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  1. Ack , just saw u tried the dns flush fix. That's what I ended up doing ithink. Sorry about that.
  2. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago, and found a solution that worked for me. I'm at work right now or I'd just post a quote, but u can find what I did in my EAC Kick thread in this same section. Hopefully, that fix will work for you too.
  3. The Fort at Spawn

    Looks like someone beat me to the punch! There is now a secondary fort across the street from spawn that seems purposed for such a thing. It even has an underground tunnel that connects it to Spawn. To whoever built it, you have my true thanks!! Also a LOT of new players who will have an intact place to hole up again. "Ole Gray" csbrown101 Post Apocalypse Cowboy
  4. The Fort at Spawn

    Ok guys, real talk time. The Fort at Spawn has seen better days. Every week or so she seems to need repairs due to the number of hordes she faces. She was effective....when she was only needed to shelter new players who needed a duck off place for a rough night. Now though, we have begun to use her for horde fishing. Ive taken my own part in quite a few of these....and they are fun! the problem is, Spawn is just not able to handle that over and over again. Spawn was always billed as the place where new or experienced players could hide from a particularly rough night of zombieing, and i think that needs to stay. However, I dont think that Horde Fishing will ever go away. (I really dont think it should, as its a wonderful extra tension experience) So my idea is that we build a place for Horde Fishing that is separate from the fort of Spawn, so that we now have a place for the newly joined to hide, and a place for the groups to test their mettle against the hordes. Let me know what you guys think!! "Ole Gray" csbrown101 Post Apocalypse Cowboy
  5. So far, it has. been in the game since my update post and have not been kicked out yet.
  6. Ok update: I looked up common problems online and found this chat: ' Ran into a problem tonight where I was being EAC kicked from my own server. I have been playing for weeks without issue, and earlier today without issue. Came back from the store, fired up the game, and immediately got kicked. Repeated this process a few times doing different things that weren't effective (e.g. rebooting). I noticed what I thought was an unrelated issue that certain websites (e.g. 7daystodie.com) weren't loading up like normal, but others (e.g. google/yahoo/msn) were fine. Ultimately, turns out my DNS resolver cache was stale. Opened a CMD window, ran ' ipconfig /flushdns ' and the problem was immediately resolved. No more EAC kicks, and no more problems loading up the website. I don't expect this to be a magic bullet for everyone, but I thought I'd post it here in the hopes that it might help someone. ' So far, it seems to be working for me. will let you know if that changes.
  7. Hey all. just got kicked multiple times by the EAC. it said check to see if I had cheat protection software running. Everytime i try to log back in, I get kicked again. I launch 7 days to die normally (the first option, NOT the 'launch without Anticheat' option) and this is the first time this is happening to me. Bug? Am I being hacked or something? Any help would be appreciated cus I cant play right now.
  8. Command list seems to be down (5/22/16)

    I seem to be the town crier today lol. It seems that some of the players have access to the creative menu, completetly surprising them. They weren't hacking though; it seems we may all have gotten access somehow.
  9. Having an issue this morning/afternoon with the /command list. Can't seem to access any of the isted commands, from /store to /home. Others have reported periodic problems today, being able to use them one min, then no access the next. Also noticed zombies are in 'ninja' mode again: they still make footstep sounds, but no growling, snarling, or any audible sounds they usually make outside of footstepping. Someone mentioned they may have seen a minibike user or something like that just as I logged, but I don't know for sure. Just wanted to make a report. csbrown101 Post-Apocalyptic Cowboy