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  1. Delete Old Map Data

    Why would we need to do this?
  2. Alpha 15 is coming soon.

    Will do, not sure when I'll be on next. No home internet currently.
  3. Alpha 15 is coming soon.

    The last day I played was when you made zombie kills only worth 1 coin. I waste ammo due to playing on a crapy laptop. I used 300 zcoins worth of ammo to make back maybe 30 zcoins. Was exploring with morte. Using the live map to hit places others have not been too.
  4. Alpha 15 is coming soon.

    Yea I wish I had trillions. I burnt 500 the last day I played just exploring and attempting to hunt animals and zombies. I'm down to around 350 ish.
  5. ZCoin values too low?

    Are killing zombies the only way to earn them? I ask because killing zombies at 7 fps is already a challenge.
  6. So have i missed something.

    Make spawn better? Land claim all but a hotel section for newbies to place spawn points. Land claims don't stop access to unlocked boxes or doors. People can even repair land claimed blocks. This could prevent a portion of the griefers.
  7. ZCoin values too low?

    Can confirm. The zombies arnt even worth the bullets wasted to kill them. 1 coin per kill.
  8. So have i missed something.

    Log on for the first time in a few days. Spawn at zippers. Look around and wonder to myself. Thomas has been busy but why is there rubble everywhere and why was the workshop sign destroyed?
  9. What is this

  10. What is this

    I jumped on about 3 hours after your post and the chest was already cleared out. Could you make it so we can buy a stack of them with zcoins.
  11. Shall we keep the city of wasteland spawning zombies?

    Just explore the north half of the city. Yea it's pretty clear in the south where all the players are, but the 3 blocks north of my house are pretty reliable in spawning zombies. Never fails when I go to loot the northern most buildings.
  12. What is this

    I would love to have some as well. I use the white picked fence as off right now to keep my laggy but from falling off the roof of my house.
  13. Hi, I'm Steel

    You too!
  14. Hi, I'm Steel

    Been on the server for less than a week. Getting back into the game after not touching it since January 2015.
  15. The Fort at Spawn

    Phinixx has been keeping it up with the help of a few others. I just wish the /spawn command actually put you inside of the fort. My fps crash on my potato laptop if I try an use /spawn. I tend to just run there if I have time to avoid the instant fps drop.