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I'm an addict!

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Hey there!


This is killMall [pronounced kill 'em all].


I started to play 7 Days To Die last weekend after I decided to finally buy the game and give it a try. Stumbled upon RHG and have been playing there ever since.


Some of the regulars on there got me hooked pretty good.

I'm trying to reach out to a group to talk to about my addiction now , if you know what I mean :).


Thanks for a great place, great people to hang out with on Teamspeak and just overall pleasant entertainment (sans the crashes unfortunately of course).


I need to make a donation too eventually - probably will send one up this weekend to help out with server upkeep cost.



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The addiction is a very real thing. Welcome aboard.

I try to keep myself confined to every-other-day, but... many lost weekends occur, especially when there's a server wipe. Then it's like the new gold rush. :P

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