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  1. Howdy, the pve2 server appears to be frozen, it still says 11 people are on but me an someone on my friends list can't enter the room it just stays on the connecting screen. Think it just needs a reset maybe?
  2. Lcb's in town

    I found a town at 1200S 5000W, someone has gone thru and land claimed all the stores but none of the crates are even busted open yet, there's a police station, shotgun messiah and a working stiff that no one can loot.
  3. Server problems, Possible world wipe?

    i think its a good idea. I'm pretty new, dont have near the time spent as some of you here, but have reached lvl 80 already and have quite the construction project going on, starting over sucks but its either that or pick a new server for me at this point, i cant even join the room at times, when i do i am either boxed in by a black emptiness (not the usual white or invisible nothingness that i normally see with the game not loading) or i get a 2min delay on opening containers. so my vote is yes, wipe it