to dupe paint. Clients do not see the vulture death animation (dedicated) Buff kills dont share XP. NRE while holding “R” and fast mouse wheel scrolling to another slot with item in it. NRE when trying to remap with the number “9” key Players torch ignores game settings. Exploiting gun/auto turret and nailgun for free unlimited nails. Nail gun nails dupe Clear sleeper quests can’t be completed Scrapping dupe exploit Lower loot abundance may not be working EntityAlive MinEventContext Tags not being updated Duping thousands of gas cans (disabled equip when in a vehicle) Invisible zombies for P2P and dedi clients Animals are not displaying attack animation for clients Issue with having 2 finding white river supplies quests. Dupe exploit using task manager to close client when on a dedi. Consumeable dupe via mouse and inventory use. Vending machines dont add time to rented days. VM dupe using partial stacks. Clients cannot hear the running blade trap sound loop When placed singly pallets placed on other will fly off, when base is removed Chicken was using legacy shader ( Chicken texture is incorrect Bicycle doesn’t fall over for clients, only the wheels do Vehicles placed on a client face north and then rotate to placed rotation Auto turret damages are not matching the damage of their ammo Bicycle dismounting causes player movement to lock and lose toolbelt items Small rocks, corn and dead corn were not using local uvs Players always score sneak damage in pvp when crouched Goth clothes are not in loot lists Dupe items with destroying a container and using “E” key at same time its destroyed. Score achievements replaced by gamestage based achievements Fire axes did not play power attack grunt sounds Dogs and vultures are not attacking properly ModArmorMuffledConnectors should be a stealth class mod Achievement Playing Doctor was not working PerkHealingFactor is incompatible with some other forms of healing Despite being turned off blade traps can still be herd spinning (faintly) Wrong (repair) upgrade path and burn value on wood spikes Wedge60 tip corner top was hiding adjacent faces when it shouldn’t Descriptions for modArmorMuffledConnectorsSchematic and modArmorAdvancedMuffledConnectorsSchematic are switched Ping doesn’t show correctly on the server browser Wrong loot group assignment for vehicle parts in zombie loot drops Exiting game after placing campfire cancels trader quest. Vultures fly backwards (made SetState clear reverse if left on and force some upward motion in StartAttackReposition) Dart traps require forged iron to build but forged steel to repair Buildings and signs etc are popping in a short distance from the player Glass placement preview is impossible to see on most none squared shapes Clients can see entities when walls don’t render anymore P2P connection issues, Skipping LiteNetLib connection attempt, no IP given Landclaim “Show bounds”, also shows for inactive lcb’s No Kill / Kill Allies only lead to some buff/features not working. Worlds without any water source in XML fail to load Quest rewards dont reflect changes to XP multiplier. Puny GOD mode does not make you invulnerable Error when changing female character’s hair Airdrop in prefab editor Chat font size to what it was before Zeds get confused when spawned on top of shelves Server browser errors after a dedi having issues Hitting ESC during RWG previewer generation will cause NRE Clear part for sleeper quests now also works on/for old savegames Known Issues RWG Generation is not in its final state. Work is currently being done to improve roads, towns, terrain, generation speed, and world size. These changes will come in a later A17.x patch once they are ready. In some scenarios double swing may still occur Tool damage localization is different than actual value RWG: Floating POIs (Minimal occurrence now) Trader Jen has a deep voice Trader Rekt is nicer than usual Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not Scrapping items in crafting queue while re-logging may go lost Crafting speed bonus and mod slots do not properly apply to workstations after being closed Clipping into blocks to see through terrain Shotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a while Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater RWG preview tool localization Firearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom) Mining helmet light doesn’t show for other players Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as Host Hatches don’t always open on the first try Player model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventory Turrets will not target self when set to do so Player can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff Resolution does not always save when >1080p options are available Burning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbelt Healing other players with RMB doesn’t work Self medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended. Crashes on Mac for a possible workaround, please look at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showth…106#post914106 If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xml White lines may occur on imposter POIs Some Linux users experience problems When using REALLY excessive amounts of resources they may vanish in cement mixer’s crafting queue Chunk corruption errors Showbounds for landclaims shows a box instead of it actual infinite size for y Illness buff may not properly run out Nightvision goggles are not very effective Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
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  15. Hey Survivalist, We’ve just released Alpha 17.1 Experimental B8 and could really use your help finding the last remaining big issues. To improve stamina players now start with 150 food which is now shown in the hud and menu to communicate you can overeat and not waste food. When players stamina is between 100 and 150, there are no detrimental stamina effects. Strength requirements for the Sexual Tyrannosaurus perk have been lowered and we have made the description clear that it does reduce mining stamina costs as well as melee costs. We moved it from the combat perk section to a new section called general strength perks. We’ve reduced the stamina cost of all tools. We’ve also reduced stone tool stamina penalties. Water now goes to 150%, and until the water debuff comes on screen at 75% water, you will experience no stamina regeneration penalties. For builders, we have bolstered XP for harvesting and mining substantially allowing for support roles to keep up with combat and scavenger roles. A17.1 b1-b8 Added Entityclasses AIPathCostScale (min/max) and set a variety of values for different AI entities Sleeper 20% bonus to AIPathCostScale Vehicle manager saves when vehicles are added or removed Added Cigars to trader wares Added old cash to laundry and nightstands AI will do destroy area 60% on a fall after unreachable side path Traders now sell glue Changed Optimized catwalk rail metal corner, catwalk rail single, catwalk wedge rail, chair, coffee table Separated pathing distance cost from break/jump cost and added per path scaling to allow path variations Increased trader rewards AI JumpMaxDistance to a random range, set zombie ranges and made heavier zombies jump shorter Updated several buff descriptions and journal entries to reflect changes Added a beaker to medical quest loot Return of the ghosted block preview from A16 Added acid to lab equipment loot Water and food to show the value of current water and food plus the consumed water and food amounts to be applied Adjusted max water amounts in progression to reflect the food amounts Updated chrysanthemum seed icon. Show the water/food as actual value instead of percent. Increased dog and wolf health Death penalty cannot stack on repeated deaths Increased block upgrade speed of nail gun and claw hammer A wood pole can be crafted without the table saw Updated vehicleWheels icon. Increased amount of old cash found in containers and zombie loot. ModMeleeStructuralBrace can be installed on bows and has fewer stacking issues Increased size of snake colliders Increased harvesting / upgrade XP Increased AI range to attempt a gap jump General Strength Perks have their own category. Perks concerning harvesting, looting or carrying things require lower attribute scores to unlock Increased the amount of food you can overeat to 50. Increased stack count of buff magazines Increased stack number of cash Allowed 45° rotations on wood/iron bars Added support for lumberjacks. Wood now sells for a reasonable amount at traders Player sellback rate improved so selling items to traders is more profitable Increased drop % of armor mods in loot Vehicles can be assembled from parts without a perk Glue requires only 1 bone now instead of 2. Reduced price of glue it was more expensive than duct tape Terrain in prefabs is now integrated into the height map and saved into a temporary file dtm_processed.raw on server side Optimized the way imposter prefab are calculated (less network traffic) Fixed Stat Current life does not reset upon death. Craft timers not being loaded from saved data correctly AI climb flag not set when temp move LCB icon is still shown when LCB has been destroyed by another player. Bedroll compass/map icon was still showing when destroyed by another player when out of chunk. Crafting timer doesn’t advance properly when the chunk is unloaded Fuel burn timer showing huge negative value in MP Silencer does not actually silence all weapons Tuned water message closer to actual in game effect Increased quality of items for quest rewards Vehicle out of world check using different positions for chunk and terrain tests, so vehicles could get killed and removed Kill Zombies prefer to not path glass blocks Player backpack can be pushed under the world Dupe anything in a container. If a server is restarted shortly after placing a vehicle, the vehicle will disappear Fixed mismatched reinforced padding icon. Any block that can be picked up, can be picked up in a lcb protected area. Relogging on activate marker. Quests sometimes require moving to corner/center of POI to show Rally Marker. Wellness achievement updated to use fortitude Relogging on fresh quest will break trigger area. Tier5 does not give you a complete quest after requirements are met. When blocks are placed where sleepers would spawn, they can turn yellow Replaced cntmrandomloothelper in house_old_mansard with random store crate Allow harvested decor plants to be scrapped Weapon bags do not fall when POI’s fall Clothing change can cause major lag spike/fps drop Updated mining journal entry Tree duping issue when hit by vehicles in LCB Holding F is not mentioned on relevant item descriptions Open\Close toggle issues with some hatches. Strong zombies dropped less cash than weak zombies Item is lost if left on the mouse when closing a container. Toolbelt items being stuck after use. Bleeding buff carries over to respawn Sidewalk terrain will not allow placing blocks on it Self medicated perk magazine is still in game Command smoothworldall only working for 4k maps Corrected more burn times XBOX controller has not designated button/switch for making air vehicle point down (added controller action 2 to hop) Fixed distant water not being flat as a client Wrong stats displayed on some armor mods Grandpa’s Awesome Sauce is too awesome Water is not wet enough. Swimming / rain will now cool you down. GunToolNailgun can use trigger group mods ModArmorWaterPurifier collides with modArmorHelmetLight Known Issues Continued b240 savegames may have problems with food/water levels when a replenishing buff was active when game is continued in A17.1, character’s death restores functionality Some tier 5 dungeons may not complete the clear quests In some scenarios double swing may still occur Tool damage localization is different than actual value RWG: Floating POIs (Minimal occurrence now) Trader Jen has a deep voice Trader Rekt is nicer than usual Charismatic Nature is still in need of improvement, buff works for 5 seconds and 5 seconds it does not Scrapping items in crafting queue while re-logging may go lost Re-logging when crafting usable items are in the crafting queue may have negative side effects Crafting speed bonus and mod slots do not properly apply to workstations after being closed Clipping into blocks to see through terrain Vultures play their fly animation when dead for clients Shotgun driver loses sound on 4×4 after a while Workstation tools do not refresh the recipe list when the tools are installed Can use torch and flaming arrows as light underwater Hitting ESC while generating a map preview will blank screen. Must use CTRL, ALT, DEL to exit game. RWG preview tool localization Firearms do a duplicate reload animation after reloading while zoomed (locked in zoom) Mining helmet light doesn’t show for other players Client molotovs thrown down from an edge not working as good as Host Hatches don’t always open on the first try Player model jumps forward of the player camera when accessing an auto turret inventory Turrets will not target self when set to do so Player can consume any consumable while mounted in vehicle but will not get the buff/debuff Flames don’t move with zombie ragdolls Resolution does not always save when >1080p options are available Burning shaft mod flame effect can transfer to other items on the toolbelt Healing other players with RMB doesn’t work Self medicated is not working properly. Not being able to purchase perk is intended. Crashes on Mac for a possible workaround, please look at https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?101758-Found-workaround-for-constant-crashes-on-Mac&p=914106#post914106 If connection to server fails, try removing steamnetworking as a disabled function from the serverconfig.xml White lines may occur on imposter POIs Some Linux users experience problems When using REALLY excessive amounts of resources they may vanish in cement mixer’s crafting queue Loot abundance setting needs another look Placing a new landclaim may cause the icon to disappear View more from 7daystodie.com