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Staying Safe Online

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Here are a few safety tips to help you stay safe from online predators:


1. Never give out passwords for any of your accounts. Keep your accounts Secure!

2. Update your passwords on a regular basis. At least once a month.

3. Don't share personal information to strangers, such as emails, legal name, etc.

4. Never give out your home address or contact information such as your cell phone number.

5. Never attempt to meet up in real live with strangers that you recently met online.

6. Never give out financial information such as credit cards etc.

7. Don't give out any social media accounts to people that you don't know since they could use the information that you have posted to help identify you.

8. Avoid trolls!!!


If you have any additional safety tips that could be useful, reply below to this post.

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Another safety tip is to never use the same password twice with any of your online accounts. Always remember to use a different password for each account to further prevent unauthorized access and to help keep it secure.

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