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Global/party chat

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Hi I just want to know the rules for global chat.Some people really abuse it.they are playing together some are even allies..but they refuse to talk in"party"friends" chat.

Its annoying cause the small chat boz keeps spamming of things that just not interested in and its annoying Ive asked nicely if they cant just talk with them self..not in global..but the respons I got was just rude and they say deal with it.


global should be used to help new players or if someone got a question,not a chat platform for ppl to just spam whatever that doesnt even have anything to do with the game.

So what is the rule for global and when is the abusing line?

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We have rules for banning toxic players that engage in racism, homophobia, insults, or any other hatred and negativity. However we currently don't have any rules for spamming but I will see what I could do.

I'm not sure if this suggestion would help but we have a discord server that could help lighten up the chat use by having multiple chat and voice channels to choose from. Our discord server can be accessed via our invite link at: Discord.gg/Eg3Jk5J.

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