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Scavenger Hunt

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Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! Our scavenger hunt is ready for you to to go out and find all the loot. We have filled chests with rare and hard to find items for this scavenger hunt. We hope this scavenger hunt is a success so that we can be able to bring this event back and do it again, sometime in the future. Good luck on finding all the loot, cause your gonna need it.


What to look for and where to look for it?

We have built "RHG" Signs in the central city around the coordinates of 0, 0, 0. You can find all the loot in the chests that can be found beneath the "H" on each sign.


These picture are of the the signs that you need to look for to find the valuable loot:



This map shows you the boundaries for this scavenger hunt located around 0, 0, 0 in the central city.


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These are great and a lot of fun especially for new players just starting out. How often do you check them and add some new items? I noticed one box is missing entirely and most are empty as of a few days ago. TY.

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This is from our old world, however we may do this with our newer world (alpha 14). This event was just for the holidays and we had filled up the chests with goodies and then let people find them and take what they want. We also would like to continue to do this for every holiday as we are able to do so. We will announce events like this by posting them in the forums as they become available.

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