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I'm Alive!!!!

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Yeahhh! I'm alive!! So long story short I got really sick and ended up in an enduced coma for a week and this nasty hole in my neck with tubes in it. Then they woke me up and I hallucinated a lot of really scary stuff for another week cause those drugs are bad!!!!  Then once I knew who I was I spent one more week not being able to talk then I got shipped to a different kind of hospital and was there for about five weeks then on Feb first I came to this rehab place because I had been in bed so long I couldn't walk anymore which really sucked. But now I have the tubes out of my neck and its healing and I can walk little bits sooooo I FINALLY get to go home Wednesday!!! Can't wait to play again. Hope at least some peeps are still around. If not well new friends are fun too. See ya soon!!



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