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7daystodie.com - Calling All Streamers

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Hey Survivalists,
Folks Alpha 17 is still in the works, but we are looking ahead at the pending experimental release. That said we are recruiting streamers for early Alpha 17 streaming. We kept early streaming on previous releases to only 4 streamers who have done an amazing job so far.

But for Alpha 17 we want to do something bigger. We know that there are many streamers out there who have played our game for their audiences and who would love to be a part of the pre-release streaming weekend. We also understand that 7 Days to Die is enjoyed by a larger international community representing several languages and picking only a handful of streamers won’t allow those fans to watch gameplay footage in their native language. To that end we are excited to announce that for Alpha 17 TFP is allowing open enrollment for early streaming.

Here are the details:

  1. In order to qualify you must have as a minimum 5000 followers on Twitch and/or 5000 subscribers on YouTube.
  2. You must record an announcement to your viewers on your channel that you will be showing early footage of A17. It can be its own video or part of one of your regular episodes.
  3. You must send an email using your channel’s email address to press@7daystodie.com and put “A17 Early Streaming” in the subject title. In your email you must write a short explanation of why you want to stream A17 early to your viewers and include a link to the announcement video you made.
  4. Once we have verified that you are a content creator that qualifies we will add your email to a group list that will be sent the activation code for Alpha 17 on the day that the event will begin.

For Additional information and the Streaming FAQ please see the Calling All Streamers forum post!

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