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  1. Looks like it may be down again. It's having a rough Saturday.
  2. Looks like the infamous Great Outage of 2017 has reared its ugly head again. Server dropped me about 20 minutes ago and isn't showing up in the browser. Also, the map isn't working, either. So either the server crashed or the internet derped.
  3. PVE1 Oldspawn wall is crumbling!

    Well, with stability issues affecting us on PVE1 and PVE2, we might have a bug somewhere. PVE1's been restarting a lot lately, so there's a good chance it's not a server issue. Might need to move this over to the bug forum, or start a new post there.
  4. PVE1 Oldspawn wall is crumbling!

    I'd think that if the whole section were giving way, but it's only the very top layer of the wall. When a new block gives way, it only takes out the blocks immediately next to it, so it's spreading horizontally more than anything. It's also affecting the catwalk, where if you attach the new catwalk around the outside at the section that's causing the issue (immediately crumbling upon block placement) even if the unsupported span is only 1 or 2 spaces, the catwalk will crumble and fall the same way the wall sections do. It's almost like the gravity or block weight is screwed up in a very small area. Like I said, not sure if it's a bug or not, but check it out when you get a minute. It's VERY strange behavior and might be an artifact of 14.7, since I've never seen anything like this before... at least not without there being some major lack of support and that would take down entire sections all the way to ground level.
  5. Hey guys, I may have discovered a bug with the wall at Oldspawn. I went there this evening to do some zombie farming (using greenface's technique with campfires) and saw the wall was missing some pieces. I went to insert some concrete blocks and start the repair process, but as soon as I added a third block, the three new blocks crumbled taking out another block that was original to the wall with them. I tried this a couple of times and even experienced the same behavior with the outer catwalk. I've expanded the backup wall behind the primary wall, but the fact that we can't repair the main wall without it crumbling more is disconcerting to say the least. ~Moose