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Hello....is there anybody in there?

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Just nod if you can hear me...is there anyone home?


Music quotes aside, thought I would drop by and introduce myself since PVE2 has been down now for a day. Been playing here and there over the last couple of weeks and just started to get somewhat of a base going. Have been playing mostly solo and decided to give a MP server a try. All things, aside from the recent downtime, have been good. Participated in a few zombie raids on the castle, only a small amount of griefing so far, and chat seems to be fairly active. I enjoy the building aspect a bit more than the zombie killing, but I enjoy both to keep things mixed up, and of course, scavenging around to find the necessary survival tools and schematics. Would really enjoy participating in any community base builds as well.

Anyway, hoping this is the right community for a mature player that has medium amounts of time to invest regularly into the game.  Hoping PVE2 comes back up soon - would prefer not to, but also wouldn't mind starting over with a stable server and community. 




Sarcastrix (Just call me Trix)


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