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  1. well see you guys on the next major release more power to you guys keep it up.... ill be on and off every now and then but nothing too serious hehe good luck guys
  2. its pve server 2 hosted by rhg as well, down side is the char profile is not shared, good side is you get to play in an awesome server
  3. okay i thought it was just my client acting up, welp nothing much we can do now
  4. Cant connect, it is now 3:22 am Cali time 5-11-16 , pve 1 seems to be down, i can connect to pve 2 just fine. anyone else having issues?
  5. 7 days to die - pve 2 game server

    I am starting to get frustrated when the server disconnects every one and when i come back i loose some things i have placed in storage. For example, game time is 8 am i deposit a stack of rock in a chest. server rolls back and crash around 8:10 everyone gets dc'd so everyone reconnects. you return rolled back at some time, you open the storage , the stack of rocks are not there, so you check you bag, and the rocks are no where to be found. this has happened to me numerous amount of times loosing a shit ton of resources and its very unpredictable when the server will boot everyone, and when you log on you lose some items .can someone please explain why this is happening??
  6. Server problems, Possible world wipe?

    wipe sounds good, but can it be possible to reduce the re spawn time of loots and make a rule where you cant place lcbs in loot areas. thats one of the reasons it got rally boring at server 1 cuz almost everyhing was looted, and it takes freaking forever to spawn, i for one am guilty for placing a lcb on a loot spawn but hey it was all fair game and it was permitted. but demn that loot respawn tho kinda meh.. just my 2c cents. i like how skye was placing lcbs on town and loot areas on pve 2 hope she can cover all of them up when they get explored soon
  7. mastachie

    sup yall mastachie in the houuuse come visit me /zgate visit mastachie