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  1. What a shame

    I quickly found out how clickish and rude people are on both servers. If you are just starting out, you might as well forget anyone helping you . I've tried to group with people only to be totally blown off as if they didn't see you asking in chat. I don't expect hand holding in the game but geez be a bit more outgoing and helpful. No matter though I will not vote for the servers nor I will be playing on them any longer.
  2. Same issue with connecting was on for awhile then objects startted to glitch like trees after they hit 0 the tree wouldn't fall over.
  3. 7 days to die - pve 2 game server

    Just started a few days ago on the 2nd server was near dark when I started needed a place to hide. So now I'm hunched on top of a boulder hopping I'm not seen by zombies. Otherwise I'll have to jab them with my pointed stick.
  4. Server problems, Possible world wipe?

    If it does mean a server wipe that's fine if it helps to resolve the current server issues. It may a total drag loosing our bases, but I would rather the server be working properly. Ok I admit it after I loose my base....I will be crying myself to sleep.
  5. Server problems, Possible world wipe?

    Currently having issues attempting to log onto the game server been trying most of the day but its not letting me log on. The second server seems to have no issues its just the first one.
  6. Just stopping by.

    Hey all just started playing on redhat game server moved over from crossbones gaming If you see me Mojp Risen in game feel free to say hello. Looking for someone willing to help me build a base please no mooching. Lucked out and found a bunker one of the best places you can find. So join me and lets kick some zombie butt!