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If any of our server admins start causing problems and abusing their powers please let us know immediately by creating a post in this forum.

Admins that we have allowed to help us out to keep order in our servers as well as keeping it a positive and a fun server to play on, do not represent Red Hat Gamers in any way whatsoever, since they are players too. Some admins on rare occasions may start acting up and causing problems towards our servers and community. If an admin is causing problems such as harassing players, insulting players, using racist, hateful, and bigotry talk, or even going as far as breaking our server rules, Please Let Us Know.

All admins must follow the same server rules as everyone else in order to keep their status as an admin. Please post any abuse from any of our chosen admins by taking a screenshot or video of their activities, chat, etc. and share it with us by creating a post in this forum.

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