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If you are an artist and would like to create artwork/graphics for our site, please do so by uploading to the RHG Player Artwork Gallery. Everyone is allowed to upload their content, and we will select an image to be featured throughout our site, ie Site Logo.


Rules for uploading are:

No adult-oriented or suggestive graphics.


Types of content we are looking for:

Site Logo - 600 X 90.

- Default Logo as well as USA Holiday Logo.


Submit your graphics today and get your artwork featured on our site. Click HERE to continue.

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There isn't really a story behind the title however, the brand meaning seems to be taking hold. Furthermore, we are a small community of gamers that enjoy playing a variety of video games as well as running our own servers / websites. We are a fun and friendly group that is always looking to meet new people that are playing on one of our servers. We are wanting to turn Red Hat Gamers into a successful community that is dedicated to providing the best gaming experience possible on our game servers. We would also like to add many more servers and improve upon our existing ones when the funding is right. Best Regards.

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