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    • The Fun Pimps have updated thier Video-Policy for monezation of Videos and steams. Streamers can monetize their streams on services such as Twitch and YouTube, and other similar livestreaming or video upload services and programs.  Please see our Official Video Policy at https://thefunpimps.com/video-policy/ for more information and for further details on what these mean and whether you are eligible for either model. Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
    • 2021 Job Openings The Fun Pimps have been busy not only working to go Gold on 7 Days and port it but to ramp up teams for 2 new exciting unannounced projects that are in early development. Join the team that started the Survival RPG genre. ‘7 Days to Die’ a Steam all time top 100 seller has sold over 12 million copies. Navezgane awaits! Here are the current Job Openings Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
    • Alpha 19.3 Stable is out! TFP wishes every single one of you Merry Christmas and a great start into 2021! Here is the Official forum Release Thread Added Network layer encryption  Connection rate limit  More feedback on clients on why they are not allowed to connect  Message on the client when they got disconnected because the server is shutting down  Wandering horde zombies are not alert, so stealth attacks work on them  Wandering horde 1 second delay between spawns  Changed Replaced static NetPackage list with runtime dynamically assigned IDs for more flexibility  Deleted old player StealthScreenOverlay and goggle eyed effects  Improved supply plane drawing  Optimized MinEvents finding of tranforms  Optimized MinEvent ActionRemoveParticleEffectFromEntity  Enabled Christmas themed loot items 
      Fixed Can’t target, shoot or repair through Molotov Effects  Set player made door stability support to false to prevent AI exploitable building  Console command “water” hidden by console command “thirsty”  DecoManager large FPS drops when saving to a slow drive  DecoManager written log always having a count of 0 and added duration  ZombieOldTimer has no flame particles  Weighted Head can Still go into Machete/Knife/Bone Knife  Using admin/whitelist/ban on users with special characters in their name breaks the serveradmin.xml  ItemActionQuest now respects the current toolbelt size  Large localization mods breaking client connects  Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
    • Alpha A19.2 Stable is out! Along with some great fixes we enabled Steel Series’s game sense feature, allowing Steel Series Mouse and keyboard users to have some ingame events tied to their hardware LED lights. Official Forum Post Game Sense Features include (default settings): Time Progression: F1-F12 Ammo: 1-0 Health: Q-P Bloodmoon Warning: A-L Visibility Meter: CTRL – ~ Tool / Weapon Durability: Num – – Player Facing Direction: numpad 1-9 Bleeding: Del-Pause Being Hit: Mouse Duke Amount: Display Changelog A19.2 b4 Added Console command “ai pathgrid” Console command “gfx dti” to set distant terrain instancing Console command “gfx dtpix” to set distant terrain pixel error Trees are set to consistent LOD transition values by code Support for Steel Series SDK We also updated to a new version of microsplat, improving performance. Changed Renamed console command “ai path” to “ai pathlines” Optimized path grid move buffer copy Optimized path grid block checks and misc Reduced the effect of High and Ultra Object Quality settings Deleted WaterDepthRecorder that reduced FPS a bit Updated terrain shaders Improved terrain shader settings for better performance Prefab editor to use same tree LOD bias as game Our custom speed tree shader to Alpha Test queue Fixed Trees are not rotated correctly on the diagonal directions Desert terrain normal textures not set as normals FirMed01 tree popping in oddly Two trees not instancing 8 block entities not instance rendering You could see under the water plane when camera was close to it Unlit explosives can explode in hand after throwing a lit one Electric fence wires drop to the bottom of the pole after unloading the chunk or FO point. Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com
    • Hey Survivors,
      We are proud to announce that the Alpha 19.1 Stable is out! The build has many great fixes, balance improvements and much more. Here are the full Official Release Notes, the forum bug reporting pool. A19.1 Bug Reporting Pool Alpha 19.1 Official Release Notes Added Player side stepping while on ladders  Players falling onto ladders will be slowed until they reach a reasonable speed to attach  Support defining POI zones in Prefab Editor  Set entity rigid body drag to .25 when spawned with 0  Death ragdoll physics set max velocities lower  20 Slot Toolbelt for Prefab Editor  New Stripper, Utility, and Business zombies Changed Improved AI ladder use  Ladder type blocks to only be climbable when vertical  Increased player horizontal move speed on ladders and running boosts  Jumping conflicts with starting to climb a ladder  Console command replies on the Windows Dedicated Server terminal window same green as regular console output now  Loot window of writable storage box shows custom text if assigned  Reduced zombie flesh physics bounce and increased fat bounce  Increased toolbelt size to 10 slots  Increased value of cigars  Reenabled docks_02 in Navezgane  Fixed Switch lights do not seem to be working when they are placed.  Switches that are turned on will be white when logging back into the game  Fixed light source on player industrial light  First person hand animation for block placing is faster and doesn’t de sync with fast placed blocks  Stone axe abledo brightness  Trees are invisible from one side and not the other  Object quality diminishes world object render distance too far  Cops and Radiated Cops aim poorly (Increased vomit radius)  Soldier zombie only shows head on fire  Goldenrod seed uses full grown stage ghost when planting (and similar drawing bugs in other plants)  Block placement would start rotated for certain blocks  Broken glass looked white when holding  AI jumping at you thinking the path to you was unreachable if you had moved  AI could not jump while on a ladder  AI obstacle check was disabled on ladder if not climbing  AI pathing not making horizontal ladder connections  AI pathing making unneeded inside drop connections  “house_modern_03” has zombie trapped in tub if/when spawned  Trader hughes poi has missing beam  Terrain AirPocket in cave_04  House_old_victorian_10 fire place paint looks out of place  Player jumping to a ladder block after having used a ladder would not attach unless jump was still pressed after entering the ladder block  Player or AI moving down from air to a ladder would fall 1m  Player moving down to ground while in a ladder block would keep you attached (slow)  Holding jump after attaching to a ladder slowly slides you down  Player does not use stamina when bunny hopping  Ladder rung above hay bale negates hay bale protection  Water makes moving dots effect  HUD timers overlap icons with local language changes  Prefab Editor nullref when toggling ‘Show Stability Glue’  “ERR Prefab loading failed” when clients join a world with a custom POI  Toolbelt only remembers one slot per item type to return to (e.g. multiple spears)  Controller unable to select player profile character  onSelfEquip event consistency issues  Harvest animation plays when out of range to harvest  Healing other player is not working  Food animation speeds up after firing any weapon  Deployed robotic sledge animation doesn’t have firing sound(s) for clients  Deployed robotic sledge animation doesn’t fire correctly for clients  AP rounds not working as expected  Robotic sledge placement can be rotated using reload key during placement process  Junk Sledge dupe on 2 player pickup  Auto turret and traps use mod of item held in hand. ie. burning shaft mod  Spawning in a trader with ctrl  num* causes nre  Error if anim pause (ctrl  num*) enabled when placing robotic turrets  Dynamic resolution causes Z selection box issues  Floating crawler stumble  Zombies fall through floor/world when jumping over metalRailing blocks  Knocked down Fat Cops play a weird ragdoll  Bear corpse harvest ragdoll is excessive  Bear ragdoll hips could keep moving and improved impact handling  Lab and Hazmat zombie show no fire when burning  Robotic Turret freezing game when shooting a block and having 0 BlockPenetrationFactor  Click Here To Visit 7daystodie.com