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  1. If it becomes a PVP server what would the new rules be such as griefing? Im not fond of PVP but primarily play on the #2 server for the better performance and don't want to lose my base.
  2. Longer 24-hour cycles?

    I like the idea. Hiding isn't that hard and there is the option to jump to spawn if things get too sketchy. Plus, longer time to mine since I prefer to loot during the day and mine at night.
  3. Minibikes and Bans

    How long do we have to drop the items. I collect tires to scrap them.
  4. A few items not in shop

    Minibikes are super lag generators. Please don't build one. Also I noticed that shotguns and shotgun shells are not in the store.
  5. Reserved Slots

    When purchasing a reserved slot, is it for both servers or just one? I got mine before the second server was started but find I can not access the second server when full.
  6. A few items not in shop

    Would this also be the reason keystones are no longer in, or at least on the pve2 server?
  7. Server problems, Possible world wipe?

    I think a wipe would be good.
  8. Kinda new

    I've been playing on the 7dtd pve serve for a little bit now. Realling diggin it. The new jail is awesome.