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Server Crashed Again Due To Memory Leaks

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Recently the server had crashed again due to a known memory leak with 7 Days To Die and a simple restart was needed to fix this. Furthermore, if anybody is curious to know more about this memory leak problem, then here are some chat logs from a discussion I had with a gameservers.com representative when our server kept crashing. I am also currently in the process of setting up something on our new dedicated server to help prevent this from happening again. Also you may be able to learn more about this at 7daystodie.com.


Posted 05/07/16 5:36am - Jake
Are you sure that no changes or additions have been made to the server prior to the start of the crashes?
I am currently seeing a number of crashing instances as a result of a memory limit enforced on the server. The 7daystodie server software has a history of memory leaks that would cause the instance to utilize all of the available memory on the machine. We have enforced a memory limit for the 7daystodie subscriptions to avoid such incidents.
With indication that this is occurring for your subscription there may be conflicts or events in the server that are causing an abnormally high memory load, or triggering a memory leak.


Posted 05/24/16 1:18pm - Zachary

The issue at this time is due to a memory leak in the Unity game engine, used to make 7 days to die.
We have increased the memory limit on your subscription by 50%, however, we will not be able to increase this further. Crashes will still occur when this limit is reached, and there is no way around this unfortunately.
The Unity engine development team will need to address the memory leak issue in order to permanently resolve this problem.

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