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Murasaki Kirei / Xellossu Metallium Introductions

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Hey everyone, 

Online, I go by either Xellossu Metallium (Reference to Xelloss from the Slayers) or Kirei Murasaki, a name i put together that exemplifies my Ideals, Kirei for Beautiful and Murasaki for Purple. I run my own Roleplaying group in Final Fantasy 14, and we're located in the Coeurl Server of the Aether Data Center.

In real life i'm a 22 year old male, fresh out of college. I enjoy Cooking, Gardening, Video Games, Menage a Trois Rose and Red Wines, and long walks on the beach.

Oh yes ladies, I'm single.

But i'm not looking. =P

I've got a degree in economics, but my real passion is in culinary arts, so that's what i'll be pursuing.

Other interests are things like world and domestic politics, moral philosophy, and women.




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