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RHG PVE2 Server Noob Hotel at Spawn

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Hello RHG Community!

I was thinking of making a Noob Hotel in our PVE2 server in the apartment building at Spawn for newer players!

My thoughts are that newer players may have a hard time starting up at first and having a secured place to store their loot and materials in order to create their own base, and survive from brain eating dead people - and animals!

This hotel would be a great opportunity for such players and I wouldn't mind giving some of my time to help those in need!

Now, this would act as a temporary place until you can get on your feet to make the best base of your life, so it will not be a forever home.

Here are some things you would expect:

- The LCBs will be under my name, thus i will not be adding any players to my friends list - only temporarily to allow them to place needed chests, a sleeping bag and their main door

- I will provide the door, also 2 Forges & 2 Campfires for each room

- You must come to me to inquire for a room so I can set you up

- You are not to give a player your room once you are done with it when deciding to make your own base

- Before or when deciding to move out, please notify me ASAP so I can properly manage the room

-  There will be 2 doors separating from the shared part of the apartment, as not all are suites (So make sure to close them)

- The first two floors of the apartment is a shared area for a bit of loot and you're welcome to loiter

- Please stay out of other Players' rooms

- Please make sure to close your door/s as I am not liable to anything gone missing due to neglect

I will be making a water source as speedily as I can, as I am still in the midst of finishing other projects as well.

We have such a nice community that if by doing this helps, I'm all for it!

- Skye

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Just informing that there is also a Noob Hotel on PVE1 now as well!

Some new players are welcome to join if they can't find a group and would like somewhere secure to place their items until they can build their own base!

- Skye

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