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  1. Multiple things

    Well I just came to this server after being bored having everything maxed out, perfect weapons/tools/armor on a 900+ Day server (**************) and wanted a fresh start. So I looked for a server with 30+ player cap and around 100 or lower Days, and stumbled across yours. There were a couple of things I didn't like, and an individual I had serious issues with. 1. [Minor issue] : /gimmie command is such a lame command and I refuse to use it and believe that no servers should allow it or do what a couple of them do make it charge zcoins to use AND make the free stuff ONLY be food/water stuff. Having a difficulty of 4 is a mild challenge as it is, and then giving away chances for calipers, beakers and other goodies like that just makes the server extremely easy. 2. [Minor issue] : A two parter. Signing up on your website for extra zcoins is a good idea, I like it. However, I had no clue what so ever how to connect my user name to the registration so to actually receive that bonus. Should have instructions in game, as part of the info chat spammer to direct people to a post to inform them how to complete that process. Part 2, Zcoins per zombie is kinda crazy being so high, and with those earnings set so high, the prices on the shop should be set even higher. They are fairly low for valuable items, especially ammo. 3. [Major issue] : This is the first PvE server I have ever seen that allows LCBs to be placed in stores. I started 5-6k from the center of the map with my building and the town I was near was 100% lootable. Go to the store, and it's locked down by someone's LCB. No reason for it to ever be allowed on any sever and it lowers the new player's ability to progress on your server as good loot opportunities are greatly diminished by this trolling by someone who isn't even around to loot the building. This was the deal breaker and why I am leaving already from your server. 4. [Medium issue] : When asking about if LCB's are allowed in stores a player lique(something) was the one to inform me that it was allowed. That is when I pointed out how it shouldn't be and why. They proceeded to imply that I was just mad because a troll beat me to being the troll to lcb up the store without knowing the intentions of my inquiry. When what I really wanted was to inform an admin, so they could remove them (as I said, I have never seen a single PvE server allow it and all the PvP servers that did allow it set the server settings so player can still damage the building, just at a slower pace.) I did rage on them, I have anger issues and do not take kindly to disrespect from anyone. You can check out **************and see that with my anger issues, I have never had to flip out on anyone there and I spent almost a thousand hours on their server alone since A12.5. If on my first day I have those issues from a player on your server, then admins really need to do something about the behaviors of their player base. There was another asshole with over 600 zombie kills belittling new players who were trying to trade with them, talking bad about the "noob" loot they found while exploring, and just being a dick to people. This may be more than just a medium issue for your server if you want to keep good players coming, players who would actually donate and call the place their home.