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  1. /rules

    PVE2 server...entering the "/Rules" command yields no description in the text window, i do direct new players to the boards here for more info but would be nice for them to be able to read them in game.
  2. The Fort at Spawn

    I'm with you here, Spawn for me was a sanctuary...clean/organized and fun As I lived right across the street from it. I think the lack of Admins in game, or routine maintenance on and surrounding spawn has made it a target for vandals and disrespect, i take concrete and iron lately to repair bars and such but I'm eating through alot of materials and getting nowhere..
  3. Quiet Zombies, misc. PVE2

    PVE2 Server- Zombies no longer announce their presence, an added thrill i admit but any way to get them to vocalize again? -also current level of difficulty is set to 3 for the Zeds...any way to increase this to 4 like it used to be? 2 head-shots on a cop or a bear just seems a little too easy, or increase the spawns to compensate? I could put it to a vote but it has come up on server chat. Thanks.
  4. PVE2 Server Rules Banner

    Can we get a more descriptive /rules description(banner) for this server, grieving and land claiming stores is an issue...people seem to think they are allowed to break into others bases if the LCB isnt placed yet.
  5. Old server is back! More Stable.

    Is the old ban list still active on the new PVE2, including IP? ps what is the map # ?
  6. Boobytraps in Stores.

    it's a bloody shame to have to take it ourt of the defensive arsenal, against the horde or even grievers within ones own base...1 bad apple they say.
  7. Boobytraps in Stores.

    Hey heads up city location 2400N 1900E pressure plate mines placed in most of the stores at entrances and main pathways throughout, also houses (thanks Greenface)...I did a /who and have a list of Two (2) names of people in that location in the last 24 hrs. 1 of which was only on for 1 sec, no kills, no zcoins according to Capt Rich and Envul...the other likely knows who he is yes??...it's a heavily player populated area and looted frequently...This fits with a pvp server but i don't think the giggles are worth it on this PVE server. last thing on my mind is looking down while i'm dragging Z's thru a store.
  8. Server Offline

    Has this been resolved? server is back online and reportedly good so far....ready to build after like 10 hrs "virtual" work yesterday (no life) but am waiting before i go ahead.
  9. Map Rendering in progress

    oh that's harsh!..let's hope it works out.
  10. Map Rendering in progress

    Thanks again.... if you need a hand with anything in game let me know.
  11. Map Rendering in progress

    Thanks for the update...Hope it ain't Spctaylorc's work /ugh
  12. Map Rendering in progress

    Still issues with joing PVE 1 server, screen hangs while entering.