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Player Named Locations

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Today when I was monitoring the chat to help out players and admin the server, a player with the username of "greenface", had recently said in the chat "everyone should name the towns they settle in for fun". I thought that would be an excellent idea to allow players to name towns or locations and have the names appear on the map as well as in the chat. We have previously done this by naming the central city so it will be similar to that. We would officially mark the name of the town or location on the map with their chosen name. Then when a player entered that town or location, a welcome message would appear in the chat via a pm. To keep things fair for all players, we have came up with a set of rules for naming and renaming towns and locations.


Rules for submitting names for towns and locations are as follows:

You must remain as an active player, with active land claim blocks and login at least once every 8 days.

Inappropriate and offensive names are not allowed.

Only one word names are allowed.

Naming locations are on a first come, first serve bases.

Renaming another players previously named location or town is not allowed as long as that player is still active and following these rules.

This is only available for our sever called "Red Hat Gamers - PVE".


To submit a name for a location or town, reply to this post with your coordinates of the location as well as the name that you would like to submit.

Rules last updated 5/29/2016.

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18 minutes ago, Chaotic Bliss said:

The town I am building my fortress in the middle of is one I'd like to name. Chaos. Plain and simple. The coords are 6400N 2100E.

That town is now called Chaos.

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