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  1. Call for Boat Builders!

    Hello all, Many of you have visited the Lighthouse project Xenophon and I have been working on for quite some time. Over the last few weeks I've decided to turn the whole area around the lighthouse to a marina/resort type of feel. Therefore, I've since built an actual marina and a new hotel type structure is going in next to it. However, a marina is not a marina without boats!! Would anyone be interested in building some (fake) boats in my marina? I am open to any sort of boats and welcome creativity. My only request is to take the project seriously and try and put some legitimate effort into your creation. If we get yachts and pirate ships, that's fine. But, I also want the area to still look cool and convincing so I'm more interested in recruiting people who want to do more serious boat builds. Any takers? P.S. I realize my LCBs are covering part of the marina but there is still a decent amount of room next to each dock to build a sizable boat. I may extend them a little more if necessary. P.P.S. There are also plots available for beach homes if anyone would like to build that instead of a boat
  2. Reclamation project...

    Xenophon and I will renovate a block. This renovation project should be treated like the adopt-a-highway program. For example, "This block of hub city is sponsored by Xenophon and TGondii".