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RedhatGamers - PVE: new shop (server experiment)

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Hi my ingame name is paynius and i enjoy the server redhatgamer's provides, i ended up starting a server experiment about making a shop at /oldspawn, (fort zooters) i have my items locked up during the time im gone but when i decide to trade, i do it in a iron desk facing the customer, i usually show the players the items (not to mention i trust 90% of players since its a PVE server), since it takes too long to explain the quality and stats but what im wondering if theres a possibility for there to be some sort of justice system if items get stolen, like some sort of ban or a replacement, i was just hoping this store will make the server more engaging to other players and help people to get items they cannot receive in the server store, thank you for reading

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Instead of doing that - the admins/mods can activate 'plot buy & plot lock' - it's an CSBM/envul add-on. Players would be able to 'buy plots' and have the option to 'lock' them - which would kick out/teleport anybody who is not on your 'CSBM/envul friend list' (you can add them by doing /friend add (name). The only problem which plots is that people can abuse it and buy up public areas - towns/stores and lock them down.

Therefore if they do enable plot buys/locks, then they should charge a maintenance fee (should be decided). Doing plot locks would also prevent hackers from entering locked places - it should kick them out because they aren't friends with the plot owner.

Also, you would/could have to make a 'zgate' for the shop.

There is another mod where players can sell 'game server items,' but those are set in quality & etc, it'd basically be another 'server' shop, but the player can change the price.

Or what you could always do is....ask them to make a deposit? - like say if they're paying with zcoins - a deposit of ~500, then you could either have them pay the difference, or something like that.

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