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Server Rules is the Law

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We have noticed Player Vs Player happening regularly on our server and as such we have enabled our autoban system to take care of this problem for us. We have decided to automatically ban players after their third kill of another player. Our server is a Player Vs Environment ONLY server and as such PVP is not allowed. If you ever accidentally kill a player for any reason at all and get banned then please let us know by going through our ban appeal process so we can be able to let you get back into our server.

We are currently seeking more administrators to help us run our server that are from many different timezones. We will remove this system entirely and be able to admin the server in real-time with out having to go through our ban appeal process for Accidental PVP. If you would like to become an admin on our server, please answer our questionaire at: http://www.redhatgamers.com/topic/20-guide-example-application/ to apply for an admin position.

Also as a reminder you can view our server rules at anytime when playing by typing "/rules" into the chat and it will show you our rules if you are ever unsure.

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We discourage player vs player but it is now allowed with our new jail system. If someone does kill another player they will go to jail for 10 minutes. If they would like to be released from jail simply bail yourself out with "/zcoin pay bail" into the chat and you will have paid the cost of bail which is 5000 zcoins.

With this new system admins don't have to intervene and worry as much when PVP occurs.

Also you can use /jail in game chat to learn more information about our jail.

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